AC_GUID Field in SAP | Alert configuration: guid Data Element using tables

AC_GUID is a data element in SAP used for storing Alert configuration: guid data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this AC_GUID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : AC_GUID
  • Description : Alert configuration: guid
  • Data Type :CHAR

Alert configuration: guid tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using AC_GUID Field

ACALERTDIRAlert configuration: alert directory
ACALERTDIRTAlert configuration: texttable for directory alerttypes
ACALERTFLAGSFlags for Alerts
ACALERTREPAlert configuration: alert repository
ACALERTREPTAlert configuration: texttable for repository alerttypes
ACBESTOFLASTN"Best of last n" rule configuration
ACCHANGE_LOGChange log data base table
ACCOLLDESCRDIRAC: collector descriptions
ACCOLLDESCRREPAC: collector descriptions
ACCOLLPARAMSDIRAC: collector parameters and attributes
ACCOLLPARAMSREPAC: collector parameters
ACCOLLSELOPTDIRAC: collector select options
ACCOLLSELOPTREPAC: collector select options
ACCONNECTIONDIRAlert configuration: Connection Context Information
ACCONTEXTDESCRAC: context descriptions
ACCONTEXTDIRAlert configuration: context directory
ACCONTEXTHIERDIRAlert configuration: system context hierarchy table
ACCONTEXTMESSAGEMonitored Object activity related message handles
ACCONTEXTSTATUSMonitored Object status per activity
ACCOUNTERTHRESHCounter threshold
ACDELTATHRESHDelta threshold
ACDELVTML_MAPINGDelivery Number Template Mapping Table
ACENTRYPOINTDIRAC: entry point directory
ACEVENTDIRAlert configuration: event type directory
ACEVENTDIRTAlert configuration: texttable for directory eventtypes
ACEVENTHIERDIRAlert configuration: event hierarchy directory
ACEVENTHIERREPAlert configuration: event hierarchy repository
ACEVENTREPAlert configuration: event repository
ACEVENTREPTAlert configuration: texttable for repository eventtypes
ACHOUSEKEEPINGAlert Configuration for HouseKeeping
ACINCIDENTDIRAlerting Configuration: Incident Management
ACINCIDENTREPAlerting Configuration: Incident Management
ACMEACONSUMERDIRAC: consumers for metrictypes, eventtypes and alerttypes
ACMEACONSUMERREPAC: consumers for metrictypes, eventtypes and alerttypes
ACMETRICDIRAlert configuration: metric type directory
ACMETRICDIRTAlert configuration: metrictype texts
ACMETRICREPAlert configuration: metric repository
ACMETRICREPTAlert configuration: texttable for repository metrictypes
ACMOTEMPLATEMonitored Object and template relation
ACMO_DEFAULT_CUSDefault templates to be applied to MOs (customized)
ACMO_DEFAULT_SAPDefault templates to be applied to MOs (recommended by SAP)
ACMO_TMPL_ASSIGNAssignment of monitored objects to templates
ACMUCENTRYDIRknows all entry points for context/monitoring use-case combo
ACNOTIFYDIRAlert Configuration: Notification Management
ACNOTIFYREPAlert Configuration: Notification Management
ACNUMERIC_GYRAC: ruletype numeric threshold between green, yellow and red
ACNUMERIC_G_RAC: ruletype numeric threshold between green and red
ACPCTHRESDIRAlert configuration: database table for percentage threshold
ACPID_TO_CID_DIRAC: assignment of product_ids to context_ids
ACRANGETHRESHDIRdatabase table for range threshold configuration data
ACREACTIONDIRAlert Configuration: Autoreaction & Third Party Management
ACREACTIONREPAlert Configuration: Autoreaction & Third Party Management
ACREGEXDIRAlert configuration: database table for regex threshold
ACRULETYPESDIRAC: ruletypes for metrictypes and alerttypes
ACSELFMONEXCEPTSelf-Monitoring Exception Pattern
ACSIMPLETHRESDIRAlert configuration: database table for simple thresholds
ACTEMLMEA_MAPINGTemplate MEA Mapping Table
ACTEMPLATEDIRAC: Templates Currently Applied to Monitored Objects
ACTEMPLATEFLAGSAlert Config : For storing the Template flags
ACTEMPLATEREPE2E Alerting and Monitoring: All Templates for all MEA
ACTEMPLATEREPTText table for templates
ACTEMPLATE_DELTATable for SAP/Customer Template Deltas to Base Content
ACTESTMONContains the fake landscape data for the test configuration
ACTESTREPCONTENTContains the Keys of the test content in the repository db
ACTEXTTHRESHOLDRule type text threshold
ACWORKMODESDIRAC: defined workmodes per MO
ALRTTRACEHEADERTrace Header information
E2EA_ACTIONLOGACC:Action log table to store actions
E2EA_ALERTGROUPTable for alert instance groups
E2EA_ALLALERTTable to store all the alert instances for all alert types
E2EA_CURRALERTTable to store the current instances of all alerttypes
E2EA_EVENTStores the event instances of the alerts
E2EA_EVENTGROUPStores the event/metric groups
E2EREP_MAPPINGMapping and table of contents for E2E Reporting
E2E_DPC_CTCollection Time Table for MAI Dataprovider
E2E_DPC_DIR_INPTMetrics to be collected
E2E_DPC_LASTEXECLast Execution of Metric call
E2E_DPC_RECEIVEMetrics received by DPC
MES_DB_AGG2ALRTTable of relations between Alert Groups and Node Aggregates
MES_DB_AGGREGATEDatabase table for node aggregates
MES_DB_WM_STOREDatabase table for workmode store of event calc engine
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