XUOBJECT Field in SAP | Authorization Object Data Element using tables

XUOBJECT is a data element in SAP used for storing Authorization Object data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this XUOBJECT field in SAP.

  • Data Element : XUOBJECT
  • Description : Authorization Object
  • Data Type :CHAR

Authorization Object tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using XUOBJECT Field

ACMTSTASPECTPFCGACMTST: Dedicated PFCG_AUTH-Aspects (Expected results)
AGR_1250Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1253Authorization Data for Activity Group - Static Objects
AGS_SMT_TSAT_TCOBSOLETE - Transaction attributes
AUSOBTRelation transaction > authorization object
AUSOBT_CRelation Transaction > Auth. Object (Customer)
BCSP12_SMService system: Status as in OSS
CGPL_OBJTYPESProject Planning Object Types
COACTAAssignment of actions to authorization objects
CTS_GROUPSTable of groups in the cts context
CTS_QA_WORKLWorklist for quality approval
DIAGSTC_AUTHCCDB Administration - Authorizations
ESH_AU_AUTH_DATAESH Authorization: User authorization data
ESH_AU_PRF_AOBESH Authorization: Profile Authorization
ESH_AU_USR_AUTHESH Authorization: Authorizations for backend user
ESH_CRT_AUTHSTATAuthorization Status
ESH_OM_AAUTHONWSAP_NW Authorizations: Authorization Objects
ESH_OM_CAUTHONWSAP_NW Authorizations: Authorization Objects
ESH_OM_IAUTHONWSAP_NW Authorizations: Authorization Objects
ESH_OM_SAUTHONWSAP_NW Authorizations: Authorization Objects
ESH_SE_AUTH_OBJAuthorization Objects
FMTACTZFM: Valid Activities per Authorization Object (same TACTZ)
HRT1250Table section authorizations
HRT1251Table section fields
INSTCNTLSAP Installation: Control Table for Basis Customizing
KBEROBJSettings for authorization objects in Cost Center Accounting
LDBBAuthorization objects for logical database
LOYC_FRW_OBJDEFLOY FRW : Object Definition Table
N2PRZ_GLOB_PARIS-H*MED: SPC Hit Lists - Global Parameters
OBJMAUTHSOBJ: Authorization objects locking AIM data
POC_DB_SIG_HANDLDomain Model: Signature Handler
RSSBAUTHGENBW Reporting Authorizations: Generating Authorizations
RSSBAUTHTRACEAuthorization Trace BW Reporting
RSSTOBJDIRManagement Table for Authorization Objects
SETUSE_BERSet Use in Authorizations (Area of Responsibility)
SLAPIAUTHSOBJ: Authorization objects locking AIM data
T7KR41Privacy Data Protection Fields and Level
TACTZValid activities for each authorization object
TBRG_AUTHCross-Client Authorization Groups
TBRG_AUTHTTexts for Cross-Client Authorization Groups
TBRG_OBJObjects with Cross-Client Authorization Groups
TCACS_SCAUTHAssignment Showcase Role to Authorization Object
TIVBFCRRegistration of Classes to Be Generated
TKEB3CO-PA: Table for managing segment authorizations
TOBJAuthorization Objects
TOBJCClass assignment of authorization objects
TOBJTShort Texts for Authorization Objects
TOBJVORSAP_NEW Release-Dependent Data for Authorization Objects
TOBJVORDATField Values for SAP_NEW Authorization Objects
TOBJVORFLGFlags for Authorization Objects
TOBJ_CDObjects that were disabled
TOBJ_CHK_CTRL_DScenario for Switchable Authorization Check (Design Phase)
TOBJ_CHK_CTRL_RActive Scenario for Switchable Authorization Check
TPRVORDATTemplates: Relation Transaction > Auth. Object
TPR_EXCLBerechtigungsobjektausschlusstabelle für generierte Rollen
TSTCAValues for transaction code authorizations
TSTCA_CValues for Transaction Code Authorizations
USCRAUTHAuthorization Data for Critical Authorizations
USH12Change history for authorization values
USH12_ARC_TMPChange History for Authorizations: Last Archive Entries
USKRIAEntry of Critical Auths for Report RSUSR009
USKRIATText table for USKRIA
USOBJEXITIndividual Maint. Dialog for Authorization Object - Exit FM
USOBTRelation transaction > authorization object
USOBT_BACKBackup Table USOBT for Modified SU25
USOBT_CRelation Transaction > Auth. Object (Customer)
USOBT_CDChange History for Field Values
USOBT_C_BACKBackup Table USOBT_C for Modified SU25
USOBT_DUPModification log for table USOBT. For SAP only
USOBT_TSTMPLocal Time Stamp of Last SAP Change (USOBT)
USOBXCheck table for table USOBT
USOBXFLAGSTemporary table for storing USOBX/T* changes
USOBX_BACKBackup Table USOBX for Modified SU25
USOBX_CCheck Table for Table USOBT_C
USOBX_CDChange History for Check Indicator
USOBX_C_BACKBackup Table USOBX_C for Modified SU25
USOBX_DUPModification log for table USOBX. Only for SAP
USOBX_MODCheck table for table USOBT
USOBX_REVContains Incorrect Traces from USOBX
USOBX_TSTMPLocal Time Stamp of Last SAP Change (USOBX)
USOB_AUTHVALTRCAuthorization Trace Result: Objects and Values
USR07Object/values of last authorization check that failed
USR12User Master Authorization Values
USR13Short Texts for Authorizations
USRBF2User buffer content for fast RFC logon - new
UST10SUser master: Single profiles
UST12User master: Authorizations
/BEV3/CHCHECKPNTCheck Points for Authorization Check
/BOFU/C_AC_FLDAuthority Field Mapping to Business Object Attributes
/BOFU/C_AC_FLTFilter for Authority Check Relevant BO Node Data
/BOFU/C_AC_OBJAuthority Object Assignment to Business Object NodeAssignmen
/ISDFPS/AUTH_DEAAuthorizations That Are Deactivated in All Roles
/ISDFPS/MECAA010ME: Local Authorization (Item) for Logging
/VIRSA/ANALOBJTTAnalyzed authorization objects Text
/VIRSA/CRAUTHOBTCritical Authorization Objects Text
/VIRSA/FUNCTOBJFunction - Objects
/VIRSA/ZANALOBJTAnalyzed authorization objects
/VIRSA/ZCRAUTHAuthorization Objects
/VIRSA/ZCRAUTHC1Restricted Critical Authorizations
/VIRSA/ZCRAUTHL1SOD Authorization Object
/VIRSA/ZCRAUTHL2SOD Authorization Object
/VIRSA/ZCRAUTHL3SOD Authorization Object
/VIRSA/ZCRAUTHL4SOD Authorization Object
/VIRSA/ZCRAUTHL5SOD Authorization Object
/VIRSA/ZCRAUTHOBCritical Authorization Objects
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