XFELD Field in SAP | Checkbox Data Element using tables

XFELD is a data element in SAP used for storing Checkbox data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this XFELD field in SAP.

  • Data Element : XFELD
  • Description : Checkbox
  • Data Type :CHAR

Checkbox tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using XFELD Field

ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
ACL_CACHEACL: Cache Table for ACL Access
AD01DLIDynamic items (DI)
AD01DLIEFDI flow: Individual flow
AEPLSTIdentical object in explosion (item)
ALM_ME_SYNCSync Status
AQGSBWMAPBI Settings: Field Mapping of a Basis InfoSet
ATQCCFM: Assign Volume Change Category to Flow Category
AUWEIIndex, Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering Doc.
BANK_PP_TECHSETTechnical Parameters for Parallel Processing
BANK_PROCFL_LOGData For Instantiation of Message Objects in Processes
BBPC_ACTIONMAPAssign Method Actions
BBPC_AUTH_CHECKAuthorization Check on new or old Authorization Objects
BBPC_CTR_MASS_OPMass change functions
BBPC_EVENTMAPAssign Event Classes Dependent on Object Type
BBPC_EVENT_MESSCustomizing Table for Assignment of Events to Messages
BBPC_E_HIGHLIGHTC Table for Assignment of Errors to Structure & Fields
BBPC_IMSTREX_DCustomizing Table for Duplicate Invoice's Search Criteria
BBPC_IMS_PROPIMS Exception Properties
BBPC_SUS_BPCUSTSettings for Business Partners
BBPC_SUS_BP_CUSTBusiness Partner Settings
BBPD_CMS_DOC_INTCMS Documents - Internal Versions
BBPD_CM_INITSTKHAssign Stakeholders to the Initiative
BBPD_CM_INITVENDAssign Vendors, Vendor Lists to Initiative
BBPD_IMD_DEBUGDebugger Flag for Processing of E-mail Inbox
BBPD_PDMSGIMessages that are to be ignored
BBPD_PD_INDEXIndex Table for Fast Access to Contracts and AVLs
BBPD_PO_METAOUTOutput-Relevant Fields of PO
BBP_CTR_ITEM_MAPMapping of EBP Items to ERP Items
BBP_CT_LOADSTRUCStructure of Product Catalogs or Classification Schemas
BBP_DOCUMENT_TABDocument number table
BBP_DYNAT_ACTActivation of Multiple Languages for Dyn. Attributes
BBP_DYNPRO_GENScreens to Generate
BBP_IMS_FAXINTEGActivation of Fax Integration
BBP_PDEXRExchange Rates
BBP_PDHSSHdr Extension for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BBP_PDWGTWeighting in Valuation of Bid Invitations
BBP_SIMU_MESSAGEMessage Control Maintenance Table
BBP_SIMU_WT_CUSTActivate Withholding Tax
BBP_TAX_DESTDefining System for Tax Calculation
BBP_TMP_ACOTemporary: Request 'Bidder', Communication Data
BBP_TMP_VENObsolete from 2.0C Onwards. Was Never used Before
BBP_TMP_VEN000Temporary: Request 'Bidder', Purchasing Data
BGMPMaster Warranty Item
BMTNODE01RStructure repository for process model objects: References
BORGR_DIALOG_CFGUser-Specific Configuration: Multi-Level Goods Receipt
BPMWITSTPBPM Extractors: Workitem Last Changed Timestamp
BPUMConversion: Tables/Fields to be Converted
BPUM_REPConversion: Conversion Sequence Business Partner
BUFIELDSControl allowed Field Names - Field Status Management
BUPA_DEBUGSAP BP: Activate Debugging for Function Module
BWFS_SETTINGSTime Stamp Delta Extraction
CABN_EXCLCharacteristics That Are Excluded for Type Matching
CCARDPayment Card Master
CCARD_COPYPayment Card Master
CDBC_C_T681ECDB: Fields of a Condition Table
CDBC_T371OIBase Customizing tables: Restrictions in Object Families
CDBD_BATCHVan Stock details for Batch
CDBD_IBPARTPartner link for IBase
CDESK_FILTERSTable for Saving Filters for CAD Relationship Types
CGIEXRELCustomizing for Relationships Between Ext. Objects and iPPE
CIFCPINFOControl Table for APO-CIF CP Change Transfer
CIFDESTSYSCIF Target Systems: Assgt "Own LOGSYS" and "CIF LOGSYS"
CIFOBJINFOControl Table for APO-CIF Filter Objects, Client-Independent
CIMAPInput Sequence for BDC Sessions
CKCMVCosting Model: Model Valuation
CKMLAGGREGATEAggregation Classes
CMSC_LO_SS_UIAttributes of the screen id
CNVA_APPLICATIONSHC: Analysis application header
CNVA_PCREA_AA_CPC Reorg Analysis: FI-AA Profit Center assignments
CNVC_CCE_WUWhere-used cache (domain)
CNVC_SCNG_OBJCSCNG Object change directory
CNVC_SCNG_OBJLObject list (Mapping to internal IDs)
CNVC_SCNG_OBJUUsage of objects.
CNVC_SCWB_ATRDEFSpecific Local Attributes
CNVC_SCWB_ORObject overview
CNVC_SCWB_UEControl table
CNVC_SCWB_XTEVTrigger event table
CNV_10510_FCVMAPMappingtable for conversion of foreign currencies
CNV_20000_NRIVBack up table for NRIV
CNV_20000_NRIV_MCustomizing table to store NRIV object mapping
CNV_20200_RLDNRCompany code - ledger (for new general ledger)
CNV_20201_DOMSCNVRENAME-DOMNAME and number rangeobj. of subobjects
COFPDocument Lines (project cash management)
COMC_PCAT_IMS_PBPublishing target
COMPMOVEGoods Movement of Components
COTPLFVCO-OM-ABC: Formula Value Lists for Process Template
CPIS_SCENARIOStandard Scenario Table
CPPECECMControl Table for ECH Functions for iPPE
CRMADPTST2Adapter Test - Lower-Level Table
CRMC_BUT_HIER_BWSAP BP: Hierarchy Extraction
CRR_TFW_CONF_RDCRR, Test Framework, Log
CRWB_BADI_BL2UPSUPS Entries for Baseline (Workflow Dependent)
CUSADPDefault project and other standard settings in Customizing
CUSADP40Default project and other standard settings in Customizing
CUSEPRESMaterial Variant Matching Preselection + Settings
CUSTNODERGeneral Structure Storage References
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