SAP UNAM (Last changed by) Data element field

  • Data Element : UNAM
  • Description : Last changed by
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using UNAM Field

AFWCH_DRS_SAMPSample Customizing for Derivation (Steps)
CLS_ASSIGNMENTAssignment of an attribute value to an object
CLS_FAVORITESFavorite list for characteristics
CLS_LINKED_OBJAssignment of an attribute value to a linked object
CLS_REPORT_DEFdefinition of calssificationsreport
CLS_TYPE_GROUPObject type groups
CNVCMIS_A_1_BADIExit: Implementation side: Attributes
CNVCMIS_A_1_CLASStores repository information about 'CLAS' object for CMIS
CNVCMIS_A_1_CLFRfriend relationship of classes
CNVCMIS_A_1_CMODcustmer exit objetcs inforamtion for cmis analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_COMPRepository information about 'components of 'CLAS'
CNVCMIS_A_1_COSUsub compunents for clas
CNVCMIS_A_1_DEVCDevelopment Class Table(CMIS)
CNVCMIS_A_1_LDBDAdministration information for LDB
CNVCMIS_A_1_REPSSelection of Object Type Prog Master information
CNVCMIS_A_1_TYPEType Pool Information Table(CMIS)
CNVMBTINCLMBT PCL: Includes to be integrated in Conversion Objects
CONTCOMPControl Composites
COVTKEYCoverage Analyzer: Test Key
DDSQLSCSRCSource Code Buffer for Database Procedure Proxies
EFRMGENTRDIRPrint Workbench: TRDIR Entry in Form Class Library in Gener.
ENHCOMPHEADEREnhancement Composite Header Data
ENHHOOKMIGRTEMPTable for Migration Support for Change of Hook ID
ENHSPOTCOMPHEADEnhancement Composite Header Data
ENHSPOTHEADEREnhancement Spot Header Data
FAGL_VAL_HDRValidation Strategy
FCC_AUTO_STATHISStatus History of Auto Execution
FMTABADRHCharacteristic Derivation: Header
FRODIRObsolete: Index of Frozen Objects
INTFPackage Interfaces
IVIEW_CO_GRCustomer order good receipt IView - Sales orders
LDBDAdministration information for LDB
LYACTYard activities
MODATTRAttributes of Extension Projects
MODSAPAAttributes SAP Extensions
MODWRDKey words of changed DE
O2APPLO2: BSP Applications
O2PAGDIROxygen: Page Directory
O2PAGDIRIOxygen: Page Directory (Inactive)
O2TAGBSP Elements
O2TAGLIBBSP Extensions
O2THEMECUSO2: Customizing Theme <-> BSP Application
O2THEMESO2: Themes for BSP Applications
O2XMLDESCXML Description
O2XSLTDESCStorage for XSLT Programs
PFFLDPeriod-End Partner: Organizational Log Information
PTREQ_BATCHTime Stamp for Run of Background Jobs
RCASGCHARClassification: Assignment of Property to Dev. Element Type
RCASGVALUEClassification: Assignment of Property Value to Dev. Element
RCCHARProperty for Classification
RCCHARVALCharacteristic Value for Classification
RCELTYPEDevelopment Element Type for Classification
REPOLOADReport Loads (Loads and Line References)
REPOSRCReport Source Code
REPOTEXTReport Texts
RGGENPROGSGenerated Function Groups for Gen. Classification Interface
RSSGTPDIRBW generation tool: Directory of the generated programs
RSSGTPDIRSUBBW Generation Tool: Time Stamp Management for Subtemplates
SAMTTRSAMT: Temporary Table for Program Selection
SC2_AP_CO_HEADERC2 Server: Business Configuration Object in Applicatn System
SC2_BCO_HEADERC2 Server: Meta-Repository: Business Configuration Object
SC2_BCO_PROP_DFC2 Server: Configuration Object Attributes (Definition)
SC2_BO_HEADERC2 Server: Business Object at Last Activation
SCGHEADERServiceGroups - Header
SCI_TEMPTCode Inspector: Temporary Table for Join
SCOL_ACTIONCool : Action
SCOL_ASPECTCool : Aspect
SCOL_ASP_RELATCool : Relation
SCOL_BO_ADMINESF: Business Object - Properties
SCOL_BO_HEADERESF: Business Object - Properties
SCOL_BO_NODEESF : Business Object - Node
SCOL_ND_ACTIONESF : Business Object - Action
SCOL_ND_ASSOCESF : Business Object - Association
SCOL_ND_QUERYESF : Business Object - Query
SCOL_RELATIONCool : Relation
SCOL_SVC_MODULECool : Service Module
SCOOLOBJECTSObject Pattern Model
SEOCLASSDFDefinition of class/interface
SEOCOMPODFDefinition class/interface component
SEOFRIENDSFriend relationship
SEOMAPCLSRelational Mapping Classes
SEOMETARELMeta relationship
SEOREFPROTRefactoring log for changes to classes/interfaces
SEORELATRelationship type
SEORELCOMPRelationship type component
SEOSPECTYPSpecialization type (inheriting, implementing, comprising)
SEOSUBCODFDefinition class/interface subcomponent
SEOTYPEPLSType group application
SERPATTRTree attributes
SFBMHDRFormula Builder Methods: Header
SFW5_HISTORYHistory of Transaction SFW5
SFW_BFBusiness Function
SFW_BSBusiness Set
SFW_SWITCHSwitches / Switch Framework
SLAD_OBJECT_SETSLAD: Object Set - Range Table
SLAPISOBJ: API called by an after import method
SLOGICALDESTLogical destinations
SMIFHDRMatching Interfaces: Header
SMSTATUSStatus Information of an Entry in the Monitor
SMSTATUS_HISTStatus Information of an Entry in the Monitor
SXC_ATTRExit: Implementation side: Attributes
SXS_ATTRExit: Definition side: Attributes for an enhancement
T52SMHRPAY-Status Management: Attributes of a Process Model
TABADRHCharacteristic Derivation: Header
TABADRSCharacteristic Derivation: Steps
TEEF_MIG_STATEMigration Status Table
TEXC_DEText ID: Exception Definiton using Data Element
TEXC_DE_CText ID: Exception Definiton using Data Element
TEXC_DOMText ID: Exception Definition using Domains
TEXC_DOM_CText ID: Exception Definition using Domains
TEXC_FLDText ID: Exception Definition using Table/Field
TEXC_FLD_CText ID: Exception Definition using Table/Field
TJBABCCO-ABC->CO-PA: Update Characteristics for Summariz.
TKEABCCO-ABC -> CO-PA: Posting characteristics
TKEDRHCharacteristic Derivation: Header
TKEDRSCharacteristic Derivation: Steps
UPB_CW_EP_UICost Center Wizard: Interfaces
UPWB_MDATAMaster Data Web Interface
VEPHEADERVirtual End Point Definition: Administrative Data
VRSTC_IDSSystem Comparison: IDs of Saved Comparisons
VRSTC_TABLE_EXCLSystem Comparison: Exclusion List for Table Comparison
WITH_EXCL_STR_HDDerivation Strategies for Exclusion of Lines in Withhold.Tax
WSFOLDERSWorkspace Folders - Unit Costing
WSHEADERWeb Services Definition Administrative Data
WSHEADER_DARKDark table of WSHEADER (only for transport reasons)
/ASU/SSMUSTATUSASU Simple SchedMan: User Status Information of an Entry
/SDF/CMO_O2APPLCMO Service: O2: BSP Applications
/SDF/O2PAGDIRCMO Service: Oxygen: Page Directory
/UI5/CFSUI Theming: Bundle in client-dependent file system
/UI5/CFS_FILEUI Theming: File in client-dependent file system
Application Platform Tables
Customer Relationship Management Tables
Financial Accounting Tables
SAP Industries specific module Tables
Supplier Relationship Management Tables
Logistics - General Tables
Sales and Distribution Tables
Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) Tables
Basis Components Tables
Controlling Tables
Materials Management Tables
Service Tables
Financials Tables
Real Estate Management Tables
Accounting - General Tables
Knowledge Management Tables
Cross-Application Basis Components Tables
Product Lifecycle Management Tables
Project System Tables
Production Planning and Control Tables
Plant Maintenance Tables
Personnel Time Management Tables
SAP Business Information Warehouse Tables
Auto-ID Enterprise Tables
Investment Management Tables
Supply Chain Management Tables
Personnel Management Tables
Treasury Tables
Financial Services Tables
Logistics Execution Tables
Public Sector Management Tables
Payroll Tables
Environment, Health and Safety Tables
Portfolio and Project Management Tables
Web Channel Tables
Enterprise Portal Tables
Customer Service Tables
Collaborative Cross Applications Tables
Enterprise Controlling Tables
Governance, Risk and Compliance Tables
Training and Event Management Tables
Quality Management Tables
SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Tables
Obsolete Product: Workplace Tables
Enterprise information management solutions Tables
Global Trade Services Tables
Occasional Platform User Tables
Discrete Industries Tables

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