UG_FIELDNAME Field in SAP | FIN Master Data: Field Name Data Element using tables

UG_FIELDNAME is a data element in SAP used for storing FIN Master Data: Field Name data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this UG_FIELDNAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : UG_FIELDNAME
  • Description : FIN Master Data: Field Name
  • Data Type :CHAR

FIN Master Data: Field Name tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using UG_FIELDNAME Field

ACCASSTYPE00Account Assignment Category
ACCLOGOBJCAT01Assignment of Attributes as Chars and Log. Obj. Category
ACCROLE11Application Role Registration: Classes
ACCSEL01Selection Condition: Characteristics
FINB_ATTRIBUTESAttributes of Field on Data Basis
FINB_FIELDSFields on the Data Basis
FINB_TACCOMMObsolete !!! Accounting Community
FINB_TACSYST_DCRObsolete !!! Valuation System: Description in Form of Chars
FINB_TACSYST_GRObsolete !!! Valuation System: Description Groups
FINB_TACSYST_MFNObsolete !!! Valuation Systm: Meta Description - Field Names
UAINVT2000Characteristics of Inventory and WIP Views
UCM0013Data Basis: Optional Fields, Contained in Data Stream
UCS0102Tasks: CU-Dependency of Method Assignment
UCUW010SAP Cons.: Personalization Workbench: Object Lists
UCUW011SAP Cons.: Personalization Workbench: Object Lists
UGMD0000FI Master Data: Applications
UGMD1000FIN Master Data: Roles
UGMD1006FIN Master Data: Standard Roles for Remote Fields
UGMD1008FIN Master Data: Attributes Needed for Creating
UGMD1020FIN Master Data: GUID Characteristics
UGMD1045FIN Master Data: Special Enqueue Fields
UGMD1110FIN Master Data: Fields with Special Transport Logic
UGMD1111FIN Master Data: Fields with Special Transport Logic
UGMD1200FIN Master Data: Role Sub-objects
UGMD1201FIN Master Data: Role Sub-objects
UGMD1230FIN MD: Role Assign, Where-Used List
UGMD2000FIN Master Data: Defined Characteristics
UGMD2001FIN Master Data: Validity of Characteristics in Areas
UGMD2002FIN Master Data: Basis Characteristics
UGMD2003FIN Master Data: Combination Field
UGMD2004FI Master Data: Settings per Characteristic
UGMD2005FIN Master Data: Field Properties
UGMD2006FIN Master Data: Field Properties - Language-dep. Texts
UGMD2007FIN Master Data: Field Compounds
UGMD2008FI Master Data: Mapping ODS Object to Combination Fields
UGMD200SFIN Master Data: Characteristics (Surrogate ID)
UGMD2010FIN Master Data: Generated DDIC Structures
UGMD2011FIN Master Data: Generated Tables of Characteristics
UGMD2030FIN Master Data: Restrictions on Hierarchies
UGMD2035FIN Master Data: Last Time Stamp Master Data
UGMD2060FIN Master Data: Properties Valid During Generation
UGMD2061FIN Master Data: Attributes That Existed During Generation
UGMD2090FIN Master Data: Assignment Org. Criteria to Characteristics
UGMD2100FIN Master Data: Generation: Object -> Logical Name
UGMD2101FIN Master Data: List of Generated DDIC Elements
UGMD2140FIN Master Data: (Role-independent) Definition of Fields
UGMD2141FIN Master Data: Properties of Field Names: Attributes
UGMD2142FIN Master Data: Properties of Field Names: Compounding
UGMD2143FIN Master Data: Properties of Field Names: Nav. Attributes
UGMD2144FIN Master Data: Texts of Field Names
UGMD2145FIN Master Data: Field Prop.: Non-SAP Chars in Hierarchies
UGMD2146FIN Master Data: Field Prop.: Texts of Nav. Attributes
UGMD2150FIN Master Data: Active (Role-Indep.) Definition of Fields
UGMD2151FIN Master Data: Active Properties of Fields: Attributes
UGMD2152FIN Master Data: Active Properties of Fields: Compounding
UGMD2153FIN Master Data: Active Properties of Fields: Nav.Attributes
UGMD2154FIN Master Data: Active Texts of Field Names
UGMD2155FIN Master Data: Active Prop.: Non-SAP Chars in Hierarchies
UGMD2156FIN Master Data: Active Prop.: Texts of Nav. Attributes
UGMD2157FIN Master Data: Explicit Heading Texts of Remote Fields
UGMD2180FIN Master Data: Activated Attribute Mappings Role-Remote
UGMD2181FIN Master Data: Value Fixings for Attribute Mapping
UGMD2200FIN Master: Special Field Allocations for Deep Operations
UGMD2257FIN Master Data: Default Heading Texts of Remote Fields
UGMD3011FIN Master Data: Restrictions on Hierarchies
UGMDENQOBJFIN Master Data: Enqueue/Dequeue Table
UGMDENQSIDFIN Master Data: Enqueue / Dequeue Table (SID)
UGMDTR00FinBasis Transport: Writing to BW During Import
UGMD_ENQ_HRYNODEFIN Master Data: Enqueue/Dequeue Table for Hierarchy Nodes
UGR31004FIN Master Data: Assign Field Names - DataSource Fields
UGR31006FIN Master Data: DataSource Key Fields
UGR31007FIN Master Data: DataSource Attributes
UGR31008FIN Master Data: Dummy Field Names with Properties
UGSCDTDATAData for Customizing Comparison
UGWB2001FIN Workbench: Frozen Configuration Set
UGWB3000FIN Workbench: Columns in Detail Navigation
UGWBGN00Programs Generated Per Field Name
URCHARField Catalog: Characteristics
URCORD01Selection Conditions in a Realignment Request
URCORD02Conversion Rules in a Realignment Request
URKEYField Catalog: Document Key
URKEYFField Catalog: Key Figure
URREALIGNER01Attribute Realigner
/EACA/TBTPROFLDSActive Configuration in Component BTA Profit
/EACC/CHARNAMESCharacteristic Names for Fixed Fields
/EACC/DMB_CHACharacteristics of a DataSource and InfoSource
/EACC/DMB_DIMTable of Field Name and Dimensions for InfoCube
/EACC/DMM_CHACharacteristics of the Accounting Views
/EACC/DMM_DICDimension Assignment of the Characteristics of Accntng Views
/EACC/DMM_KYFKey Figures in the Accounting Views
/EACC/ENGINECHARAccounting Engine Characteristics
/EACC/FIELDSFixed Fields in the Accounting Engine
/EACC/FIXED_FLDSFixed Fields as Specification for Each Journal
/EACC/JRNL_TOTLSJournal Totals
/EACC/TLI4000Context of Field Name, Info Object, D Elment, D Srce per D B
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