UFPS_POSID Field in SAP | Application Component ID Data Element using tables

UFPS_POSID is a data element in SAP used for storing Application Component ID data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this UFPS_POSID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : UFPS_POSID
  • Description : Application Component ID
  • Data Type :CHAR

Application Component ID tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using UFPS_POSID Field

ACINCIDENTDIRAlerting Configuration: Incident Management
ACINCIDENTREPAlerting Configuration: Incident Management
AGSRBE_OBJ_ADD_AAdditional Object Attributes ( Application Component, ... )
AKB_USG_INFOObsolete: Additional Information for Client Objects
ALPERFOBAlert: Performance Database Object Part
BMA_CONSBOR Migration: Usage of BOR Constants in Programs
BMA_WLSTBOR Migration Assistant: Global Worklist
BRR_HEADERHeader Data of a Business Rule (Table Structure)
BRR_HEADER_CClient-Specific Business Rule (Table Structure)
CBESH_SEM_FNAMESSemantic Field Names (Copy of HANA global
CEBN_SEM_FNAMESSemantic Field Names (Copy of HANA global Field catalogue)
CMPOBJCustomizing Comparison: Object Description
CNVCDMCCA_OBJSCDMC : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Clearing Analysis
CNVCDMCCA_SRCCDMC: Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Syntax Check
CNVCDMCCTS_BADISCDMC : CTS Table to store the BADIs identified
CNVCDMCCTS_EXITSCDMC : CTS Table to store the User Exits identified
CNVCDMCCTS_OBJSCDMC : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for CTS project
CNVCDOPCA_OBJSCDOP : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Clearing Analysis
CNV_TDMS_16_DISPTable used to display mandatory notes based on SP level
CRMCHKMeta Data: Check rules
CRMCHKRESLFindings (Display LoaD)
CTS_AIM_TRC_OBJTransport Objects triggering an AIM trace
CTS_AIM_TRC_STMStatements used in AIM execution
CWBNTHEADHeader table for OSS Notes in customer systems
DF14LApplication Components
EAPPOBJApplication Objects
EAPPOBJTText: Application Objects
EAPPOBJTHISApplication Objects
ECATT_DEFTable for Definition of eCATTs
ECSCR_SUT_MDObject Under Test Metadata
ECSD_DEFTable for Defining System Data Containers
ECSP_DEFTable for eCATT Start Profiles (eCATT Core)
ECSTAT_LOCOverview of Distribution LoC Acc. to Packages and App. Comp.
ECSTAT_OBJECTOverview of eCATT Objects Acc. to Package and AC
ECSTAT_TESTDRVOverview of Test Drivers According to Packages and AC.
ECTC_DEFTable for Defining Test Configurations
ECTD_DEFTable for Defining Test Data Containers
ECVO_DEFeCATT Table for Definition of Validation Objects
ESH_OM_AOTYPObject Types
ESH_OM_COTYPObject Types
ESH_OM_IOTYPObject Types
ESH_OM_SOTYPObject Types
ESH_OM_SYSRELProduct Versions
FDT_APPL_0000FDT: Application Data
FDT_APPL_0000AFDT: Application Data
FDT_APPL_0000SFDT: Application Data
FDT_APPL_0000TFDT: Application Data
GLOSSARY4Table for Glossary Migration (To Be Deleted)
GLOSSARYAApplication Keys Relevant for Glossary
HCSKW_COMPASSKW Document: Assignment to Components
ICFINSTACTICF: Table for Activating Services in Installation
INDDEVCIndustry Sector Package as Range Entries
IUUC_TABLE_EVALIUUC Table analysis: evaluation of table usage (SAP)
IUUC_TAB_EVALUATIUUC Table analysis: evaluation of table usage - OBSOLETE
IUUC_TAB_EVALVIUUC Table analysis: evaluation of table usage (SAP)
IWBKMIGStatistics for keyword migration
IWEXDONEKEn: Html Export History
IWEXTODOKEn: Html Export Request List
MCOBJECTSMultiple Client Analysis: Object List
SAPI_ORG_ACSAP internal only: Application component data
SAPI_ORG_AC_RELSAP internal only: Application component data by release
SBAON_CCHKComponent Check Table
SMIMPNOTESSolution Manager Important OSS Notes
SMSY_AKH_GRPCOMPComponents in an ACH Group
SPERS_REGPersonalization registration table
SRAL_ELOGErrors and Warnings for RAL
SRT_IBCSRT: Identifiable Business Context
SRT_IBCRSRT: Identifiable Business Context Reference
SRT_IBCR_USAGESRT: Identifiable Business Context Reference Usage
SRT_UTIL_ERRLOGSRT Utilities: Error Log Data
SRT_UTIL_LOGSRT Utilities: Error Log Data
STERM_ADDCCustomer-Defined Components for Terminology Maintenance
STERM_ADDTCustomer Components for Terminology Maintenance - Text Table
STERM_COMP_WEBCustomer-Defined Components for Terminology Maintenance
STERM_PRJ_SNAPTerminology: Statistics Data
STERM_TRLSAPterm - Desired Languages for Maintenance in a Component
SW3M_ATTRMiniApp Attributes
T801KReport Writer: Libraries
TASUTREPASU: Toolbox: Reports to be started
TCGS3EHS: WWI destinations
TERPSOFTSWITCHESSoft Switches for PDF-based Forms
TN2BITYPBase Items: Base Item Types
TNODE02ATest Organizer, Test Catalog, Plan, Package Attributes
TNODE02_ATest case attributes: Management
TWBMAN_COMPTWBM: Application Components
TXW_IBUDART: IBU add-on extraction function modules
VRSTC_RES_INFOSystem Comparison: Org. Information of Compared Tables
W3ATTRXMiniApp Attributes
/ASU/STEPS_VASU Steps (Version)
/SDF/CC_RELLink between CC_OBJECTS and CC_REF entries
/SDF/CMO_T_62CCCMC Service: Application component
/SLOAP/FUGR_MAPFunction group mapping table
/SLOAP/MDDDICMAPTabelle für den Rückgabewert der Methoden *_MD_DDIC_MAP
/SLOAS/FUGR_MAPFunction group mapping table (obs)
/TMWFLOW/REPE71OReporting Table for E071
/TMWFLOW/REPE71RReporting Table for E071
/TMWFLOW/REPNOTEReporting Table for Notes Area
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