TZNTSTMPS Field in SAP | UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) Data Element using tables

TZNTSTMPS is a data element in SAP used for storing UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this TZNTSTMPS field in SAP.

  • Data Element : TZNTSTMPS
  • Description : UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss)
  • Data Type :DEC

UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using TZNTSTMPS Field

ACRELATIONRelationships in Accounting
ADBOS_ECP_RELObject Relationship Service: Generic Binary Links
AFRP0Table of planned changes for confirmation (PDC)
ALM_EXTR_PTRAlert Management Reporting Extraction Pointer
BAD_SRV_REFOBJBAD - Reference Object - object assignment.
BANK_PP_PARUNHDGeneral Data on Mass Runs (Header)
BBPD_ES_EEWAEmployee Workplace: Org. Address References (NW710: MOM052)
BBPD_ES_EEWA_FSEmployee Workplace: Address Usages (NW710: MOM052_FS)
BBPD_OR_INVHUBObject Link: Invoice/Invoice Template to Reference Document
BBPD_OR_PCOObject Link: Purchase Order/Order Confirmation
BBPD_OR_SUSPCOObject Link: SUS Purchase Order/Order Confirmation
BBPD_OVE_OBRELObject Linkage Purch. Doc. / Online Vendor Evaln
BBP_PDBINRELTransaction Object Linkage (EBP)
BKKMPARUNHDGeneral Data for Mass Runs (Header)
BP3100Additional information
BPCTSRGBINRELBusiness Partner Contact: Generic Binary Relationships
CCMBINREL_CCMAObject Relationship Service: generic binary links
CDBD_BINRELInterlinkages Between CRM Application Objects
CFF_PHIO_TRACKCFF: Tracking the Access (Read- and Write Accesses)
CFS_STATUSCFS: Additional (Mapping) Data for Status
CFS_STATUS_PROFCFS: Additional (Mapping) Data for Status Profile
CFS_STATUS_TRANSCFS: Status Transitions
CFX_ACCESSTrack first access of object by user
CFX_ASSIGNMENTSAssignment to External Objects
CFX_SEARCHESCFX: List of Search Queries for each User
CNV_20330_TABLETable analysis - tables with object number fields
CRMBINREL2Object Relationship Service: Generic Binary Links
CRM_SRV_LOG_SCCRM Service: Logistics Scenarios
CUSAHIMG attribute table: SAP data
CUS_ACTHCustomizing Activity - Header Data
CUS_ATRHCustomizing Attributes - Header Data
ECSTAT_LOCOverview of Distribution LoC Acc. to Packages and App. Comp.
ECSTAT_MAINOverview of Numbers of eCATT Objects in System
ECSTAT_OBJECTOverview of eCATT Objects Acc. to Package and AC
ECSTAT_SC_EXECOverview of Test Script Executions
ECSTAT_TC_EXECOverview of Execution of Test Configurations and Var.
ECSTAT_TESTDRVOverview of Test Drivers According to Packages and AC.
EIEIForeign Trade: Export/Import Communication Data
ESH_OM_PC_EXEMPTPlausibility Check: Exemptions
ESH_TAU_CL_PVPDClassification Test: Property Value Assignm. to EPM Product
ESH_TST_PROP_VALES Test Object Material - Property valuation
EVAL_IV_ERR_HDError at Header Level
EVAL_IV_ERR_ITMError Log for Evaluations at Item Level
EVAL_IV_RES_HDResults of Vendor Evaluation (Header)
EVAL_IV_RES_ITMResults of Vendor Evaluation (Item)
FCOMT_INASETInactive Groups
FSLSTForeign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit Trail
FSLSTAForeign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit Trail
FTCOMTForeign Trade: Communication: Audit table for FT documents
FTGKLLegal Control: Log (Up-to-Date)
FTGKLALegal Control: Log (Prestep for Archiving)
FTGOVPAForeign Trade: Periodic Declarations
GHO_IMRG_STD_HHeader for Standardized QCI Volumes
GHO_NETOBJ_TDWell Time Dependency
GHO_WC_NATUREWell completion nature
GHO_WELLCLASS_LCWell class Lifecycle
GHO_WELL_PRIORCapture Measurement - Well Test Priority
GHO_WELL_STD_HTable for storing the well test standard header values
HRSP_POOL_RQSTNSResource Procurement (Without Strings)
HUMSEGReference-HU-Item for Material Doc.Item that was Posted Last
HURESTentative Reservation of HU Items
IDOCRELLinks between IDoc and application object
JPOBJLINKGeneric Binary Object Linking for IS-M/PD
JPTTITLELINKGeneric Binary Object Link for By Title
JPTTITLERELObject Relationship Service: Title Relationships
LLGSTResource status log
LMDB_SYNC_CONFConfiguration of content synchronization connections
LPO_INTMODEL_MATIntegration model LPO: Integrated Materials
LPO_INTMODEL_WCIntegration model LPO: Integrated Work centers
MEREP_108Reference Recording
MEREP_209Variant for SyncBO Emulator
MEREP_414Related SyncBO Control
MMPREF_PRO_01Logging table for archiving object MMPREF
MMPREF_PRO_01_BLog table - Preference - Information from rules
MMPREF_PRO_02Log table - Main component - Information
MMPREF_PRO_03Log table - Component - Information
MMPREK_PRO_01Log table for archiving object MMPREK
MMPREK_PRO_01_BLog table - Preference - Info from rule
MMPREK_PRO_02Log table - Main component - Information
MMPREK_PRO_03Log table - Component - Information
MMPREW_PRO_01Log table for archiving object MMPREW
MMPREW_PRO_01_BPreference CPG: Log - Information from rule
MMPREW_PRO_02Preference CPG: Log main component - Information
MMPREW_PRO_03Preference CPG: Log components - Information
MOM052Workplace Addresses
MOM052_FSWorkplace Address Usages
OIO_C1_CNTNRRLM Oil and gas container master data
OIO_CM_DOC_FLOWRLM document flow index
OIO_MX_INDEXRLM material tracking extract index
OIO_RT_RTDOCRLM returns document - header
OIUBL01_ADJBalancing Adjustments
OIUBL01_ADJHBalancing Adjustments History
OIUBL01_DOHOwnership History Flags
OIUBL01_PBAProduct Balancing Agreement
OIUBL01_PBASTProduction Balancing Agreement (PBA) Status
OIUBL01_PBAXREFPBA to Well Completion/Measurement Point Cross-ref
OIUBL01_RPTPABalancing Permanent Report Adjustments
OIUBL01_RPTPDBalancing Permanent Report Detail
OIUBL01_RPTPHBalancing Permanent Report Header
OIUBL_IMBMPMeasurement Point Imbalance
OIUBL_IMBWCWell Completion Imbalance
OIUBL_PBAMPCross reference for measurement point and PBA
OIUBL_PBAWCCross Reference for Well Completion and PBA
OIUCA_CTMPPRA: Transporter Contract Measurement Point XRef
OIUCA_CTWCPRA: Transporter Contract Well Completion XRef
OIUCA_OSPTermination Point Component Options for Selective Process.
OIUCA_PRPDStores the percent returned to lease detail data
OIUCA_PRPHStores the Percent Returned to Producer Header Data
OIUCA_PSPPlant Component Options for Selective Processing
OIUCA_SSCPSliding scale component data for each level maintained
OIUCA_SSPDSliding Scale Detail
OIUCA_SSPHSliding Scale Percent Header
OIUCA_SSPMSliding scale pct material data for each level maintained
OIUCA_TIKPCNetwork Take-In-Kind Percent by Material
OIUCA_TIKPC_TNetwork Take-In-Kind Percent by Material Temp Table
OIUCI_HEADERIncoming Check Header information
OIUCI_PDXPurchaser DOI Cross Reference
OIUCM_BA_LINKBusiness Associate -> SAP Master Link
OIUCM_CSCCycle Segment Configuration
OIUCM_PU_OVRDPurchaser Override
OIUCW_BA_WH_EXMPBusiness Associates exempt from state NRIT withholding
OIUH_LOADED_JERecords loaded to JE by transation o3uh_loadje
OIUH_PTR_REP_LOGProduction, Tax and Royalty Reporting Execution Log
OIUOW_DLDDOI Legal Description Table
OIUOW_DOACCDOI Owner Override Account Codes
OIUOW_DOACC_WKDOI Owner Override Account Codes Worktable
OIUOW_DODO_WKOwner Print Information Worktable
OIUOW_DOEX_WKOwner State Tax Exemption Worktable
OIUOW_DOH_WKOwnership History Workable
OIUOW_DORHDO Owner Request History
OIUOW_DTCHDOI Transfer Change Header
OIUOW_DTCSDOI Transfer Change Select
OIUOW_DTDDOI Transfer Change Detail
OIUOW_ESTDTEscheated Transfer Date
OIUOW_ESTDT_WKEscheated Transfer Date Worktable
OIUOW_INTODInterface Owner Detail
OIUOW_INTOD_WKInterface Owner Detail Worktable
OIUOW_INTOHInterface Owner Header
OIUOW_INTOH_WKInterface Owner Header Worktable
OIUOW_LGL_FLDLegal Description Fields
OIUOW_LGL_FLD_TXLegal Description Fields Text
OIUOW_LGL_TYPLegal Description Types
OIUOW_LGL_TYP_TXLegal Description Types Text
OIUOW_LTYP_FLXRFLegal Description Type Field Xref
OIUOW_MKEX_WKMarketing Cost Exemption Worktable
OIUOW_ORP_TWBORP test workbench comparison history
OIUOW_OSSOwner Sliding Scale
OIUOW_OSS_WKOwner Sliding Scale Worktable
OIUOW_POWOwners on Pending Requests
OIUOW_PPOwnership Production Payment
OIUOW_PUC_WKProperty Unit Use Control - work table
OIUOW_RETDTRoyalty Escrow Transfer Date
OIUOW_RETDT_WKRoyalty Escrow Transfer Date
OIUOW_RTCHRD DOI Transfer Change Header
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