TZNTSTMPL Field in SAP | UTC time stamp in long form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss,mmmuuun) Data Element using tables

TZNTSTMPL is a data element in SAP used for storing UTC time stamp in long form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss,mmmuuun) data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this TZNTSTMPL field in SAP.

  • Data Element : TZNTSTMPL
  • Description : UTC time stamp in long form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss,mmmuuun)
  • Data Type :DEC

UTC time stamp in long form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss,mmmuuun) tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using TZNTSTMPL Field

ACE_REPORTINGTimestamp of the last BI and Selfmon reporting of the ACE
AGSSISE_GSGeneric Storage Main Data Table
AGS_SMT_TSAT_BFOSwitches of a Test Attributes Set
AGS_SMT_TSAT_CSDUser Data of Clients
AGS_SMT_TSAT_CTOClient List Table for test attributes objects
AGS_SMT_TSAT_DESDescription of a Test Attributes Set
AGS_SMT_TSAT_GENGeneric Attributes of a Test Attributes Set
AGS_SMT_TSAT_GNAGeneric attributes of a Test Case
AGS_SMT_TSAT_HDTest Attributes Set Header
AGS_SMT_TSAT_LELog execution buffer for statistics
AGS_SMT_TSAT_LNRLog ID , Obj_Lnr data of a test attributes set
AGS_SMT_TSAT_LSlast successful execution of a test case
AGS_SMT_TSAT_MAPTest Attributes Set - Test Configuration Mapping Table
AGS_SMT_TSAT_MGNMapping table between test configuration and generic attr.
AGS_SMT_TSAT_RNMRenaming History for Test Case of a Test Attributes Set
AGS_SMT_TSAT_RPOSoftware Component Data of test attributes objects
AGS_SMT_TSAT_RUNLog information of a Test Attributes Set
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SCCClient IDs on which a test script runs
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SCHTest Script Hierachy
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SCRTest Script Hierachy of a Test Attributes Set
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SCSSystem IDs on which a test script runs
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SDMSystem - Dynpro Guid mapping Tabelle
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SFOBSOLETE : Switch attributes
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SFOSwitch attributes table
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SHOBusiness Functions of Test Attributes Set
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SRPRepository Objects assigned to a script
AGS_SMT_TSAT_STOSystem List Table for test attributes objects
AGS_SMT_TSAT_SWORepository Object Data of test attributes objects
AGS_SMT_TSAT_TCOBSOLETE - Transaction attributes
AGS_SMT_TSAT_TSOBSOLETE - Top level test scripts
AGS_SMT_TSAT_UDOBSOLETE - User defaults data
AGS_SMT_TSAT_UPOUser parameters for test attributes objects
AGS_SMT_TSAT_UTOUser Attributes for test attributes objects
AGS_SMT_TSTAT_HDOBSOLETE - Test Attributes Set Header
ALV_T_T2Test Data for ALV
BBP_OUT_PARAMSEBP: Transient Output Parameter Storage
COAT_CLASSI_HISTCOAT: Project - History of Classifications of Objects
COVRES0_SYNCSynchronization Records for Merging of COVRES0 to COVRES
COVRES0_SYNCHSynchronization Records for Merging of COVRES0 to COVRES
FCC_INST_FILECopy of Output Files (Spool, Job Log, Application Log, etc.)
FSBP_CIF_LOGLog Complex Interface FSBP
IPM_RAWRECDue Pre-List for Product Sales
IUUC_REPL_LTNCYKeep history for the latency of each replicated portion
IUUC_REPL_LTNCYHKeep history for the latency of each replicated portion
JPTRAWRECDue Pre-List for Product Sales
KLPREHLOGPersistent Error Handling
LXE_IDX_LOGLogging data for indexing (per Trsl. Object Package)
LXE_IDX_LOG_HEADHeader Data for a Index Run
NWECMD_PRPTDVSNW ECM: Property Default Values
SCMATREEDTable for Entries that are Dependent on Time and Date
SEPA_CI_PROCSEPA CI Limits and CI Whitelist
SEPA_CI_PROC_HISSEPA CI Limits and CI Whitelist
SMO8FTCFGFlow Control Trace: Current configuration
SMO8FTSTPFlow Control Trace: Process step (Configuration)
SMO8QUEUECRM Middleware Queue Registration
SMO8_LOGMiddleware Log
SMO8_LOG2Middleware Log, Container for BAPIRETURN
SMO8_LQULock Managment for qRFC Queues
SMOFDNLBCKBackup table for downloaded data
SMOHVALUESTSCriteria Values for Subscriptions - Time Stamp of Last Updat
SRAL_PERFPerformance Content of RAL Persistency
SWFREXTPROCWorkflow: Relation Between Work Item and External Process
SWFRLERRWorkflow Log: (Error) Messages
SWFRLSUCWorkflow Log: Actions
SXMSJOBSJobs for Time-Controlled Message Processing
SXMSMSGREFMessage Reference Storage
SXMSQUEUE_REORGStorage Location for Queues That Are Being Reorganized
SXMS_AS_STATUSStatus Table of Synchronous/Asynchronous Bridge
SXMS_EOIOREORGReorganization of EOIO Queues
SXMS_EOIO_ERRError Table for Overserialized EOIO Queues
SXMS_EOIO_REORGReorganization of EOIO Queues
SXMS_EOIO_STATMaximum Number of EOIO Queues
SXMS_FEHLock Entries for FEH
SXMS_MULTIM_REFLink Table Leading Message - Submessages
SXMS_TCMP_TESTTest Data Event-Driven Message Processing
TGN_WLISTGeneration Worklist
TSOCM_CR_CONTEXTChange Request Web UI: Context
UACC_BATCHTable to hold the Batch Execution Content
WTYBWC Times of Last BW Extraction
/ASU/SSMTREEDASU Simple Schedule Manager: Scheduling entries
/ASU/TSSM_CONTNVASU: M:N Link-Table Tasklist - Content Version
/BEV2/EDPROTOKExcise Duties: Internal Log Table
/ISDFPS/PMDISRDDistribution Factory - Detail
/ISDFPS/PMDISRHDistribution Factory - Runtime Data
/SAPSLL/IVMSSFFrozen Individual Stock Item for Customs Warehouse
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