SAP TPM_DB_OS_GUID (Object Identity in Database Format) Data element field

  • Data Element : TPM_DB_OS_GUID
  • Description : Object Identity in Database Format
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using TPM_DB_OS_GUID Field

ADJT_TRANSACTIONTreasury: Reconciliation business transactions
BCKSLDT_FLOWBackup: Subledger Distributor: Trans. Before Issue Currency
BCKTLVT_VAL_FLOWBackup: Treasury: Valuation Flow
BCKTRACT_ACCITEMTreasury: Accounting Items
BCKTRDT_FLOWBackup: Distributor Flows Before Issue Currency Changeover
BCKTRLT_DERIVFLOTreasury: Flows for Derived Business Transactions
BCKTRLT_FLOWTreasury Ledger Flows
BCKTRLT_POSITIONBackup: Treasury Ledger Position
DIFT_POS_IDENTPersistent Flow Selectors
FDC1Cash Management Shadow table
SLDT_EVENTSubledger Distributor Events
SLDT_FLOWSubledger Distributor Transactions
SLDT_TRANSACTIONSubledger Distributor Business Transactions
TLVT_VAL_FLOWTreasury: Valuation Flow
TLVT_VAL_STEPTreasury: Valuation Step
TLVT_VAL_TRANSTreasury: Valuation Business Transactions
TRACT_ACCITEMAccounting Items
TRACT_DOCUMENTTreasury: Accounting Adaptor Document
TRACT_POSCONTEXTTreasury: Position Context Table
TRADT_LOCKTR: Accrual/Deferral: TRL Position Lock
TRATT_TRANSAccount Assignment Reference Transfer Business Transactions
TRCT_BUSTRANSTable of business transactions
TRCT_FLOWTable of business transactions flows
TRDT_FLOWPersistent distributor flows
TRDT_SEC_FLOWPersistent distributor flows: Part for BEPP adaptor
TRDT_TRDBUSTRANSTreasury: Persistent distributor business transaction
TRDT_TRDDOCUMENT(Obsolete as of CFM 1.0) Distributor Documents
TRFB_FLOWCFM: Backup Table with TRF Flows
TRFB_SUBTOTALCFM: Backup Table with TRF Transaction Figures
TRFT_BUSTRANSTreasury: TRF Business Transaction
TRFT_CALC_POSTreasury: TRF Calculation Position
TRFT_FLOWTreasury: Table with TRF Flows
TRFT_SUBTOTALTreasury: Table with TRF Transaction Figure
TRFT_SUBTRANSTreasury: TRF Business Subtransaction
TRGT_MIGRManagement Table for CFM Migration
TRGT_MIGR1Management Table for CFM Conversion (Custom. Steps)
TRGT_USER_DATATR Position Management - User Data
TRILT_DFLOWDerived Flows in the Income Ledger
TRILT_DTRANSDerived Business Transactions in the Income Ledger
TRLIT_AD_TRANSAccrual/Deferral Business Transactions (Documentation avail)
TRLT_DERIVFLOWSTreasury: Flows for Derived Business Transactions
TRLT_DERIVTRANSDerived Business Transactions
TRLT_DOCUMENTTreasury Ledger Documents
TRLT_FIXINGSUMTR Ledger Transaction Figures
TRLT_FLOWTreasury Ledger Flows
TRLT_FS_COMPTR Ledger: Transaction Figures per Component
TRLT_LOCKTreasury Ledger Position Lock
TRLT_NEW_POSTreasury: New Initialization or Transfer Positions
TRLT_POSITIONTreasury Ledger Position
TRLT_TRANSACTIONTreasury Ledger Business Transactions
TRLT_TRANS_DELDeleted TRL Transactions (BW Only)
TRLT_VCL_TRANSValuation Class Transfers
TRQB_FLOWCFM: Backup Table for Flow Data in Quantity Ledger
TRQB_LOTFLOWCFM: Backup Table with Lot Flows
TRQB_SUBTOTALCFM: Backup Table with Quantity Ledger Pos. Transact. Figs
TRQT_ASSIGNMENTTreasury: Assignment Rule
TRQT_ASSIGN_ITEMTreasury: Assignment Position
TRQT_BUSTRANSTreasury: Business Transactions
TRQT_FLOWTreasury: Flow Data Quantity Ledger
TRQT_FLOWGROUPTreasury: Transaction Flow Groups
TRQT_LOTTreasury: Lot
TRQT_LOTFLOWTreasury: Table with Lot Flows
TRQT_POSFLOWTreasury: Position Flows
TRQT_POSITIONTreasury: Quantity Ledger Position
TRQT_SUBTOTALTreasury: Table with Quantity Ledger Position Trans. Figures
TRQT_TRAFLOWTreasury: Transaction Flows
TRSB_CLASFLOCFM: Backup Table for Class Flows in Securities Account
TRSB_CLASFLO_REVCFM: Backup Table for Class Flows in Securities Account
TRSB_SECACCTRANSCFM: Backup Table for Securities Account Transfer
TRSB_SUBTOTALCFM: Backup Table with Transaction Figures
TRST_CLASFLOCFM: Class Flows in Securities Account
TRST_CLASFLO_REVCFM: Reversed Class Flows in Securities Account
TRST_SECACCTRANSTreasury: Securities Account Transfer
TRST_SUBTOTALTreasury: Table with Trans.Figs - Class Pos. in Sec. Acct
TRXT_FLOWTRM Tax Transaction Flows
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