SAP TPLST (Transportation planning point) Data element field

List of Tables using TPLST Field

B022TrspPlPoint and Shipment Type
B023TrspPlPoint, TrspProcessingType and Service Agent
B410Transportation Planning Point
B411Transport Planning Point / Loading Plant
BORRTTSRoute schedule header (new)
CIF_IMSHPIntegration Model Reference Table for Shipments
OIGCTD Transport unit
OIGSTD Shipment Header
OIGSVTD Vehicles in Transport/Shipment
OIGVTD Vehicle Header
OIJHCT01OIL-TSW: Ticket Holding Table (Draft version 1) - OBSOLETE
OIJNOMHNomination Header
OIJNOMHVERSNomination Header Version Table
OIJTSTransport system (IS-Oil TSW standard/core object )
OIJ_EL_TICKET_HUniversal ticket table
OIJ_SCHEDPlanned Schedule Lines
OIK01IS-OIL/TAS: LID Document Data
OIK01DIS-OIL/TAS: deactivated LID Document Data
OIKCFTAS - Control Field Data
OIKCFWTAS - Control Field Data
OIKLIDTAS active LIDs(NOTE:keep eq to DB OIKLIDW->append includes)
OIKLIDRTD - TAS Reference Table
OIKLIDWTAS LID Working version (NOTE: keep DB eq to DB OIKLID)
OIKPEXLOCOIL: Status of gen. Location in ext. Transport Planning Sy
OIKPEXORDStatus of Orders Within Transportation Planning
OIKTPIRDTPI: SD doc. - obsolete - but needed for XPRA ROIKXTPIREL
OIKTTDSOIL-TPI: Transportation planning point additional data
OIKTTDSTXOIL-TPI: Text IDs per TPP and interface type
OIKVDTPI: Vehicle/Driver assignment
S050ES050 - Structural Information
S051Shipment routes
S051ES051 - Structural Information
S052Means of transportation
S052ES052 - Structural Information
S053Shipment: shipping data
S053ES053 - Structural Information
S054Stages of shipment
S054ES054 - Structural Information
S055Shipment: materials
S055ES055 - Structural Information
TCGR5EHS: Condition Schema for RGV Selection - Table 5
TDGA9DG: Check Schema Determination Routines for Shipment Docs
TDGB7DG: Assign DG check schemata for transport documents
TDGD17EHS: Determ. Routine for Template Processing in Shipment
TDGD19EHS: Validity Template Processing for Shipment Documents
TMS_C_TRAExt. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. TRA
TNAD8Output Control: Printers by Shipping Point
TOI0_REL_SDIS-OIL: Relevance customizing for SD Documents
TOIGTXTDefault Texts For Shipment Header
TOIKDCPDelivery Confirmatio Process
TOIKTPIRELTPI: Transportation Planning Point for Relevancy Type
TOIKTRVSLID TAS relevance determination Shipment
TTDSOrganizational Unit: Transportation Scheduling Point
TTDSTOrganizational Unit: Transportation Scheduling Point: Texts
TTPLSTDetermination of Transportation Planning Point f. BAPI Call
TVFAPShipment Cost Information Profile Data
TVFCSFPricing Procedure Determination
TVFPAssignment of Purchasing Data for Shipment Costs
TVFPTZTariff Zone Assignment for Postal Code Area
TVFPTZHTariff Zone Assignment for Postal Code Area Header Data
TVT_CA_TRATransportation Basis Data for Forwarding Agent
VFKPShipment Costs: Item Data
VTCFPPFreight Planning Transfer Profile
VTDSTStatus of deliveries within transportation planning
VTDSTCCondition of Deliveries for Freight Planning by Fwdng Agent
VTLSTStatus of Gen. Location in Ext. Transportatn Planning System
VTPRGTransport. planng system cumulation proc. for delivery item
VTPRLTransportation Planning System Route Limitations
VTSFFUpdating Sequence: Statistics Shipment
VTTKShipment Header
/BEV1/RPDBLARTPermissible Delivery and Order Types for Dynamic Dispatch
/BEV1/RPFADriver Master (Route Planning)
/BEV1/RPFZVehicle Master (Route Planning)
/BEV1/RPLMTCapacity Limit Dynamic Dispatch
/BEV1/RPTORoute Master (Route Planning)
/BEV1/RSCOBARTDifference Document Types for Check-Out
/BEV1/RSZABSTARoute Settlement - Permiss. Settlem. Types per Shipment Type
/DSD/C_OC_PRCDEFDef. of Sales Doc. Type & Item Usage for Price Determination
/DSD/HH_DRVTXTDSD: Download HH - Driver Messages
/DSD/HH_TRADATDSD: Download HH - Volume of the Transferred Shipment Data
/DSD/LD_CR_STATDSD - LD: Load Delivery Shipment Status
/DSD/LD_DFTVALDSD - LD: Load Delivery Standard Value
/DSD/ME_CPT_USERData from Handheld User
/DSD/ME_CPT_VEHIMaintenance Table for Vehicles in DSD Cockpit
/DSD/RP_DRVTPLSTAssign Possible Transportation Planning Points to Driver
/DSD/RP_FLTTPLSTTransportation Planning Point of a Vehicle
/DSD/RP_LMTCapacity Limit: Dynamic Transportation Planning
/DSD/RP_TOHTour Master, Header Data
/DSD/SL_ASL_EXCLDSD: Control of Automatic Settlement
/DSD/SL_TBSOASSMDSD Route Settlement: Settlement Office Determ. for Shipm.
/DSD/ST_CSCEN_SHAssignment shipment <-> delivery scenario
/DSD/ST_CTYPE_SHShipment relevant for DSD
/DSD/ST_STATUSCurrent tour status
/DSD/SV_LC_CUSCustomizing Settings for Loading Confirmation Dialog
/DSD/SV_LC_HDDSD LC: Loading Confirmation Header
/DSD/VC_DELIVERDSD: Delivery Types for DSD
/DSD/VC_V7_PRNDSD: Message Types for Print Output for Shipment
/VSO/M_PLT_TPAssignment Plant to Transportation Planning Point (VSO)
Application Platform Tables
Customer Relationship Management Tables
Financial Accounting Tables
SAP Industries specific module Tables
Supplier Relationship Management Tables
Logistics - General Tables
Sales and Distribution Tables
Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) Tables
Basis Components Tables
Controlling Tables
Materials Management Tables
Service Tables
Financials Tables
Real Estate Management Tables
Accounting - General Tables
Knowledge Management Tables
Cross-Application Basis Components Tables
Product Lifecycle Management Tables
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SAP Business Information Warehouse Tables
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Supply Chain Management Tables
Personnel Management Tables
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Financial Services Tables
Logistics Execution Tables
Public Sector Management Tables
Payroll Tables
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Portfolio and Project Management Tables
Web Channel Tables
Enterprise Portal Tables
Customer Service Tables
Collaborative Cross Applications Tables
Enterprise Controlling Tables
Governance, Risk and Compliance Tables
Training and Event Management Tables
Quality Management Tables
SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Tables
Obsolete Product: Workplace Tables
Enterprise information management solutions Tables
Global Trade Services Tables
Occasional Platform User Tables
Discrete Industries Tables
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