TABNAME Field in SAP | Table Name Data Element using tables

TABNAME is a data element in SAP used for storing Table Name data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this TABNAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : TABNAME
  • Description : Table Name
  • Data Type :CHAR

Table Name tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using TABNAME Field

ACTESTREPCONTENTContains the Keys of the test content in the repository db
AD01SRCTABDIP: Source <-> Table
AESERVICESName Reservation for Address Enhancement Services
AFWCH_DRSF_SAMPSample Customizing for Derivation (Fields for Steps)
AGSRBE_2CS_SQLCheckStep SQL statement (obsolete)
AGSRBE_2CS_SQL_FCheckStep SQL statement. Table fields.
AGSRBE_2SQLDATResults: SQL CheckStep
AGSRBE_CS_SQLCheckStep SQL statement (obsolete)
AGSRBE_CS_SQL_FCheckStep SQL statement. Table fields.
AGSRBE_SQLFLDTable Field Information
AGSRBE_SQLFLD_TTable Field Description Information
AGSRBE_SQLTABLTable Information
AGSRBE_SQLTABL_TTable Description Information
AGS_DVM_FL_DEMODemo table for DVM saving potential dashboard in Flex UI
AGS_DVM_MDXRESLTResult Table for MDX based data extraction
AIC_PTYPE_TABLOGProcType: Log records of table changes
AKB_VERS_OBJObsolete: Mapping: Versioning Tables <-> Database Tables
AMSSUGlobal Performance Analysis: Trace Summary SQL Statements
AMTSUGlobal Performance Analysis: Trace Data SQL, Table View
ANONYMIZATIONDefines Anonymizing Table Fields
ANONYMIZATIONDStatus Table for Deanonymization
AQGSBWMAPBI Settings: Field Mapping of a Basis InfoSet
AQPROTQuery Logging
ARC_TRANS_COMPCompare Units of Measurement and Currencies
ASPART_ACTArchiveInfoSys: Actual Partitioning
ASPART_CONFArchivInfoSys: Partitioning Configuration
ASPART_DBArchive Information System: Fixed Table Exists on Remote DB
ASPART_FILESArchivInfoSys: Information per File
ATCKONTEXTTable Control Context Hash Codes
ATLPDLimit Mgmt: Program/Screen Combinat. with Fld Selection Ctrl
ATLSCRField Selection Control for Limit Types
AUTHXAuthorization Fields (Maintain with SU20)
AUTH_FLDINFO_TMPAuthorization fields: technical info from dictionary
AUTTABLOGCustomizing for Table Logging
AUTTABLOGTText Table for Customizing of Table Logging
AUTTRANSLOGCustomizing, Assignment of Transaction/Objects via AUT02
AUT_C_TABLOGAudit Trail (ILM): Customizing of Table Logging
AUT_C_TABLOGTAudit Trail (ILM): Text Table Customizing Table Log
AUT_C_TRANSLOGAudit Trail (ILM): Assignment Transaction/Objects (S_AUT02)
AUT_D_DBTABLOGAudit Trail (ILM): Storage of Archived Table Logs
AUT_D_ILM_CDPOSAudit Trail (ILM): Storage Change Document Items (ILM)
AUT_D_ILM_CD_STRAudit Trail (ILM): Storage for Change Docs (STRING Values)
AUT_D_ILM_CD_UIDAudit Trail (ILM): Storage of Addl Data (TABKEY > 70 Chars)
AXTD_MIGRATIONActive migration
AXT_CAT_DICT_KEYCatalogue object dictionnary entry key
AXT_LOG_OBJT_PRTAXT Logical Object Type
AXT_OBJECTS_ILExtensibility GenIL objects
AXT_REG_PLACETechnical places of Field Extensibility
AXT_REG_SPLACETechnical search places of Extensibility
AXT_RUN_BO_PARTTExt. runtime access: Table registration for BO and Parts
AXT_RUN_TABLE_UIUI extension parameters for table extension
AXT_RUN_TAB_DEFExtensibility tables runtime Metadata
AXT_TAB_NRRANGENumber Ranges for Extensibility Logical Object Type
BBPC_E_HIGHLIGHTC Table for Assignment of Errors to Structure & Fields
BBPC_SCR_TXTSUI Texts for Fields / Structures
BBPD_IV_ADB_FLDSAllowed Fields for Header and Item in ADOBE Form
BBP_ATTR_F4CONFSearch Help Configuration for Attributes in Organ. Plan
BBP_CUF_INCLNAMEAssignment of Customer Includes to Individual Documents
BBP_CUF_SAP_SOLAssignment of ICC Structures to the Customer Includes
BBP_CUF_SCR_GENAssignment of Generated Dynpros to CUF Tables
BBP_CUF_STRUCEntity Table for Include Names of Customer Fields
BBP_CUF_STRUCTText Table for Automatic Generation ICC CUF Includes
BBP_UPGR_CRMTABSCRM Tables That Must Be Checked During a BBP Upgrade
BDCPChange pointer
BDCP2Aggregated Change Pointers (BDCP, BDCPS)
BDLSCHECKAnalysis of Logical Systems in System
BDLSCOUNTALLItem for Conversion of Logical System Names
BDLSPOSItem for Conversion of Logical System Names
BORGR_PROF_SELGoods Receipt Automotive: Selection Conditions in Profile
BORGR_TREE_COLFDBordero: Profiles for Columns in Tree - Fields
BPCA_MAPPING_KMappings from Transport Objects to Runtime Objects for Keys
BPTRGP_OBJTABConversion: Status Table RFZAVP01
BPUMConversion: Tables/Fields to be Converted
BPUM_TABConversion: Database Tables
BTP_TPL_DELKEYBTP: Deleted table keys that have to be transported
BUFCHECKException table of tables that cannot be buffered
BUKF_DSRCKey Figures - Data source
BUKF_DSRC_FIELDKey Figures - Data source field
BUKUTXTTEMPLVARVariables for Budget Text Templates
BUT_TDMISSBP Non-Distributable Time-Dependent Data (from BUT_TDTRANS)
BUT_TDTRANSBP: Index Table for Distributing Time-Dependent Data
BUX_TDCHECKTable containingdetails to construct entries for BUT_TDTRANS
BWFI_AEDA2BW FI: Log Table for Changed Transaction Figures
BWFI_AEDA3BW FI: Log Table for Changed Credit Management Data
CAT_DP_FORDataTab format for data provider ! Iposition Ioffset !
CBESH_SEM_DEFMAPSemantic Fields (Default Mapping of Fields to GFC)
CCCFLOWClient Copy Control Flow
CCMSEARCH_CNTRLSearch Component (both Search&display and Employee Search)
CCONTAINERFind Container C C
CCPROCTABParallel Client Copy Processes
CCSELKEYParallel Client Copy Worklist: Table Keys
CCSELTABParallel Client Copy Worklist: Objects
CD0BAS7VITabelle wird in View und dann wieder in Struktur includier
CDATAChange Data
CDBC_C_DD02TR/3 DD: Condition Table Description
CDBC_C_DD03LTable Fields
CDBC_MPK_ATTD_IAttribute definition
CDC_ACTIV_CLIENTClient-specific activation of recording
CDC_LOGTAB_IDTable subject to recording
CDC_TABLETable subject to recording
CDC_TRIGGERTable subject to recording
CDPOSChange document items
CDPOS_STRAdditional Change Document - Table for STRINGs
CDPOS_UIDAdditional Table for Inclusion of TABKEY>70 Characters
CDSOLMIG_DDChange Document Objects to be Migrated
CEBN_SEM_DEFMAPSemantic Fields (Default Mapping of Fields to GFC)
CEFORMACO: Change History for Row/Column Structure
CEFORMCRPT: History of formatting changes to elements
CEFORMETable of descriptions of element structures
CEFORMFCO: Definition of contents of element in row/col.str.
CEFORMSTable for description of structures
CEFORMTTable for Report Painter Row and Column Texts
CEFORMVCO: Variables for row/column structure
CEFORMWCO: Row/Column Structure Variable Texts
CEPRINTTable for description of print statement for CO-PA forms
CESETSSet Administration in the Report Painter
CFX_BI_MAP_ATTRMapping of cFolders Attribute IDs to the OS Fields
CFX_GENER_OBJECTMapping Between Object Type and Class Name
CHK_DECIDEVerification table for decider in DD_DECIDE
CIFOBJINFOControl Table for APO-CIF Filter Objects, Client-Independent
CIFSELOPTDefinition of the Selection Options for Publishing Types
CKMLKALNRMaterial Ledger: Cost Estimate Number Control
CML_MIG_BUFFERTable DDIC buffering (migration)
CMPERSINDXPersonalization: Field Catalog
CMPERSTABSPersonalization: Tabs for Maintenance Dialog
CMPOBJCustomizing Comparison: Object Description
CMPWLCustomizing Comparison: Worklist Items
CMPWLHCustomizing Comparison: Worklist Header
CMPWLKCustomizing Comparison: Keys of Worklist Items
CMSC_LO_EXTNDefine extensions for resale order - Attributes
CMWC_MBA_MDTSTRUMetadata for structures to be downloaded to GWA
CNVA_20290_CUSTException table for analysis of additional customizing table
CNVA_CCD_ANA_CNTCount table for the scanned objects in CNVA_CCD_ANA packag
CNVA_CCD_ANA_PREPreshipped Table Field Combinations for CC Delete Analysis
CNVA_CCD_ANA_RESResult table for CC deletion downtime Analysis
CNVBACKUPTABTables to be saved in cluster cnv_backup_clu
CNVCHECKMAPPINGCheck functions for relevant mapping entries
CNVCHECKTMPDUPLCheck functions for temporary duplicates
CNVCMISBACKUP_EXBackup Functionality - Runtime Information
CNVCMIS_A_1_INDFR/3 S_SECINDEX: secondary indexes, fields (CMIS Table)
CNVCMIS_A_1_MCIFMCIF type Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_SHLDSearch Help Data (Parameters)
CNVCMIS_A_1_TABDSelection of Object Type TABLE (TABD) Master information
CNVCMIS_A_1_TABFSelection of Object Type TABLE (TABF) Master information
CNVCMIS_BACKUPBackup Functionality - Overview Table
CNVCMIS_U_BCSETCopied/backup entries from DMC_IU_BCSET
CNVCONDITIONSConversion: WHERE clauses
CNVCONDITIONS_DIConversion: WHERE conditions for drop/insert techn.
CNVCONTROLConversion: table-related technical control
CNVC_CCE_DOMA_2Mapping table for comparison (1)
CNVC_CCE_STDTABLCustomizing Comparison Standard Table List
CNVC_CCE_TABCONTChecksum for table contents
CNVC_CCE_TABLESData maintenance: tables
CNVC_CCE_TABSData maintenance: tables
CNVC_CCE_WUWhere-used cache (domain)
CNVC_OBJECT_TYPEZSC: master table object types
CNVC_SCNR_SCMD1Assignment NRIV-Object to data element
CNVDOWNLOADTABTables for download
CNVFIELDREFAssignment of fields to organizational units
CNVFIELDREFPARSAssignment of fields to organizational units
CNVFIELDSConversion: Table fields affected
CNVFIELDSCConversion: Table fields with conflicts in blending
CNVFIELDSCUConversion: User-defined table fields affected
CNVFIELDSTConversion: Table fields affected
CNVFIELDSTCConversion: affected table fields with conflicts
CNVFIPARSConversion: Parameters for conversion of table fields
CNVFIPARSCParameters with conflicts for conversion of table fields
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