SYTCODE Field in SAP | Transaction Code Data Element using tables

SYTCODE is a data element in SAP used for storing Transaction Code data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SYTCODE field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SYTCODE
  • Description : Transaction Code
  • Data Type :CHAR

Transaction Code tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SYTCODE Field

AAB_TRANS_LINKAAB: Assignment of Activation IDs to Components
ARFCLOGDescription of tRFC States (Create, Send, Delete)
ARFCRSTATEStatus of ARFC Calls on Receiver Side
ARFCSSTATEDescription of ARFC Call Status (Send)
BGRFC_SRV_STATEServer Status of bgRFC Units
BORGR_DIALOG_CFGUser-Specific Configuration: Multi-Level Goods Receipt
CACCELOnline BDC transaction accelerator definition
CCGLC_WBC_PAREHS: Basic Data for Function Workbench
CCMC_ABTCODESAction Box: Link applications to Action Box types
CCSEC_LOGLogging of Access to Payment Card Numbers
COTPLKONSTConstants for Parallel Processing of Template Allocation
DELWBCROSSFind Type Group Deletion
DFKKCCUPDATEItem Lists to Which Changes Were Made
DFKKFWTRIGTrigger Table for Inverse Postings
ERG001Statistics ergonomics version for Q teams
FINB_CONTENT_HISHistory of Content Catalog
FINB_LOCAL_HISContent Catalog
FMRESINI1Earmarked Funds: Initialization Information
FMRESINI1TEarmarked Funds: Transaction Texts
FTPT_REQUESTTravel Plan Requests
GLE_RUNADM_IDERP Run Administration
ITSTESTITS Test: Who has carried out which transaction
ITSTESTMOBITS Mobile Test Screens
ITSTESTRBXITS Test: Who has carried out which transaction
JKSDDEFAULTDATEIS-M: Default Dates in Quantity Planning
KEFV_ADDONDistribution Key Maintenance - Application-Specific Add-Ons
LCA_PRORECProfiling-Sessions ext
LCA_WARNINGSWarnings in the "liveCache Applications" Area
LYACTYard activities
MEMGMT_MNTR_FMME: Monitoring function modules
MSR_INSP_PREFMSR: Preferences for inspection
MSR_RRD_PREFMSR: Preferences for RRD
N1PRTCAFNIS-H*MED: PATREG: Aufnahme-Transakt.Codes für verbwt. Such
N2BATMPIS-H*MED: Temporary treatment order
NBDTEIS-H: BDT cases - status items
NFAMIS-H: Messages for Case Selection Billing
OIRAPROCEXEAssign process to transaction code (IS-OIL SSR)
OIRC_PRPROC_DFSSR Pricing - Process definition
OIRC_PRPROC_DFTSSR Pricing - Process definition - texts
OIRC_PRPROC_EXSSR Pricing - Excluded function codes
PAT09Patch History
PAT10OCS Semaphore
PAT10BOCS Semaphore Extension for Batch Operation
PATCHECK(Application-Specific) Checks in SPAM/SAINT
PATCONTBreakpoint Activities when Importing using SPAM/SAINT
PATHISTORYHistory of Imported SPAM/SAINT Queues
PATLOG3New Logging Table for TA SPAM/SAINT
PATSTOPBuffer of Breakpoints During Import with SPAM/SAINT
PKUSRUser Settings for Kanban Transactions
RSUDOLOGLogging for Execution As Other User
SABP_LISTTR_MList Trace Manager
SDBUSRSETUser Settings for Transactions LC10 and DB50
SDINVUPDVPRS Update: Worklist for VPRS Update
SGOSHISTGeneric Object Services: Object History
SMOETRVIEWAdministration console: Views of tree
SRT_LPLogical Ports
SWEQUEUEEvent Queue for Temporary Storage of Triggered Events
SWFREVTPOQProcess Observation : Event Queue
T020AAcc: Single-Screen Transactions: Existing Tabs Per Transacn
T3130BDynamic Menu Management - Text Table
TAPPLIC_CUSTAssignment of Customizing Transaction to Application Key
TCACS_APPLCUSTControl Table for Calling Views and Handling in IMG
TCGOBJEHS: Table of Possible Object Types
TCRH0Graphic profile for the hierarchy
THISTORYEDITWildcard Active: Save Relevant Changes in OPSK, OPSJ
TIVJUMP01REMD Direct Entry: Transaction Determination
TIVMISTEPStep of Migration
TJPHIERAMedia Master Record Hierarchy Level
TKEPPLCSMFCHCO-PA: Function Codes for Context-Sensitive Menu - Header
TKEPPLCSMFCTCO-PA: Function Codes for Context-Sensitive Menu - Text
TKETRPROTAccess Log for Summarization Levels
TMSMGRAPH8Control of MSM Graphic
TMSMGRAPH8CCustomer Control for MSM Graphic
TRANSGROUP1Assignment of Transactions to Transaction Groups
TRFCQSTATEDescription of qRFC Call Conditions (Inbound Queue)
TVKKSMenu Description for FS-CD Office
UPWB_WEBAPPSCurrent Web Applications
UPX_GENERALUPX: Settings Specific to Sales Planning
USER_VARUser-Dependent Start Variants
VBREVCRevenue Recognition: Worklist of Changed Sales Documents
VIAR03RE: REsearch - Offering/Searching Party (Web User)
VICALOGREFCNTInternal Performance Log
VIMIMEHEADRE: Header Data for MIME Object
VZFGDRelease data (Informative data for the release procedure)
VZLOGLog Analysis of x/y Tables
WDKAPPLWeb Dynpro Applications to Floorplans
/ISDFPS/CFDPDA02Detail Area - Customizing Detail Screens
/ISDFPS/CFDPDA03Detail Area - Customizing of Generic Relationships Screen
/ISDFPS/CFDPDA07Detail Area - Customizing Assignment Transaction <=> Layout
/ISDFPS/CFDPDA08Detail Area - Customizing Assignment Transaction <=> Layout
/ISDFPS/CFDPFA01Function Tree - Customizing Subcomponents
/ISDFPS/CFDPFA03Function Tree - Customizing Folder
/ISDFPS/CFDPFA04Function Tree - Customizing Evaluation Paths
/ISDFPS/CFDPSA01Structure Tree - Customizing Usage Types
/ISDFPS/CFDPSA02Context Menu - Customizing Structure Area
/ISDFPS/CFDPSA08Standard Reporting Interface - Structure Area Workbench
/MRSS/D_PPM_RUNTMRS delay measurements
/SAPF15/F15HF15 Belege (Kopfdaten Historie)
/SDF/EM_STEPException Management - Process Step Table
/SOMO/MA_UPDERR2Control Table DataSuppl.for Upd-Errors (new version)
/SOMO/MA_UPD_ERRSolution Monitoring: Control Table DataSuppl. for Upd-Errors
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