SYSDLVUNIT Field in SAP | Technical Description of Logical Components Data Element using tables

SYSDLVUNIT is a data element in SAP used for storing Technical Description of Logical Components data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SYSDLVUNIT field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SYSDLVUNIT
  • Description : Technical Description of Logical Components
  • Data Type :CHAR

Technical Description of Logical Components tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SYSDLVUNIT Field

AGSDSWPLCPAssign application components for legal chage components
AGSRBE_2CI_CSCheckItem CheckStep
AGSRBE_AD_LCLogical components for AD
AGSRBE_CI_CSCheckItem CheckStep
AGSRBE_CS_STATTable with RBE check step processing status
AGSRBE_SYSTEMSDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE analysis system data
AGS_BPCA_ISECTBPCA: Result Item Details
AGS_BPCA_ISECT_KBPCA: Result Intersection Table Keys
AGS_BPCA_ITEMS_PBPCA: Result Items of Projects
AGS_BPCA_ITEMS_SBPCA: Result Items of Solutions
AGS_BPCA_TE_TCBPCA: Result Test Effort of Test Cases
AGS_JOB_DESCRJob Scheduling Description
AGS_JOB_INSTANCEExecutable Entity of a Job (in System)
AGS_MGT_TESTOBJExternal Test Tool Testobject
AGS_PDP_REFReference for Productivity Pack object and Solman object
AGS_SMT_WITCWork Items - Test Cases
AGS_TBOM_AT_ITEMTest cases in a Mass Execution with TBOM Recording
AGS_TBOM_TSTCASETBOM: Test case assignments to the TBOM
AGS_TBWIWork Item Executable, Users, CRM Order
AGS_TD_PRJ_LCOMPAGS: Usage of logical components in a TD project
AGS_TD_PROJMAPDependencies Between cProject, IMG Project, and CTS Project
AGS_TD_TRACK_HAGS: Header table for Top Down transport tracks
AGS_UDA_COMPUDA: Logical Components
AGS_UDA_CONNECTDependency of Upgrade Components
AGS_UDA_DEPENDDependency Table for UDA project
AGS_UDA_LANDSCAPMain table of UDA: Landscapes
AGS_UDA_UPG_LSMain table of UDA: Landscapes
BMTNODE01Structure repository for process model objects: Node table
BMTNODE01RStructure repository for process model objects: References
CUSTNODENode Table for General Structure Storage
CUSTNODERGeneral Structure Storage References
DFBUFF01Cache for Assignment Object Data
DFBUFFGENCache for Assignment Object Attributes (Generic)
DFTNODE01Structure repository for process model objects: Node table
DFTNODE01RStructure repository for process model objects: References
DSWP_DCT_SES_PRData Consistency Toolbox: Session Products
DSWP_RBE_CS_STATDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE check step processing status
DSWP_RBE_SYSTEMSDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE analysis system data
DVS1NODENode Table for General Structure Storage
DVS1NODERGeneral Structure Storage References
ECBR_NODESHI3 ECBR/ECBO - Node Table for eCATT Browser Nodes
IATNODE01Node Table for Implementation Assistant
IATNODE01RGeneral Structure Storage References
IWB0NODENode Table for General Structure Storage
IWB0NODERGeneral Structure Storage References
IWB1NODENode Table for General Structure Storage
IWB1NODERGeneral Structure Storage References
IWB2NODENode Table for General Structure Storage
IWB2NODERGeneral Structure Storage References
IWB7NODENode Table for General Structure Storage
IWB7NODERGeneral Structure Storage References
KDS_NODENode Table for General Structure Storage
KDS_NODERGeneral Structure Storage References
KWN_NODENode Table for General Structure Storage
KWN_NODERGeneral Structure Storage References
KWPWNODENode Table for General Structure Storage
KWPWNODERGeneral Structure Storage References
QMM_NODEQMM: Node Table for General Structure Storage
QMM_NODERQMM: General Structure Storage References
REFOBJATTRSolution Manager: Reference Object Attributes
RLB_DB_TRReuse Library: Structure Repository: Nodes
RLB_DB_TRRReuse Library: Structure Repository: References
SATSKEYVCPTemplate Version: Log. Components and Productversions
SATSKEYVCSTemplate Version: Log. Components of a Scenario
SCDTLOGCMPLogical Components
SCDTLOGCMP_EXTAdditional Fields for the Table scdtlogcmp
SCDTLOGCMTLogical Components
SCDTPRJINSProject Instances
SDOKNODESDOK: Node table for general structure repository
SDOKNODERGeneral Structure Storage References
SMAPTNODESolution Map: Node table
SMAPTNODERSolution Map: Node references
SMSFWBFPROJSOLSolman SFW Integration: Business Function Scope
SMSFWBFSPROJSOLSolman SFW Integration: Selected Business Function Set
SMSY_LOGCMP_NSNamespaces Used by Logical Components
SMSY_LOGCMP_RELRelated Logical Components
SMSY_LOGCMP_VERProduct Version/Logical Component Assignment
SMSY_NOTE_REFRSHUpdate Date of SAP Note Data
SMSY_NOTE_ST_LOGHistory: Status of an SAP Note
TARCH01Node Table for General Structure Storage
TARCH01RGeneral Structure Storage References
TCONFMULTOCCNODEKonfigurationsstruktur: Knoten und Pfade der Vorkommen
TCONFNODEKnotentabelle für die SolMan Einführungsstruktur
TCONFNODERReferenzen für die Einführungsstruktur des Solution Manager
TCONFREFSTOREReferenzen zu Knoten, die aus der Struktur entfernt wurden
TDOKUIMGNode Table for General Structure Storage
TDOKUIMGRGeneral Structure Storage References
TEST_LOGCMP_MIGRTest Log.Comp. Migration
TFORM01Node Table for SAPscript Form Tree
TFORM01RSAPscript Form Tree: References
TKENODE01CO-PA: Node Table for General Structure Repository
TKENODE01RGeneral Structure Storage References
TMENU01Node Table for General Structure Storage
TMENU01RGeneral Structure Storage References
TMENUBK01Node Table for General Structure Storage
TMENUBK01RGeneral Structure Storage References
TNODE01Node Table for General Structure Storage
TNODE01RGeneral Structure Storage References
TNODE02Test Organizer, Node Table
TNODE02RTest Organizer, References
TNODEIMGNode table for the new IMG
TNODEIMGRReferences for the new IMG
TNODEPRNode Table for General Structure Storage
TNODEPRRGeneral Structure Storage References
TNODERELNNode Table for General Structure Storage
TNODERELNRGeneral Structure Storage References
TNODEREVStructure Item Table for Review Structures
TNODEREVRReferences for Review Structures
TPROJDAUGHTERProjects Dependent on a Solution Manager Project
TTREV_NODEHierarchy Tool: Structure Versioning Node Table
TXML_NODEXML: table of nodes
TXML_NODERXML: General Structure Storage References
/TMWFLOW/PROJMAPDependencies Between cProject, IMG Project, and CTS Project
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