SYMANDT Field in SAP | Client ID Data Element using tables

SYMANDT is a data element in SAP used for storing Client ID data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SYMANDT field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SYMANDT
  • Description : Client ID
  • Data Type :CLNT

Client ID tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SYMANDT Field

AAA_KEYSSAP Authorization Assistant - Definition
AAA_ROLESSAP Authorization Assistant - Roles Managed by Tool
AAA_ROLES2SAP Authorization Assistant - Roles no longer Managed
AAA_USERSSAP Authorization Assistant - Definition
AAA_VALUESSAP Authorization Assistant - Values
AAF_ROLESSAP Authorization Assistant - User-Specific Favorites
AAT_ROLESSAP Authorization Assistant - Definition
AAT_USERSSAP Authorization Assistant - Definition
AAT_VALUESSAP Authorization Assistant - Values
ABAP_ONLINE_COMABAP Online Community: Data exchange
ABAP_ONLINE_ROOMABAP Online Community: Room members
ABDBG_ACTIVATIONDO NOT CHANGE: ABAP Debugger Table of Waiting Debuggees
ABDBG_EXTDBPSABAP Debugger: External Breakpoints (kernel dependent)
ABDBG_INFOABAP Debugger: Information on Breakpoints
ABDBG_LISTENERWaiting Listener Processes for Breakpoint Notification
ACCHANGE_LOGChange log data base table
ACE_DB_EVENTDatabase table for the events
ACE_DB_EVENT_EXPDatabase table for the expiered metrics
ACE_DB_EVENT_GENDatabase table for the events
ACE_DB_RUNTIMEAlert calculation run time
ACE_TASK_STOREStore for ACE tasks
ACL_ACEACL: Entry for Authorized Users
ACL_CACHEACL: Cache Table for ACL Access
ACL_MAINACL: ACL Information
ACL_OWNERACL: Owner of ACL (with Change Authorization)
ADDRC_DELI_SERVAddress Service Types
ADDRC_DELI_SERVTText Table for Address Delivery Service Types
ADMI_BUFFCBuffer table
ADMI_BUFFIBuffer table
ADSPC_CUSTRNMGRTransactions for Customizing for SPEC 2000
AGR_1016Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1016BName of the activity group profile
AGR_1250Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1251Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1252Organizational elements for authorizations
AGR_1253Authorization Data for Activity Group - Static Objects
AGR_AGRSRoles in Composite Roles
AGR_AGRS2Role definition
AGR_ATTSRole attributes
AGR_BUFFIInternet Links for a Role
AGR_BUFFI2Internet links table - Customer version of SAP roles
AGR_BUFFI3Internet links table - SAP versions of SAP roles
AGR_CUSTOMRole Customizing objects
AGR_DATEUPersonal settings for roles
AGR_DEFINERole definition
AGR_FAVOSPersonal settings for PFCG
AGR_FLAGSRole attributes
AGR_FLAGSBRole attributes
AGR_HIERTable for Structure Information for Menu
AGR_HIER2Menu structure information - Customer version of SAP roles
AGR_HIER3Menu structure information - SAP version of SAP roles
AGR_HIERTRole menu texts
AGR_HIERT2Role menu texts - Customer version of SAP objects
AGR_HIERT3Role menu texts - SAP Original
AGR_HIER_BORTable for Object-Oriented Navigation (OBN)
AGR_HPAGERole Home Page
AGR_HPAGETDescription of the Home Page for a Role
AGR_INFOFilter Values from Generation Run
AGR_LOGSYSLogical system
AGR_LSDRole attributes
AGR_MAPPMiniApps in Role
AGR_MINIMiniApps in Role
AGR_MINI2MiniApps in Role
AGR_MINITRole mini-appl texts
AGR_MINIT2Role mini-application texts
AGR_NUMBERInternal Counter for Assigning Profile Names
AGR_NUM_2Internal Counter for Assigning Profile Names
AGR_OBJAssignment of Menu Nodes to Role
AGR_SELECTAssignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCDTXTAssignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCODE3Assignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCODESAssignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TEXTSFile Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer
AGR_TIMETime Stamp for Role (Menu, Profile, Authorizations)
AGR_TIMEBTime Stamp for Role (Profile Generation)
AGR_TIMECTime Stamp for Role (User Assignment)
AGR_TIMEDTime Stamp for Role (Profile Comparison, RFC Distribution)
AGR_USERSAssignment of roles to users
AGR_USERTAssignment of roles to users
AGSDBG_CPSCBACK1To Validate SAP CPS Callback Functionality
AGSDBG_CPSCBACK2To Validate SAP CPS Callback Functionality
AGSWK_EGMT_BCASE(Service Delivery) Benefit Cases of Engagement Methodology
AGSWK_EGMT_CYCLE(Service Delivery) Cycles of Engagement Methodology
AGSWK_EGMT_SERVI(Service Delivery) Links between Cycle <-> Service Sessions
AGS_BPCA_TSCOPEBPCA: Table for Test Scope Attributes
AGS_BPCA_TSC_IDXINDX type table for BPCA Test Scope Determination
AGS_TBOM_AT_BTBusiness Transaction Details for a testcase
AISDK_CF_OSS_KONGroup Message Migration: Message --> Procedure Value Status
ALALERTDBAlert: alert database (general alert structure, raw message)
ALALERTXCCMS Monitoring: Cache for Alerts Already Read
ALCONSEGAlert: Context/segment assignment
ALCSMCONF_LOCUser/Client Info for Local CSMCONF for J2EE Add-Ins
ALDBSCTXCCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring Contexts
ALMBCADMCCMS Monitoring Cache: Administration of "MTEs of one Class"
ALMONISETSAlerts: Monitor sets of the CCMS monitoring infrastructure
ALMSETSAlerts: Monitor Sets and Corresponding Attributes
ALMSETSV2Alerts: Copy of Monitor Sets From Database Version 2
AMC_APPLData Table for Workbench Object.
AMC_COMMUNITYConfiguration of ABAP Online Community Messaging Channels
AMC_LOG_ADMINAMC logging administration table (activation, deactivation)
AMC_LOG_STORAGEAMC logging storage
AMSKSQL trace header info in application monitor
AMSPSQL trace position info in application monitor
APC_APPLABAP Push Channel application definition
APC_CROSS_ORIGINABAP Push Channel (APC) WebSocket Cross Origin table
ARCHLNK_AL_INDEXAssignment of BOR Key to ArchiveLink Attachment Doc_ID
ARCHLNK_DL_INDILM: Attributes for Finding ArchiveLink Print Lists in RW
AUITEMSAutoUpdate Content
AUITEMS_DSCRDescrition of AUtoUpdate Items
BBPC_XSS_REPLACECentral Filtering of SRM Data
BBPLANDF4F4 for Country Assignment
BBPORGF4F4 for User Assignment - Organizational Units for BBP
BBPORGUSRAssignment Users / Organizational Units for BBP
BBP_ACADEMIC_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Academic Titles
BBP_ACCASSC_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Account Assignment Categories
BBP_ACSTRING_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Account Assignment Strings
BBP_ALLROLES_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Roles (attribute-dependent)
BBP_ASSETCL_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Asset Classes
BBP_ASSETNO_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Assets
BBP_ASSETSUB_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Asset Subnumbers
BBP_BOBUSER_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Requester / Buying on Behalf of
BBP_CATALOG_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Catalogs
BBP_CATEGORY_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Product Categories
BBP_COLConfiguring Customizing Values
BBP_COMMITEM_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Commitment Items
BBP_COMPCODE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Company Codes
BBP_CONTROLEBP Control Table for Alert Monitor
BBP_COSTCENT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Cost Centers
BBP_COUNTDefine Default Country for EBP Users
BBP_COUNTRY_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Countries
BBP_CURRENCY_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Currencies
BBP_CUSTConfiguration of Values for EBP
BBP_CUSTOMCustomize functionality of B2B User Create and User Maint
BBP_DOCTYPE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Document Types
BBP_FUNCAREA_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Functional Areas
BBP_FUNDCENT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Funds Centers
BBP_FUND_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Funds
BBP_GRANT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Grants/Subsidies
BBP_GRCPLANT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Plants
BBP_GRCUSER_FAVUser Spec. Favorites for Goods Recipient (Person)
BBP_INDUSTRY_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Industry Sectors
BBP_KNT_ATTR_FAVUser Specific Favorites for Acct Assgmt Categ. (Attribute)
BBP_LANGUAGE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Languages
BBP_LEGAL_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Legal Forms
BBP_LOCATION_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Locations
BBP_LOGSYS_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Logical Systems
BBP_MEN_STATMenu User Temporary Data
BBP_NAMEFORM_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Name Formats
BBP_NETWORK_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Networks
BBP_OPI_CAT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Vendor List
BBP_ORDERNO_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Allowed Orders
BBP_O_TO_VG_OBJConversion Org. Model Ext. Partners (Objects)
BBP_O_TO_VG_RELConversion Org.Model Ext. Partners (Relationships)
BBP_PAYMENT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Terms of Payment
BBP_PAYMTERM_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Terms of Payment
BBP_PAYTERMTerms of Payment, Backend-Dependent
BBP_PAYTERM_TEXTTexts for Terms of Payment, Backend-Dependent
BBP_PCARD_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Procurement Card Companies
BBP_PD_TEMPL_XMLTable for XML Issue Templates
BBP_PD_XMLTable for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
BBP_PGRPCOMP_FAVUser/Company-Spec. Favorites for Purchasing Groups
BBP_PLANT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Plants
BBP_PORGCOMP_FAVUser/Company-Spec. Favorites for Purchasing Organizations
BBP_PRODUCT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Products
BBP_PURCHGRP_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Purchasing Groups
BBP_PURCHORG_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Purchasing Organizations
BBP_QMSYSTEM_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Quality Management Systems
BBP_REGION_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Regions
BBP_RFC_LOGS_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for RFC Destinations
BBP_ROLE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Roles
BBP_SDDOCPOS_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Customer Order Items
BBP_SDDOC_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Customer Orders
BBP_STORAGE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Storage Locations
BBP_TAXCODE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Tax Types per Country
BBP_TAXGROUP_FAVUser-Specific Favorites: Tax Groups for Tax Type
BBP_TAXNUMT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Tax Number Types
BBP_TAXTYPE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Tax Types per Country
BBP_TENDTYPE_FAVUser-Spec. Favorites for Trans. Types (Bid Invitation)
BBP_TIMEZONE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Time Zones
BBP_TRCUConfiguration of Values for EBP
BBP_UNIT_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Units of Measure
BBP_VENDOR_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Vendors
BBP_WBSELEM_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted WBS Elements
BCSD_BREAKLOOPBCS: Breakloops in SAPconnect
BCSD_RQSTBCS: Status Requests for Specific Address Area
BCSD_STATBCS: Statistical Data
BCSD_STATUSERBCS: User statistics data
BCSD_STMLBCS: Status Confirmation by E-Mail for Specific Address Area
BCST_SFSmart Forms Database Table CL_SMART_FORM_BCS
BGRFC_CUST_I_DSTInbound Scheduler/Application Server Customizing
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