SYHOST Field in SAP | Application Server Data Element using tables

SYHOST is a data element in SAP used for storing Application Server data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SYHOST field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SYHOST
  • Description : Application Server
  • Data Type :CHAR

Application Server tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SYHOST Field

ABDBG_ACTIVATIONDO NOT CHANGE: ABAP Debugger Table of Waiting Debuggees
ALAVLWORKCCMS: Dummy Table for Config. Table Controls
ALCONSEGAlert: Context/segment assignment
ALDBSMSEGCCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring Segments
BANK_PP_PROCProcesses (in End of Day Processing)
BGRFC_IUNIT_HISTHistory of Inbound bgRFC Unit
BGRFC_OUNIT_HISTHistory of Outbound bgRFC Unit
BGRFC_REG_DESTUnit History Interface in bgRFC
BGRFC_REG_I_DESTUnit History Interface: Inbound bgRFC
BGRFC_REG_O_DESTUnit History Interface: Outbound bgRFC
BKKMPROCESSESProcesses (in End of Day Processing)
BUT0ID_BIP_NOHITBusiness Information Provider: Logging of non identified BP
CATKCATT: Log Process Data
CCCFLOWClient Copy Control Flow
CCMSESSIONCall management sessions
CCPROCTABParallel Client Copy Processes
COVRES0_SYNCSynchronization Records for Merging of COVRES0 to COVRES
COVRES0_SYNCHSynchronization Records for Merging of COVRES0 to COVRES
CRMCHKENVEExtended Environment Information
CRMCHKENVLExtended Environment Information on Test Machine (Not RefBD)
CSMSEGMCCMS Central System Management: Remote Managed Segments
CSMSEGMXCCMS: Cache for Administration of Monitored Segments
CSMSYSASCentral CCMS: List of SAP System Instances
DB4INDEX_HISTHistory of Index Sizes in the Database
DB4INDEX_STATIndex Sizes in the Database
DB4TABLE_HISTHistory of Table Sizes in the Database
DB4TABLE_STATTable Sizes in the Database
DYNABAPHDRHeader Table for Dynamic ABAP Coding
EXP_VERSExport Information for Delivery Systems
FAGL_BW_LOG_HEADFI-GL: Log for BW Extraction: Control Data
FDT_JOB_0000FDT: Job Header Table
ICFATTRIBDescription of ICF Attributes (Trace/Debugging)
INSTVERSDocumentation for installation Status and History
IUUC_SCHEMA_CONDatabase connection per schema
LXE_PERF_LOGLXE Performance Tracing Table
LXE_PERF_LOG_AGGAggregated Performance Log Data
MCEXLOGFile for saving logs
QRFC_I_UNITInbound qRFC: Unit Header
QRFC_N_UNITObsolete Table (No-send scenario not implemented) Do not use
QRFC_O_UNITOutbound qRFC: Unit Header
RFCADPTATTRRFC Adapter Runtime Flags
RSREQDPTIDNote TID for Request and Data Package
RSR_CACHEOLAP: Table Lock Arguments
RSR_CACHE_DB_BLBW: Blob Table Cache
RSR_CACHE_DB_IXBW: Cluster Table Cache
RSR_CACHE_LOGOLAP Cache Table for Saving Log Entries
RSR_CACHE_MSGTable for Saving Messages
RSR_CACHE_STATSOStatistics for Cache Entries for Shared Objects
RSR_CACHE_ST_SHOStatistics for Cache Entries for Shared Objects
RSVEPRUNSPerformance-Messungen: Meßlauf-Informationen
SATCCHKENVEExtended Environment Information
SATCEXPVERSRefDB: Export Information for Delivery System
SATC_ENVEExtended Environment Information
SATC_ENVLExtended Environment Information (local)
SATR_DIRECTORYDirectory of SAT Trace Containers
SERVTYPEApplication Servers Selected for Parallel Generation
SERVTYPEMApplication Servers Selected for Parallel Generation
SFSRFW_BATCH_RTReplication Framework - Background Processing Processes
SFSRFW_BTC_RTReplication Framework - Batch Job Runtime
SFSRFW_IDX_TASKSReplication Framework - Replication Tasks
SITSTRACEMETAGeneral Memory Trace Information
SMWMSHAMEMShared Memory INDX structure
SMWMSTEPSContains bdoc statistic records
SRAL_EXP_LOGRAL expanded log - header table
SRAL_LOGRead Access Logging: Log
SRAL_LOG_PERFRead Access Logging: Log (modified version for performance)
SRT_MONILOG_DATASOAP Runtime Table for Monitoring and Log Data Records
SRT_MONLOG_DATA2SOAP Runtime Table for Monitoring and Log Data Records
SRT_SR_SYSTEMServices Registry : Provider system publication
SRT_TRC_ASSIGNKeep relation info between user sessions and local trace fil
SSF_PSE_HSSF: Personel Security Environment
SSF_PSE_LConfiguration Table for PSE File Mode
SWF_UNIT_MONWorkflow: Unit Monitoring
SXMSBLKRAWXMB: Raw Data for Package Statistics
SXMSBULKXML Message Broker: Bulk Statistics
SXMSEPCLOGXI: Log Table for Runtime Cache for Exchange Profile
SXMSPFRAWDIntegration Engine: Data Table for Raw Data for Performance
SXMSPMASTIntegration Engine: Message Queue (Master)
SXMSPMAST2XML Message Broker: Message Queue (Master) (Switch Table)
SXMSTRANS_MSGBody Table for Message Transfer
SXMS_AS_STATUSStatus Table of Synchronous/Asynchronous Bridge
SXMS_QMXML Message Broker: Queue Monitor
SXMS_VIOL_LOGException Handling in EOIO Processing
T52SPSHRPAY-Status Management: Process Status
TAUNIT_SRV_SETUPINTERNAL: Customizing of machine
TCUSHISTData transfer history
TPALOGDB Buffer for ALOG File
TPDAPI_TESTTest von Listener / Attach
TPLOGLogging of tp Calls
TREX_IS_CACHETREX: Index server location cache information.
TREX_TRACE_HHeader entries for the TREX trace
TRFC_I_UNITInbound tRFC: Unit Header
TRFC_O_UNITOutbound tRFC: Unit Header
TUNE1Tune: Maximum Puffer Sizes/Directory Entries Reached
TXW_DIRData file log (replaced by txw_dir2, use of guids)
TXW_DIR2Data file log
TXW_VWLOGView query log (replaced by txw_vwlog2: uuids)
TXW_VWLOG2View query log
UMGXMLFILESSUMG: R3load log names
WBBGRFCTMPLog for Where Used Index Update in Backgound Tasks
WSRM_DOMAIN_SEQNWSRM: Assignment of Domain Name, Sequence Name, and SID
WSRM_EHWSRM: Event Handler
/MRSS/D_PPM_MEMMRS Memory Measurement
/MRSS/D_PPM_RUNTMRS delay measurements
/SDF/EM_STEPException Management - Process Step Table
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