SYBIN2 Field in SAP | BIN2 data element for SYST Data Element using tables

SYBIN2 is a data element in SAP used for storing BIN2 data element for SYST data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SYBIN2 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SYBIN2
  • Description : BIN2 data element for SYST
  • Data Type :INT2

BIN2 data element for SYST tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SYBIN2 Field

ABTREEFormer INDX-Type Table of Deleted ABAP Examples
AGDBABAP/4 Generation Tool: Pattern database
AKB_FREEZE_SRCFrozen Basis Objects for Backwards-Compatible Basis (AKB)
AQDBSAP Query: Tables and Data
AQGDBSAP Query: Tables and Data (Global)
AQLDBSAP Query: Tables and Data (Local)
AQRDBSAP Query: Runtime Objects for Query Reports
AQSGDBSAP Query: Tables and dates (global, trash)
AQSLDBSAP Query: Tables and dates (local, trash)
AQTDBSAP Query: Transport stocks (local)
AUT_I_STXLAudit Trail (ILM): SAPscript Text File Lines (Dummy Table)
AUT_STXLSAPscript Text File Lines: Dummy Table for Audit Trails
BAL_AMODALApplication Log: INDX table for amodal communication
BAL_INDXApplication Log: INDX tables
BANK_PACK_PARAMSApplication-Specific Parameters for Package Templates
BANK_PP_PARAMSApplication-Specific Global Parameters
BANK_PP_PAR_PCRParameters for Package Generation
BANK_PP_RUNPARMGlobal Parameters for Mass Run
BBPTREECluster database for BBP PID tree
BCST_IBCTBCS: Shared Buffer for Inbound Distribution
BDLDATCOLData container for download data
BDLFUPDEFInterface data of functions
BDLTMPDATTemporary data container for service data transmission
BDL_CLUSTLdata which is to transfer from Sapnet to Customer
BKKINDXBCA: Cluster Table
CDTESTDATACluster Table for Correspondence Data
CMSCL_APPL_REPOCluster table for the application repository
CMSD_CI_ANALYSISChannel inventory analysis table
CMS_LO_TRACECluster table for storing trace information
CNV_20000_MCDXFiscal Year conversion -- data
COMC_OLTP_DATACluster database for CRM-OLTP download (import/export data)
CONTCOMPXControl Composites: XML Strings
CUCUDependency Source Code Base: Source text: Customer-Specific
CUEXDependency Storage - Compilation
CUKNDependency Storage - Variants/Configuration
CURSCODPMS Master Data: Storage of Code to be Evaluated
CWBCIDATACompressed data on correction instructions
CWBCIDATAOBJCompressed data on correction instructions
CWBNTDATACompressed data for OSS Notes
CWBRFCCACHCache for Request Data from Remote Systems
CWB_HIST_DCorrection Workbench: History Data
DB4_CLUSTERiSeries: Temporary Statistics Data
DB6MONDB6: Datacluster for monitor reset data
DB6_RESET_DATADB6: Datacluster for monitor reset data
DBA_XCHG_DATADBA Cockpit: Exchange Data for Action Controllers
DBDATAData Browser Procedure Data
DFKKCODCLUSTCorrespondence - Correspondence Cluster Data
DFKKCORRRFDTCluster Table for Correspondence Data
DFKKDTAccounting Data (INDX Structure)
DMDATTRIBBINDMD: Attributes as Binary Dataa
DMDATTRIBBIN_LDMD: Attributes as Binary Data (Lang.-dependent)
DMDATTRIBBIN_L_MDMD: Attribute as Binary (Language-Dependent) Shadow
DMDATTRIBBIN_TMPDMD: Attribute as Binary Shadow
DMDCREAMEMBUFPuffer zum anlegen
DMDSOLATTRIBBINDMD: Attributes as Binary Dataa
DSVASBDLFUPDEFSave Original Interface Parameters
DSVASRECORDCDSVAS: Session Recorder Cluster
DSVASRECORDSDSVAS: Table for macro recorder steps
DSVASREPODOCSDSVAS: Documents for report generation
DSVASREPODOCSODSVAS: Documents for report generation - Archive
DSVASRESULTSGENDSVAS: Results data (general)
DSVASVERSIONCOPYInterface data of functions
DSWPREPDOCUMENTSDSWP: Reporting Document storage
DSWPRESULTSGENMODSVAS: Results data (general)
DSWPRULESINFODSWP: Information Text for Rule Set
DVIINFOCLUSTInformation Cluster Data
DWTREEABAP Workbench Tree Objects
EARLYMonitor table MONI
EDX_PARKEDX: Inbound Messages (Messages Ready for Processing)
EMMA_JOBRUNIDMSGMonitoring Mass Run: Buffer for Messages (INDX)
ESMON_MARUNIDMSGMonitoring Mass Run: Buffer for Messages (INDX)
EUDBDevelopment Environment Objects
EUDIALTest data for dialog module management
EUF4VALUESRepository Infosystem: Last F4 Help value selected
EUFUNCDevelopment Environment Objects
EUINFOABAP/4 Repository Information System: Tree Display
EUINFOLIRepository Infosystem: Save background lists
FAGL_DATAC_CLUSTContent of Data Container
FCML_SEARCHSaved search criteria
FIN_AR_QRY_CACHEFIN-AR: Cache for CPU-Intensive Database Queries
FPCONTEXTRForm Objects: Context - Runtime Objects
FPLOGLOG Structure Form Processing for SHARED MEMORY
FPP_CLUSTContent of Data Container
GLOSSARYGlossary Table
MC02M_0ACCSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC02M_0ACC
MC02M_0CGRSETUPBW-Rebuild for MC02M_0CGR Storage
MC02M_0HDRSETUPStorage BW Setup for MC02M_OHDR
MC02M_0ITMSETUPStorage BW Setup for MC02M_OITM
MC02M_0SCLSETUPStorage BW Setup for MC02M_OSCL
MC02M_0SCNSETUPBW-Rebuild for MC02M_0SCN Storage
MC02M_0SGRSETUPBW-Rebuild for MC02M_0SGR Storage
MC02M_0SRVSETUPStorage BW Setup for MC02M_OSRV
MC03BF0SETUPSave BW Reorganization for MC03BF0
MC03BX0SETUPBW Stock Initialization Storage for MC03BF0
MC03UM0SETUPSave BW Reorganization for MC03UM0
MC04PE0ARBSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0ARB
MC04PE0COMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0COM
MC04PE0MATSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0MAT
MC04PK0KANSETUPKanban Setup table for MC04PK0MAT
MC04P_0ARBSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04P_0ARB
MC04P_0COMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04P_0COM
MC04P_0MATSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04P_0MAT
MC05Q00ACTSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC05Q00TSK (Notif. Activity)
MC05Q00CSESETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC05Q00CSE(Notification Cause)
MC05Q00ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC05Q00ITM (Notification Item)
MC05Q00NTFSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC05Q00NTF (Notification)
MC05Q00TSKSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC05Q00TSK (Notification Task)
MC05Q1_INSPSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC05Q1_0INSP (Check Results)
MC05Q2_INSPSETUPBW Reorganization for MC05Q2_0INSP (Inspection Results)
MC05QV0UDNSETUPStore BW Reconstruction for MC05QV0UDN (Usage Decision)
MC06M_0ITMSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC06M_0ITM
MC08TR0FKPSETUPStorage BW Reorganization for MC08TR0FKP
MC08TR0FKZSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC08TR0FKZ
MC08TR0TKSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC08TR0TK
MC08TR0TLPSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC08TR0TLP
MC08TR0TSSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC08TR0TS
MC09DR0DRMSETUPStorage data BW reconstruction for MC09DR0DRM
MC09MS0DRMSETUPStorage data BW reconstruction for MC09MS0DRM
MC11VA0HDRSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0HDR
MC11VA0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0ITM
MC11VA0KONSETUPStorage BW Reconstruction for MC11VA0KON
MC11VA0SCLSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0SCL
MC11VA0STHSETUPBW New Structure Store for MC11VA0STH
MC11VA0STISETUPBW New Structure Store for MC11VA0ST
MC11V_0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11V_0ITM
MC11V_0SCLSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11V_0SCL
MC11V_0SSLSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC11V_0SCL
MC12VC0HDRSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC12VC0HDR
MC12VC0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC12VC0ITM
MC12VC0SCLSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC12VC0SCL
MC12_PUFFERInterim Buffering for MC12 Deltas?
MC13VD0HDRSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC13VD0HDR
MC13VD0ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC13VD0ITM
MC13VD0KONSETUPStorage BW Reconstruction for MC13VD0KON
MC17I00ACTSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC17I00ACT (Notif. Activity)
MC17I00CSESETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC17I00CSE(Notification Cause)
MC17I00ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC17I00ITM (Notification Item)
MC17I00NTFSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC17I00NTF (Notification)
MC17I00TSKSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC17I00TSK (Notification Task)
MC17I30HDRSETUPStore BW reconstruction for MC17I30HDR (Order)
MC17I30OPRSETUPStore BW Reconstruction for MC17I30OPR (Process)
MC18I00ACTSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC18I00TSK (Notif. Activity)
MC18I00CSESETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC18I00CSE(Notification Cause)
MC18I00ITMSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC18I00ITM (Notification Item)
MC18I00NTFSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC18I00NTF (Notification)
MC18I00TSKSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC18I00TSK (Notification Task)
MC18I30HDRSETUPStore BW Reconstruction for MC18I30HDR (Order)
MC18I30OPRSETUPStore BW Reconstruction for MC18I30OPR (Process)
MC40RP0REVSETUPBW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0ARB
MC43RK0CASSETUPBW Reorganization Store DUMMY for POS Cashier
MC44RB0RECSETUPBW Reorganization Store DUMMY for POS Sales Receipt Data
MC45PD0LSTSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45PD0LST (Posting List)
MC45VD0LSTSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45VD0LST (Settlement Vendor)
MC45VS0LSTSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45VD0LST (Settlement Vendor)
MC45W_0CWBSETUPStorage: BW Rebuild for MC45W_0CWB
MC45W_0HDRSETUPFolder: BW setup for MC45W_0HDR
MC45W_0ITMSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45W_0ITM
MC45W_0LSTSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC45W_0LST
MC46GT0ASOSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46Gtaso
MC46GT0CFMSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46GTCFM
MC46GT0GTMSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46Gtaso
MC46GT0HDRSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46GT0HDR
MC46GT0HEDSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46Gt0HED
MC46GT0ITMSETUPStorage: BW Setup for MC46GT0ITM
MC46GT0SCLSETUPStorage: BW Setup or MC46GT0SCL
MC47M_0BVSETUPFolder: BW Setup for MC47M_0BV
MCDXCompressed Consolidation transaction data
MCDX2Compressed Consolidation transaction data
MCEXLOGFile for saving logs
MCEX_DELTA_BACKBackup Table for Logistics Extraction Queues (MCEX*)
MCEX_DELTA_UPDDelta Update Logistics Extraction
MCHTDR0DRMSETUPStorage data BW reconstruction for MC09DR0DRM
MCSIFile for Storage of Selection Versions (INDX)
MCSLOGFile for saving logs
MEREP_510Table to store the out bound XML file
MEREP_810Common Table for Migration
MEREP_811Common Table for Migration -Log
MONIMonitor table MONI
OAPRESAP ArchiveLink: Presettings for early, late entry
OJDEFObjects in the SAP System: definitions source
OJDEFLObjects in the SAP System: definitions load
OXT_PICTURERepository for OXT Pictures
POWL_FIELDCATField catalog storage
POWL_RESULTQuery result cache
POWL_SELCRITCirteria Storage
PSTXBSAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format
RFDTAccounting Data (INDX Structure)
RFRRAccounting data - A/R and A/P information system
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