SWO_TYPEID Field in SAP | Object key Data Element using tables

SWO_TYPEID is a data element in SAP used for storing Object key data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SWO_TYPEID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SWO_TYPEID
  • Description : Object key
  • Data Type :CHAR

Object key tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SWO_TYPEID Field

AMYOTREEMyObjects Together with Hierarchy
BAD_DOC_FLOWBAD - Structure object reference
BBP_DOCUMENT_TABDocument number table
BCONTOObjects for Business Partner Contact (obsolete as of 4.51)
BCST_BORBCS: Folder for Semantic and Technical BOR Object Key
BUT_TODO_PREMOPersonalization: Selected Objects per User
CATS_GUID_KEYLink: GUID and External Cats Key
CDBD_BRELVONAECDB Table - Additional Attributes: Object Interlinkage VONA
CMWTRAN0Persistent Message Headers for Inbound Transfer Messages
CMWTRAN1Persistent Message Headers for Outbound Transfer Messages
CRM_SSC_ERC_BC_LLinked objects for E-Recruiting in Business Context
DRVLOG_FIELDVALDerivation: Attributes and values (log file)
ECATT_DEFTable for Definition of eCATTs
ECSD_DEFTable for Defining System Data Containers
ECSP_DEFTable for eCATT Start Profiles (eCATT Core)
ECTC_DEFTable for Defining Test Configurations
ECTD_DEFTable for Defining Test Data Containers
ECVO_DEFeCATT Table for Definition of Validation Objects
ELPASSAllocation of Load Profiles to any BOR Objects
EMMA_CASEClarification Case
EMMA_COBJECTObjects and Field Values for Case
EMMA_COBJECT_CDObjects and Field Values for Case(Only for Change Documents)
EUFASSAllocation of Usage Factor to any BOR Objects
FDM_DCOBJFSCM-DM Integration: Disputed Objects
FDM_DCPROCFSCM-DM Integration: Dispute Case Processes
FMMEASUREFM Funded Program Master Data
GEOOBJRGen. object ref. (customer, plant, ...)
HRP1208Infotype 1208 DB Table
HRSP_POOL_RQSTNSResource Procurement (Without Strings)
HRT1230Table Section Infotype 1230
ISMOBSDB: Problem Object Table
ITASSIGN_SMIssue Tracking Assign Join
MSM_COMM_LOG_1Communication lof for MSM for paging
POBJD_LEV2BORLNKBOR Objects assigned to level
PPFTSFFXRUPPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Runtime)
PPFTSFFXT2PPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Template) -> Transportable
PPFTSFFXTEPPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Template)
PPFTSFMLRUPPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Runtime)
PPFTSFMLT2PPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Template)
PPFTSFMLTEPPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Template)
REGUS_SEPASEPA Mandate Lock: Applications To Be Retrieved
SADROSAPoffice: Table for storing UNIX addresses
SCAPPTUser-Specific Appointments
SCMAUPDLOGUpdate Log for Schedule Manager
SCPARTICIPGroup appointment participants table
SEPA_MANDATE_USESEPA Mandate Management: Usages
SGOSHISTGeneric Object Services: Object History
SLCM_HIS_BOR_DELILM: Legal Case Management - History Deleted BOR Objects
SLCM_LH_BORILM: Legal Case Management - Legal Hold Table for BOR Obj.
SMMAINMain Information for an Entry in the Monitor
SMYOTREEMyObjects Together with Hierarchy
SOATTSAPoffice: Attachments for BOR objects
SOEPSAPoffice: Table for data transfer during express handling
SOXPSAPoffice: Table for data transfer during express handling
SROBJINGRPObject Relationship Service table objects in group
SROBLROLBPersistent Roles of BOR Objects
SRRELROLESObject Relationship Service: Roles
SSCSRLINKlinked object to service request in backend
SWEINSTCOUInstance Linkage Event - Receiver
SWELOGTable for entries of the event log
SWEQUEUEEvent Queue for Temporary Storage of Triggered Events
SWFREVTPOQProcess Observation : Event Queue
SWW_CONTOBWorkflow Runtime: Work Item Data Container (Only Objects)
T52SMSCHRPAY-Status Management: Info on Communication per Step
T7EHS00_CAL_FAVEHS: Medical Practice Calendar Favorites
T7EHS00_CAL_PHYSAssgmt of MP Calendar Owner to Physician for Service Appt
T7EHS00_CAL_PROXEHS: Medical Practice Calendar - Substitutes for Org. Units
TBDRCSTATEObjects in recovery environment (ALE)
TBTCOJob Status Overview Table
TIVMIBODELBusiness Objects That Should Be Deleted in RE-FX
TNOTATWNote: Attribute table
TNOTFPRNotes: Project link
TNOTFPR_VERSVersioning Data from Table TNOTFPR
TSTRMAPPTime Stream Mapping for an Object
UDM_P2P_ATTRPromise to Pay
UKM_DCDOBJCredit Management Link to DCD Case
UKM_EXT_GUIDCredit Management: Line Items
UKM_TRANSFER_ARData from AR for SAP Credit Management
UKM_TRANSFER_ARVData from AR for SAP Credit Management
USAPPLREFCUA: Assignment of Users to Application Objects
VBREFSD Object Link to Item References
WCMPCategory Management: Project
WCMPSDDetails for Category Management Step
WOSAVSAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Document Links
WRPTReplenishment: movement data
WVFBDRS Interface, Intermediate Buffer, Order Item FM
/POSDW/AGGRPDFollow-On Documents for Each Package
/POSDW/PCONFConfirmation for Complete Processing in Follow-On System
/POSDW/SOBJLSource Object Link for POS Transactions
/POSDW/TIBQInbound Queue for POS Transactions
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