STRUKNAME Field in SAP | Name of a structure Data Element using tables

STRUKNAME is a data element in SAP used for storing Name of a structure data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this STRUKNAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : STRUKNAME
  • Description : Name of a structure
  • Data Type :CHAR

Name of a structure tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using STRUKNAME Field

ACCDBS02Assignment Data Basis - Generated ALV Reference Structure
ACI_TECS_IF003_FGenerated Objects for Derivation Functions
AGS_RELATION_ATTJob Scheduling Management
AXT_GIL_OBJExtension Interaction Layer Objects
AXT_GIL_OBJ_METHObject Method GenIL Table
AXT_OBJECTS_ILExtensibility GenIL objects
BBPC_UP_DOWNLOADRelevant Fields for Upload and Download
BBPD_COMP_FIELDSComparison Relevant Fields per Comparison Method
BBP_PDDYNDynamic attributes
BSPC_DL_VIEWSConfiguration: General View Settings
CFLT02SDP-FLT: Customizing for PM/CS - Order Type
CMSC_CM_OBJBOL Object table for Cascade manager
CMWC_MBF_ATOMDefinition of Atoms
CNVMBTFCATTo Store Field Catalog Info. for RFC Diagnostic Tool
CNVMBTFCATTTo Store Field Catalog Info. for RFC Diagnostic Tool
COMC_PCAT_BMTObject Model for Product Catalog Methods
COMC_PCAT_IMS_CAProduct Catalog Common Attributes for IMS Index Category
COMC_PR_TYPEProduct Master Definition of Product Types
COMS_PCAT_BMTObject Model for Product Catalog Methods
CPEC_FILTERCPE Caller - Filter for Pricing Fields to Be Sent
CPEC_MAPPINGCPE Caller - Mapping of Business Data
CRMC_4S_ERP_OBCustomizing Table for Social Service ERP BOL Object
CRMC_4S_ERP_OBMCustomizing Table for Social Service ERP BOL Object Method
CRMC_ACIIL_OBJObject Table for Component ACIIL
CRMC_ALLOBJ_CMGCase Management: Interaction Layer Objects
CRMC_ALLOBJ_FDTRule Builder Objects table
CRMC_ALLOBJ_ICMCase Management: Interaction Layer Objects
CRMC_ALLO_C_BUILBusiness Partner Interaction Layer Objects
CRMC_ANA_BOJ_OBJObjects for Import Wizard of BOL/GENIL.
CRMC_BPCOND_OBJContract BP Conditions- Objects
CRMC_BPORULE_OBJObject table for BPO Rules
CRMC_BP_CLCATCRM BP Classification Categories
CRMC_BRC_BOL_OBJObjects in Business Role Customizing BOL/GENIL
CRMC_BU2IL_OBJGen. IL Object Business Partner - Enhancements
CRMC_CATEGO_GOMultilevel Categorization - GenIL Objects
CRMC_CATEXTATTRMultilevel Categorization - Extended Attributes Objects
CRMC_CHILDACC1_CConfiguration GenIL Control Table for Child Access
CRMC_CLA_VS_MTDCustomizing table for validation sheet methods
CRMC_CLA_VS_OBJCustomizing table for validation sheet object properties
CRMC_CMS_BRF_OBJBOL Object table for Cascade manager
CRMC_COND_OBJContract Conditions- Objects
CRMC_EVT_CPARSSE Control Parameters
CRMC_EVT_CTXDEFStructures for BRF Context
DPR_CI_STR_OTYPcProjects: Project Elements with Customer Fields
EAMS_CVBATTMANFTAttribute Manager: Field Text
EAMS_CVBATTMANSTAttribute Manager: Structure Text
EAMS_CVBATTRMANDAttribute Manager: User display fields
EAMS_CVBATTRMANFAttribute Manager: Field
EAMS_CVBATTRMANSAttribute Manager: Structure
ECHC_PLA_ATTRIBDefinition of Attributes for Payload Analysis
ECP_FUNCTION_KEYList of key fields for supported functions
ECP_FUNCTION_LSTList of function types supported by SAP
ECP_FUNCT_TYPEList of functions supported by SAP
ECRM_ISU_DOCFBTIS-U Win-IC Office Integration -> Functions for Field Data
EUISTRUTYPECUSTPoD Structure Category: Screen Settings
FINB_MD_0010Registration: Generated Structures
FINB_TMSGCONT0CFINB Message Handling: Context Structure of an Application
GHO_ATTRNOSTRUCTest Table for Object Type Structure Mapping in GIS
GHO_INT_OBJATTRTable for Internal Object Attributes
GHO_INT_PER_ATRInternal Attributes Personalization Table
ICAP_GIL_SOBJObject Table for Gen. Interaction Layer Agent Prof Component
ICLUSCNTXTUser Context in Claim Applications
MDG_OIF_ENT_PROJEntity Projection Table for Outbound Interface Model
MDG_TMSGCONT0CContext Structure of a Message Handler Application
PTRV_WAF_FSELCode Conversion: Screen Field Name into BAPI/Offline Names
RAXT_GIL_METHObject Method GenIL Table
RAXT_GIL_OBJRapid AXT GenIL Object Tool
RZPT_RZArchiving: RZPT - Views for Maintenance of Residence Time
SCMAAPPLLOGPROFFunction Module with Profiles Including Context Structure
SFSG_DEF_DDatabase Table for GFS Definitions (Design Time)
SFSQB_QUERYMain Table of Query Builder
SFSRFW_ALIAS_DIRAlias Service Directory
T5EF6DDIC structures for logical forms
T799L30HCM Log category structure enhancements
T7PIQAUDPARAAudit Parameters
T7PIQBAPIMAPMapping Table (General Structure to BAPI Structure)
T7PIQ_SI2_PARAMParameters for Performance Indices, Filters, and Conditions
T7RUDATAFORMATData Output Format for Reports
T7RUDATAFORMATCData Output Format for Reports
TBNK_RULERule definition table
TBNK_RULE_SELOPRule select options
TBRF340obsolete: --> TBRF365 (Structures for BRF Contexts)
TCACS_SES_COMPCompression structure per commission application
TCOCOF4F4 Values for Customizing
TECAMIOFLDVISIS-U: Pre-entry Variants / Field Visibility
TICL281Field Information Product Interface
TIVISREPReport of Info System
TOAANWATTLink Table for Application Attributes
UPBR_RETRACTStructures for Plan Data Retraction
UPB_RETRACTStructures for Plan Data Retraction
/BOBF/ACT_LISTBOPF Configuration: Action
/BOBF/OBM_ALTKEYBOPF Configuration: Alternative Keys
/BOBF/OBM_ASSOCBOPF Configuration: Association
/BOBF/OBM_NODEBOPF Configuration: Node
/BOBF/OBM_QUERYBOPF Configuration: Query
/BOFU/I_EXTROBSOLETE: BI Extractor include per Business Object Node
/BOFU/LFBIV_MAPView: DDic Type mapping
/CEM/C_METHOD_ILEntitlements entity methods
/CEM/C_OBJECT_ILEntitlments entity attributes
/EACC/TBTA1002Data Types per Interface, Optimization for Joins
/EACC/TBTA1004Linking of Dependent Tables, e.g. Header, Event, Row
/EACC/TBTA1005Exceptions for Object Type with Statistical Structure Templ.
/EACC/TBTA4002Assignment of Generated Structures to Log. Object Types
/EACC/TBTA4005Assignment of Generated Structures for Derivations
/MRSS/C_SQE_RSSTMRS: structure for matching result
/SAPSRM/C_ET_STCust Tab to store Set type, tab name and table line type
/SAPSRM/C_SRC_CRSearch Service: Criteria Customizing
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