SAP SPRSL (Language Key) Data element field

  • Data Element : SPRSL
  • Description : Language Key
  • Data Type :LANG

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SPRSL Field

AICCMSBI_TCO_TXTDesfriptions for TCO check methods (language dependend)
AMC_APPL_TEXTText table for AMC Channel
AMC_MSG_TYPE_TXTText table for Mesage type defintion for AMC
APC_APPL_TEXTText table for APC Application
APC_WSP_TYPE_TXTAPC WebSocket protoco type
ARC_PM_OBJLIST_TCustomizing Texts for Archiving of Serial Number History
BBPD_CM_OBJ_TY_TObjective Types text table
BBPD_CM_PROPKEYTText Table for Properties
BBPD_CM_STATETText Table for Statuses
CKMLCURText for currency type and valuation type
CNVCMIS_A_1_BADIExit: Implementation side: Attributes
CNVCMIS_A_1_BIFCExit: Implementation side: Function codes, lang. independe
CONTCOMPTControl Composites: Short Texts
CONTCOMPXTControl Composites: Texts for TEXT Properties
CRMC_ERMS_OAPR_TRule Modeler One Click Actions Profile Description
CRMC_ERMS_PROP_TERMS Context Properties
CRMC_ERMS_TBPR_TRule Modeler Toolbar Profile Description
D347TGUI Title
DSH_ALIAS_TXTDashboards: Alias Texts
DSH_APPTYPE_LANGDashboard apptype texts
DSH_APPTYPE_TXTDashboard apptype texts
DSH_AUTHGROUPSDashboards authorization groups
DSH_CATEGORY_TXTDashboard category texts
DSH_DSTYPE_TXTData supplier type texts
DSH_DS_LANGUCONTData supplier language content
ECATT_TEXTeCATT Language-Specific Short Texts
ECTC_TDW_VAR_TXTTable to store Assign Variants Description
ECTD_TEXTeCATT Short Texts: Parameters/Variants
ENHTEXTText Table for Enhancements
GUI_FKEYTGUI: Frontend-dependent function key settings
GWA_LANGT002Customizing table for language
INDPROTShort Text Conversion: Log
J_3RAOKOFTOKOF description classifier of Russia
J_3RFBS5_COLTSection columns of balance sheet supplement N5 (text table)
J_3RFBS5_FORMTSections of balance sheet supplement N5 (Text table)
J_3RFBS5_ROWTRows of balance sheet supplement N5 (text table)
J_3RFBS5_SELCTSelection criteria for asset classes (text table)
J_3RFBS_XMLDELTBalance sheet forms: XML-tags to be removed:Text table
J_3RFDEPRGROUPTDepreciation gropus descriptions of fixed asset Russia
J_3RFOKATOTClassifier of the administrative and territorial division
J_3RFPOFPRIVTOfficial property tax privileges (Federal level) texts
J_3RFPROPTYPESTProperty types
J_3RFPRTEXEMPTExemption codes from property tax payment
J_3RFPRTXPRIVTProperty tax priviliges
J_3RFPTREGIONTRegions and districts for property tax
J_3RFSTOPREASONTReasons for asset shutdown
J_3RFTAX_FRMTSTText table for Electronic Tax Format Versions
J_3RFTAX_FRMTTText table for Electronic Format Version Entries
J_3RFTOKOFTDepreciation group descriptions for OKOF-codes Russia
J_3RF_PRECMETTPrecious materials (metals and diamonds) for assets
J_3RF_WW_TRANTWorkwear movement type
J_3ROS6_SETTINGTSettings for inventory card printing (forms OS-6, NMA-1...)
J_3RTUSERTUser names for legal form printing
J_3R_INVDIFFGRTGroups of inventory differences: (Text table)
LOYD_FDT_PLCY_Ttext table
LOYD_FDT_RULE_TRule Text Table
LOYD_FDT_R_SET_TRuleset Text Table
LSOLEARNESIGNE-Signature of Learner
LST_WDA_DDIC_REPLST repository for DDIC texts
LST_WDA_OTR_REPLST repository for OTR texts
PSPP_INFO_VARTTable for Variant Text for Info Column Grouping
PSPP_VARTText Table for Sorting
RLIB_TEXTSKeywords for Reuse library
SAPWLTREETSAP Workload: Text Field for ST03G Trees
SOTR_INDEXIndex of OTR Entries for Terminology
SOTR_TEXTText Table in the OTR
SOTR_TEXTUText Table in the OTR with Strings
SPTHTTexts for file system authorization groups
SWNCCOLLPATXTSAP Workload NW Collector: Collector Parameters
SXC_ATTRExit: Implementation side: Attributes
SXC_ATTRTExit: Implementation side: Text table
SXC_FCODETExit: Implementation Page: Function Codes, Text Table
SXC_TABLETExit: Definition Page: Tables; Text Tables
SXS_ATTRExit: Definition side: Attributes for an enhancement
SXS_ATTRTExit: Definition side: Attributes, Text table
SXS_FCODETExit, definition side: component function codes, text table
SXS_SCRNTExit: Definition side: Component subscreens, Text table
SXS_TABLETExit: Definition side: Tables, Text table
T060LFI constant name
T504TTo be deleted - no longer used!
T504UTo be deleted - no longer used!
T504VTo be deleted - no longer used!
T504WTo be deleted - no longer used!
T505LGrievance Level Texts
T505PGrievance Reason Texts
T50BATHR-B2A: Text for Document Classes
T50BDTHR-B2A: Texts for Status Management
T50BKTHR-B2A: Text to Constant Table
T50DST_XMLDocument Subtype Texts
T50F9TPermitted Tables
T50FATHR Notification Type Text
T50FCTHR: Text for Conversions
T50X2Type of Expatriate Text
T510ZTexts for Time Wage Type Selection Rules
T512STexts for Cumulation Wage Types in Forms
T514RPage Type Texts
T514STable Name Texts
T514TField Name Texts
T514VForm Name Texts
T51C2Car factory text table
T51DSText for Time Intervals
T51P4Text: Indicator for Wage Type Assignment
T51RJRemittance rule description
T51RNHR accumulator description
T51RTHR payee description
T51T1Tax Types, which has to be reported in the tax forms
T51T7Text for tax forms
T51TBText of attributes for tax
T51TEText table for subjects of tax calculation and reporting
T525NITIndicator for Selection Class
T525OLTLegal Regulations
T52BPTexts For Operation Parameters
T52BP_ADDONHR-Add-on : Texts for the Operation Parameters
T52EKTTexts for Symbolic Accounts
T52EMTTexts for Employee Grouping Account Determination
T52EPTTexts for Account Assignment Type
T52E_FIXTTexts for Employee Grouping Standard Accounting FM/GM
T52OCCTCategories for off-cycle reasons - texts
T52OCP1TCheck Management Groupings - Text
T52OCRTReasons for Off-Cycle Payroll Texts
T541TTexts for Types of Guaranteed Net Amounts
T543CStatistics Text
T543DException Text
T549YRecurr. Pymts/Deducs: Payment Models (Texts)
T54CAFunction Grouping (Texts)
T54CCDate Identifier (Texts)
T54CTCalendar Types (Texts)
T553TDay Type Texts
T554HTEvaluation Type for Attendances/Absences: Texts (for T554H)
T5550[OBSOLETE; NOW USE T705Q] Ext. Wage Types from Subsystem Txt
T555BTime Type Texts
T555FTime Evaluation Error Texts
T555QTexts for Time Transfer Type
T555XTexts for Access Control Groups (time-restricted)
T556DAbsence Counting With/Without Quotas Texts
T556STexts for Deduction Sequence Rules for Absence Quotas
T556VTexts for Attendance/Absence Quota Compensation Types
T557BTime Type Descriptions for Reporting
T557EQuota Type Descriptions for Reporting
T557TAvailability Types Texts
T557WText for Membership Function
T559BWorking Week Texts
T559HQuota Generation: Text for Transfer Times Rule
T559NTexts for Reduction Rules for Leave Accrual
T559QTexts for Time Balance Limits
T559STexts for Rounding Rules
T559TTexts for Leave Accrual Rule
T559WText Table for Time Evaluation Classes
T559YText Table for Conditions for Employee Times
T56C1TParameter for Cumulation Types - Texts
T588KField names for screens different from DDIC
T5962Area Text
T596BTexts for Subapplications
T596HTexts on Cumulation Wage Types
T5A2S_PPTCommuter Rate: Scaling Texts
T5AK1TText for Standard Working Time
T5AKBTText Table for T5AKB
T5APBS01TJoint Taxation: Tax-Levying Authority (Texts)
T5APBS02TJoint Taxation: Types of Cash Benefits (Texts)
T5APBS_F_APORGTText Table for Return Values for Feature APORG SI
T5ASRACTIVITYTName of Activity
T5ASRATTACHMENTTTexts for Attachment Types
T5ASRCONTENTTEXTText Table for Content Types
T5ASRDPFANCHORTText Table for Anchors
T5ASRDPFCATTText for Category of Personnel Files
T5ASRFSCNFLDHLPTTexts for Value Helps
T5ASRFSCNFLDTTexts for Fields for Form Scenarios
T5ASRFSCNGROUPTField Groups for Operations: Text Table
T5ASRFSCNGRPTTexts for Groupings of Form Scenarios
T5ASRFSCNOPRTOperations: Text Table
T5ASRFSCNSRVTTexts for Backend Services for Form Scenarios
T5ASRFSCNSTGTTexts for Steps in Form Scenarios
T5ASRFSCNTTexts for Form Scenarios
T5ASRLINKTTexts for Hyperlink Types for Additional Information
T5ASROBJGROUPTTexts for Object Grouping for Processes
T5ASRPRCGRPAUTHTName of Process Group for Authorization Check
T5ASRPROCGROUPTText for Grouping of Personnel Administration Processes
T5ASRPROCROLETNames of Agent Roles
T5ASRPROCTName for Processes
T5ASRREFNUMPAIDTDescription of Pattern ID for Reference Numbers
T5ASRSEARCHVARTTexts for Variant for Employee Search Fields
T5ASRSHADOWFLDSTName of XI Shadow Fields for XI Inbound Processing
T5ASRSTEPSHR Administrative Services: Process Steps (Work Items)
T5ASRXIMSGTYPTName for XI Message Type
T5ASRXISCENTName of XI Scenario
T5B16TReason for Exemption (Text)
T5B17TFiche 281.## text
T5B2AKind of Pension Text
T5B2BPeriodicity Text
T5B2CJuridical Statute Pension
T5B2DText Code of Pension Advantage
T5B2ESpecial Rules Pension Text
T5B2FOrigin of Advantage
T5B2GSickness and Invalidity Insurance Text
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