SOBJ_NAME Field in SAP | Object Name in Object Directory Data Element using tables

SOBJ_NAME is a data element in SAP used for storing Object Name in Object Directory data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SOBJ_NAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SOBJ_NAME
  • Description : Object Name in Object Directory
  • Data Type :CHAR

Object Name in Object Directory tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SOBJ_NAME Field

ADIRACCESSTable to store keys for TADIR objects
AGSRBE_2CS_WRKCheckStep Workload
AGSRBE_CS_WRKCheckStep Workload
AGSRBE_WRKOBJWorkload Object Text
AGSRBE_WRKOBJ_ATWorkload Object Attributes
AGS_CCD_ATTRIBCustom Code Library - Attributes
AGS_WORK_ACTIONFor user to get action category by action filter
AKB_EXCEPTObsolete: Usage Exceptions of Basis Objects by Application
AKB_EXCEPT2Obsolete: Shadow Table for AKB_EXCEPT
AKB_EXCEPTIONSObsolete: Usage Exceptions of Basis Objects by Application
AKB_EXCEPTIONS2Obsolete: Usage Exceptions of Basis Objects by Application
AKB_EXCEPT_TESTObsolete: Usage Exceptions of Basis Objects by Application
AKB_EXPT_TO_SENDObsolete: Usage Exceptions of Basis Objects by Application
AKB_FREEZEFrozen Basis Objects for Backwards-Compatible Basis (AKB)
AKB_FREEZE_EXTFrozen Basis Objects for Backwards-Compatible Basis (AKB)
AKB_FREEZE_SRCFrozen Basis Objects for Backwards-Compatible Basis (AKB)
AKB_JOBSTATEObsolete: Job Status
AKB_JOBSTATESObsolete: Job Status
AKB_LOGBOOKObsolete: BCB Logbook
AKB_OBJECT_DIRObsolete: Index of Object Types
AKB_RELOBJSObsolete: List of Frozen or Released Objects
AKB_SCRIPTObsolete: BCB Scripts
AKB_SCR_DIRObsolete: Script Index
AKB_SCR_JOBSObsolete: BCB Scripting - Active Jobs
AKB_SCR_OPObsolete: Operations for BCB Scripting
AKB_TRANS_CHECKObsolete: Compatibility Control
AKB_USAGE_INFO2Obsolete: Temporary BCB Data Storage
AKB_USGObsolete: Index of Base Objects for BCB
AKB_USG_EXTObsolete: Frozen Base Objects for BCB
APAUSEDBasis Objects Used in Other Packages
APAUSED_TESTBasis Objects Used in Other Packages
BMA_CONSBOR Migration: Usage of BOR Constants in Programs
BMA_EXCEBOR Migration Assistant: Non-Migrated Objects
BMA_WLSTBOR Migration Assistant: Global Worklist
BSANLY_BCCREP_IBCC Repository Content Objects
BUMF_DECOOnly SAP Internal: SUMF: DECO Where-Used List
CCONTAINERFind Container C C
CCSELKEYParallel Client Copy Worklist: Table Keys
CGUI_APPL_DEFApplications on the iPPE-GUI-Engine
CIFCPINFOControl Table for APO-CIF CP Change Transfer
CIFOBJINFOControl Table for APO-CIF Filter Objects, Client-Independent
CLICOMP_DEFDefinition of Application Components for iPPE Engine
CLS_ASSIGNMENTAssignment of an attribute value to an object
CLS_ATTR_GROUPCharacteristic groups
CLS_ATTR_GROUPTText table for attribute groups
CLS_LINKED_OBJAssignment of an attribute value to a linked object
CLS_RUN_OBJECTSObjects that passed the condition check
CNVA_TAB_DEF_CHRMaintain tables for which analysis of usage characteristics
CNVMBTDEXTYPEDEFDMIS PCL Data Extract Types - Definition of elements
CNV_LM_BLACKLISTCritical generation errors in DMIS components
CNV_LM_WHITELISTWhitelist for generation errors in DMIS components
CNV_MBT_UT_CASESUnit test cases
COVREFCoverage Reference Table: All Processing Blocks
CRR_MDS_SOBJKCRR IUU: dyn maint event saving of e071k for logical w/o aim
CUE_BUPACUE: data about CRM bussiness partner
CUE_BUPAVCUE: data about CRM bussiness partner
CWBCIOBJObject list of correction instructions with TADIR key
DB2DB02MISSOBJTx DB02: Missing objects
DDLOADDR3load-data table for migration
DF04LSoftware Modules/Functions
DMC_ANWDGDMC: Applications in the Direct Input Concept
DMC_BIPDMC: Attributes for Standard Batch Input
DMC_ISBDMC Tool: Information about Direct Input 2
DMC_IU_E071KMWB Upgrade: Table E071K
DMC_MDS_SOBJKIUUC: dyn maint event saving of e071k for logical w/o aim
DMC_TRNSPTDMC: Shadow Table for Transport Link
DMC_TRNSPT_INDXDMC: Shadow Table for Transport Link
DMDDEFATTRIBDMD: Data Model - Attributes
DOSSODocumentation: Short Text Statistics - Object-Specific
DSH_APPTYPEDashboards: app types
DSH_DS_TYPEData supplier type definition
DSVASRESPONSIBLEUser Responsible for Objects in Service Definitions
E071KChange & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071KS_PREVIEWTransport Request Preview: Key Entries with Strings
E071K_STRKey Entries with String Fields of Requests/Tasks
E071K_STR_SHADOWCopy of E071K_STR_SHADOW, String Replaced By Long Char
E071K__PREVIEWTransport Request Preview: Key Entries of a Request
E2ET_UPLSENVI_FTBPCA: UPL data in ENVI format to be used in STATIC TBOM filt
ECET_SDC_BUFFERBuffer Table for SDC Names
ECET_SDC_TSAT_BFBuffer Table for SDC Names
ENHTABEnhancements for Tables
ESH_OM_TRANSObjects for Cross-System Transport
EUINFOABAP/4 Repository Information System: Tree Display
FDT_BRS_CC_0001BRS Managed System: Generated classes + XML
FDT_BRS_CC_0005FDT: Database table for non productive simulation
FDT_E071KFDT Transport Request: Persistent Requests - Key Entries
FINB_TR_E071KObject List for Client Copy (Key)
FINDOEXCPTList of Exceptions for Program RDDFINDO (See Documentation)
FRODIRObsolete: Index of Frozen Objects
FSSC_API_OBJ_CFSSC: API Objects Customizing Table
FSSC_API_OBJ_SFSSC: API Objects System Table
GENSETCGeneration Set for ABAP Objects and BSP Applications
GENSETMGeneration Set for Used Machine Types
GODIRCentral Object Directory (Contains All Known Objects)
GOSDIRGlobal Object String Directory
GOX_TR_TABKEYTable Keys for GOX Objects
GTABKEYGlobal Key Entries from Requests/Tasks
GTABKEY_ARCHIVEGlobal Key Entries from Requests/Tasks
GTABKEY_LOCALGlobal Key Entries from Requests/Tasks
IFOBJSHORTPackage Interface: Exposed Development Objects
IODIRDirectory of Inconsistent Repository Objects
IUUC_DB_TABLETable For Storing Modules, DB Tables And Operations
IUUC_EXCPT_RP_TRReports and / or transactions referring to certain tables
KTADIRDirectory of Repository Objects
LTODIRObject List for Switch
MDG_TR_E071KObject List for Client Copy (Key)
MDS_E071KMDS: E071K to a specific simulation version
MDS_OBJSLMDS: OBJSL to a specific simulation version
OBJSLObject: Object List - Logical Object
OCSCMPLOBJComplete Information for Objects (with TADIR and Lock Key)
PACKCHECK_EXCEPTExceptions for Package Check
PAD71KKeys of Table Entries Contained in a Patch
PATALLOWEDTabelle der erlaubten Objekte bei einer Deinstallation
PATEXCPTException Objects for Conflict Check
PPH_HANA_ACTIVEObjects in Which DB Optimization Is to Be Used
RIS_PROG_TADIRRIS: Mapping Table Programs --> TADIR Objects
RLB_DB_HLReuse Library: Where-Used List/Hit List
RSTCDATACONFIGreport data availability definition/configuration
RSTRANCLUSTINFOInformation for a data flow comparison
RSTSODSOperational Data Store for the transfer structure
RSWR_DATARuntime Data
RSWR_PERSPersonalization Data
RSXCLSXREFReference objects (Dependent) of Xcelsius
RSXSA_CONT_OBJxSA BI Content Objects to be installed
RSZWBITMXREFBI Template Cross references to TLOGO Objects
RSZWBTMPXREFBI Template Cross references to TLOGO Objects
RSZWTEMPLATEXREFBI Template Cross references to TLOGO Objects
SAAPPL01Solution Manager: Temporary Local Data Repository
SADL_GTK_LOGLogging table for SADL Generation Toolkit
SAMTTRSAMT: Temporary Table for Program Selection
SAPGUIHC_LINKSHelp Center: Documents
SAPGUIHC_NOTESHelp Center: 'My Notes'
SAPHC_FAQS_APPLHelp Center Documents: Assignment to Applications
SAPHC_LINKS_APPLHelp Center Documents: Assignment to Applications
SAPHC_NOTESHelp Center Notes
SAPI_ORG_UPDSAP internal only: Application component data
SATC_AC_CONTACTSContact Persons - Cache for values of custom BaDi impl.
SATC_AC_OBJLOG_BMovement data: Object / module set
SATC_AC_PLNERR_BTransaction data: 'Failure Set' data > 510 bytes
SATC_AC_PLNERR_STransaction data: 'Failure Set' data <= 510 bytes
SATC_AC_R3TRTransaction data: 'R3TR Set' keys & lapse attribute
SATC_AC_R3TR_BTransaction data: 'R3TR Set' basic & attribute
SATC_AC_RESULTPTransaction data: 'Display Load' plugin failures
SATC_AC_RESULTVCResults of comparision with RefDB
SATC_AC_RESULTVPTransaction data: 'Display Load' processing state
SATC_AC_RESULTVRMovement data: 'Display Load' module verdicts
SATC_AC_RESULTVTTransaction data: 'Display Load' findings
SATC_AC_RSLT_AEOBSOLETE: 'Display Load' aspect failure (plug-in error)
SATC_AC_RSLT_VPOBSOLETE: 'Display Load' processing state
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