SMSY_NAME Field in SAP | Product System Name Data Element using tables

SMSY_NAME is a data element in SAP used for storing Product System Name data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this SMSY_NAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : SMSY_NAME
  • Description : Product System Name
  • Data Type :CHAR

Product System Name tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SMSY_NAME Field

AGSSISE_GEN_STORSimple Setup: Generic Data Repository
AGSSMSY2CPSOptional: Mapping of SMSY Systems onto CPS Systems
AGS_ESR_VHLP_MAPESR Value Help Mapping Table
AGS_JOB_DESCRJob Scheduling Description
AGS_JOB_INSTANCEExecutable Entity of a Job (in System)
AGS_MAINT_KEYSMaintenance Key Data
AGS_MK_SYSATTRGeneric System Attributes
AGS_MK_SYSNO_TMPTemporary Repository for Satellite System Numbers
AGS_UDA_UPG_LSMain table of UDA: Landscapes
AICONNMIGMigration Status of Service Connections
AICONNRELConnection Relation
AICONNSETUPConnection Setup
AICONNSTATUSConnection Status
AIDIAGPORTSPorts which are opened in a SolmanDiag connection
AINAVPERMITNavigation Permission for Systems
AIROUTERUUIDUUID for determining SAProuter Password
AISADDONPRODVERSAdd-On Product Version of a System
AITECHUSAGESTechnical Usages of a System
DSVASAPPL_TICUSTTentative Issue Creation Configuration
DSVASAPPL_TIOVTentative Issue Overview
DSWPDOWNLOADADMAdministration Table for Service Session Downloads
DSWP_SU_CRM_MAPPMapping Table for CRM Objects
DSWP_SU_DNO_MAPPMapping Table for CRM Objects
DSWP_SU_LCP_MAPPTemporary table for mapping logical components
DSWP_SU_PROJ_MAPMapping of Projects when Transferring Solutions
DSWP_SU_SOL_MAPPSolution Mapping in Transfer
DSWP_SU_TRA_SOLUTable for the exported to be imported solution
DSWP_WRK_PERSWork Center Personalization
DSWP_WRK_USRWork Center Personalization
E2ELV_DS_BUFFERBuffer Dual Stack indicator for each technical system
E2ELV_DS_ERRORErrors occured during Dual Stack checks
E2ELV_OSS_STATUSGuessing Status for each technical system
E2ELV_PRODVIInstalled Product Versions and Instances by LVW
E2E_BASELINEBaseline of LVW Snapshot
E2E_ESREP_SYSTSolution System Customizing Table for ES Report
SCDTSCNREFSynchronization Groups: Local Reference System for Change
SCDTTRGGRP_C2Target System Groups
SCIDM_D_ISOBSOLETE. Integration Server Connection
SCIDM_D_SYSGRP1OBSOLETE. System Group Header Table
SCIDM_D_SYSGRP2OBSOLETE. System Group Piece List
SDIAG_CH_PATHStorage of Customer-Specific File Paths for SM Diagnostics
SDIAG_CH_PATH_AStorage of Customer-Specific File Paths for SM Diagnostics
SDIAG_SOL_SYSDiagnostics Relevant Data for Solutions
SMCO_SYS_CON_JOBConfiguration Jobs
SMCO_SYS_TRACKLandscape Track
SMSY_AC_HW_INSTHardware Instance
SMSY_AC_LOGHOSTHardware Instance
SMSY_AC_RELINSTSolution Manager: Relevant Product Instances of a System
SMSY_AC_SERVICEHardware Instance
SMSY_BACK_RFCGeneration Info for RFC Dest. from Satellites to SolMan
SMSY_CONECTIONSConnections to Special Purpose Systems
SMSY_CONNECTIONSConnections to Special Purpose Systems
SMSY_DB_USAGEDatabase Use for Product Systems
SMSY_DB_USAGE_2Database Use of Technical Systems
SMSY_HW_INSTHardware Instance
SMSY_HW_INST_2Hardware Instance
SMSY_HW_INST_DIRHardware Instance: Path
SMSY_HW_INST_KNLKernel Information for a Hardware Instance
SMSY_INST_TYPESInstance Types for Hardware Instances
SMSY_LOG_PORTLogical Ports
SMSY_PILIST_EXCEException Table for the Plug-In List
SMSY_RELINST_CMPSolution Manager: Relevant Product Instances of a System
SMSY_SYSTEMProduct Systems
SMSY_SYSTEM_CCMSCCMS Systems for Product Systems
SMSY_SYSTEM_DUPObsolete! Do Not Use!!!
SMSY_SYSTEM_EXTExtend System Data
SMSY_SYSTEM_LOGLogon/Server Groups for Technical Systems
SMSY_SYSTEM_NOD1Product Systems
SMSY_SYSTEM_OTOProduct Systems
SMSY_SYSTEM_SAPProduct Systems
SMSY_SYST_CL_BUSProduct Systems
SMSY_SYST_COMPInstalled Components
SMSY_SYST_PRODVRProduct Versions/Systems
SMSY_SYST_PR_BUSProduct Systems
SMSY_SYS_INSTVERSolution Manager: Relevant Product Instances of a System
SMSY_SYS_PRODVIInstalled Product Versions and Instances
SMSY_SYS_PROD_F4Installed Product Versions and Instances
SMSY_SYS_RELINSTSolution Manager: Relevant Product Instances of a System
SMSY_SYS_SUBSYSSolution Manager: Relevant Product Instances of a System
SMSY_TECH_USAGESTechnical Usages of a Technical System
SMSY_USED_PRODProduct Versions Used for a Component
TPROJDAUGHTERProjects Dependent on a Solution Manager Project
TSOCM_CR_CONTEXTChange Request Web UI: Context
TSOCM_CR_DEVSYSCollective Request: Context
WBA_RFCMON_DESTTable of RFC destinations for RFC Monitoring
WBA_RFCMON_INFOAdditional information about RFC destinations
/TMWFLOW/MOKRNLVkernel versions' patch level of satellite systems
/TMWFLOW/MOLULOGLog - SLM live update
/TMWFLOW/MOSFWCVcomponent versions controlled by Switch Framework
/TMWFLOW/MOSIXMLStack Delta: Header Data of XML for Installation Tools
/TMWFLOW/MOSSXMLSystem specific stack delta XML: split by XML from SMP
/TMWFLOW/MOSWFTRinstalled software features of satellite systems
/TMWFLOW/MOSWPRDinstalled software products of satellite systems
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