SAP SEOCMPNAME (Component name) Data element field

  • Data Element : SEOCMPNAME
  • Description : Component name
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using SEOCMPNAME Field

BSP_DLC_DASSIGNDesign layer: Assignment of design object to UI
BSP_DLC_SDASSIGNDesign layer: Assignment of design object to UI
CLIACTCHECK_DEFDefinition of Task-List-Type Components for iPPE Process Str
CNVCMIS_A_1_CLCOclas component names
CNVCMIS_A_1_COMPRepository information about 'components of 'CLAS'
CNVCMIS_A_1_COSUsub compunents for clas
CRMC_ACTION_DIAOnline Relevant Actions
CRMC_BCASE_CRDACCRM Briefcase: Briefing Card actions
CRMC_BCASE_CRDOPCRM Briefcase: Briefing Card outbound plugs
CRM_UNIT_CONSTSSystem-dependent constants used in ABAP Unit Tests
CSEARCHC_OBJObjects supported by Central Search
ECTR_ACTIVATE_CSeCATT Activation Cross-Session Recording - 2
ERP_WEC_UNIT_CSTSystem-dependent constants used in ABAP Unit Tests
FDT_EXPR_1401FDT: Expression - Formula
FDT_EXPR_1401AFDT: Expression - Formula
FDT_EXPR_1401SFDT: Expression - Formula
FDT_EXPR_1401TFDT: Expression - Formula
FICO_FOBUEV001FoBuEv: Line (Token) of Formula (Not Buffered)
OIUX3_RPT_STEPTax Reporting - Reporting Step
PPFTGEMECUPPF: Table for Generic Medium (Cust)
PPFTGEMERUPPF: Table for Generic Medium (Runtime)
PPFTGEMETEPPF: Table for Generic Medium (Templ)
PPFTMECONDPPF: Administration Table for Method Conditions
PPFTSFFXCUPPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Customizing)
PPFTSFFXRUPPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Runtime)
PPFTSFFXT2PPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Template) -> Transportable
PPFTSFFXTEPPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Template)
PPFTSFMLCUPPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Customizing)
PPFTSFMLRUPPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Runtime)
PPFTSFMLT2PPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Template)
PPFTSFMLTEPPF: Medium Smart Forms Mail (Template)
PPFTSFPRCUPPF: Medium Smart Forms Print (Customizing)
PPFTSFPRRUPPF: Medium Smart Forms Print (Runtime)
PPFTSFPRT2PPF: Medium Smart Forms Print (Template)
PPFTSFPRTEPPF: Medium Smart Forms Print (Template)
SBMIGNAMESMapping: BOR Names <--> CL Names
SC2_IPG_METHODC2: Generated Proxy Method (Inactive)
SC2_IPG_METHODTC2: Inactive Generation Method Texts
SC2_IPG_QUERYC2: Inactive Generaed Proxy Method
SC2_PGL_METHODSObject Node Methods
SC2_PG_METHODC2 Server: Generated Proxy Method
SC2_PG_METHODTC2 Server: Node Generation Details
SC2_PG_QUERYC2 Server: Generated Proxy Method Range Table for Query
SC2_PG_QUERYCC2 Server: Generated Proxy Method Compiled Range Table
SEOCOMPOClass/Interface component
SEOCOMPODFDefinition class/interface component
SEOCOMPOEXRemote info class/interface component
SEOCOMPOSRCClass/Interface component
SEOCOMPOTXShort description class/interface component
SEOIMPLRELImplementation-based instance relationship
SEOMAPATTRelational Mapping Attributes
SEOREFPROTRefactoring log for changes to classes/interfaces
SEOSUBCOClass/interface subcomponent
SEOSUBCODFDefinition class/interface subcomponent
SEOSUBCOEXClass/interface subcomponent
SEOSUBCOTXClass/interface subcomponent short description
SFBMETHSIGSignature of Methods for Formula Functions
SFBMHDRFormula Builder Methods: Header
SFOBUEV001FoBuEv: Rows (Token) of a Formula
SPROXSIGProxy Runtime Metadata (Substitution Table)
SPROXXSLProxy Runtime: Number for Stylesheet
SPROXXSLQQueue with objects needing generation of stylesheets
SXC_IMPSWHBusiness Add-In Implementations: Type of Implementation
SXS_STATExit: Definition side: UUID assignment for statistics
T7TIM_EVAL_MAPInterface<->Context Attribute Mapping (Time Evaluation)
T7TIM_NAT_IF_CMPNative Interface Attributes
T7TIM_SYNC_P_DRDriver Attribute. -Program Symbol Mapping
TBRF127BRF: Line (Token) of an SAP Formula - SFOBUEV001
TISSR_OUT_CTFIBLISSR: var. Plazierung der Felder mit Hilfe von Methoden
TISSR_OUT_FICUS2ISSR: var. Plazierung der Felder auf SF mit Hilfe Methoden
TISSR_OUT_FICUS3ISSR: var. Plazierung der Felder auf SF mit Hilfe Methoden
TISSR_OUT_FICUSTISSR: var. Plazierung der Felder auf SF mit Hilfe Methoden
TISSR_OUT_FNMTISSR: Verbindung Methoden/ Feldnamen
TISSR_OUT_FNMT_XISSR: Verbindung Methoden/ Feldnamen
TISSR_OUT_MTIMP2ISSR: Zuweisung Felder Summentabelle zu Importparameter MT
TISSR_OUT_MTIMPAISSR: Zuweisung Felder Summentabelle zu Importparameter MT
UKM_PARAMETERSSAP Credit Management: Parameters and Functions
WDG_UR_ENUMUnified Rendering: Events
WDG_UR_ENUM_VALUnified Rendering: Events
WDG_UR_EVENTUnified Rendering: Events
WDG_UR_EVENT_PARUnified Rendering: Event Parameter
WDG_UR_PROPERTYUnified Rendering: Properties
WDR_ADAPTER_PROPWeb Dynpro Runtime: Adapter Properties
WDR_ADP_AGGR_MPWeb Dynpro Runtime: Aggregations of Adapter
WDR_ADP_AGR_P_MPWeb Dynpro Runtime: Parameter of Adapter Aggregations
WDR_ADP_CONST_MPWeb Dynpro Runtime: Const->Adapter Property
WDR_ADP_ENUM_MPWeb Dynpro Runtime: Enum->Adapter Property
WDR_ADP_EVENT_MPWeb Dynpro Runtime: Adapter Event
WDR_ADP_GET_MPWeb Dynpro Runtime: Get->Property Mapping of Adapters
WDR_ADP_UR_EVENTWeb Dynpro: UR Events
WDR_ADP_UR_EVPARWeb Dynpro: UR Event Parameter
WDR_ENUM_MP_DEFWeb Dynpro Runtime: Enum->Adapter Property
WDR_ENUM_MP_ITEMWeb Dynpro Runtime: Enum->Adapter Property
WER_ACT_PARAM_AAction method call parameters (Customers)
WER_ACT_PARAM_SAction method call parameters
WER_EXP_PARAM_AExpression method call parameters (Customers)
WER_EXP_PARAM_SExpression method call parameters
/BOBF/ACT_LISTBOPF Configuration: Action
/BOBF/CONF_CLIMPInterface impl., instanciation etc. of configured classes
/BOBF/CONF_UI_TTree Configuration
/BOBF/D_CC_LOG_HBOPF Contract Compliance Check Log header
/BOBF/OBM_ALTKEYBOPF Configuration: Alternative Keys
/BOBF/OBM_ASSOCBOPF Configuration: Association
/BOBF/OBM_CODE_LBOPF Code Lists for Code Value Sets
/BOBF/OBM_NODEBOPF Configuration: Node
/BOBF/OBM_QUERYBOPF Configuration: Query
/BOBF/TOOL_CCCHABOPF Contract Compliance Check Assignment
/BOBF/TOOL_CCIFOBOPF Contract Compliance Check Interface Operations
/SAPSRM/LOGKEYKey fields for logging BAdI and Parameters in XML format
Application Platform Tables
Customer Relationship Management Tables
Financial Accounting Tables
SAP Industries specific module Tables
Supplier Relationship Management Tables
Logistics - General Tables
Sales and Distribution Tables
Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) Tables
Basis Components Tables
Controlling Tables
Materials Management Tables
Service Tables
Financials Tables
Real Estate Management Tables
Accounting - General Tables
Knowledge Management Tables
Cross-Application Basis Components Tables
Product Lifecycle Management Tables
Project System Tables
Production Planning and Control Tables
Plant Maintenance Tables
Personnel Time Management Tables
SAP Business Information Warehouse Tables
Auto-ID Enterprise Tables
Investment Management Tables
Supply Chain Management Tables
Personnel Management Tables
Treasury Tables
Financial Services Tables
Logistics Execution Tables
Public Sector Management Tables
Payroll Tables
Environment, Health and Safety Tables
Portfolio and Project Management Tables
Web Channel Tables
Enterprise Portal Tables
Customer Service Tables
Collaborative Cross Applications Tables
Enterprise Controlling Tables
Governance, Risk and Compliance Tables
Training and Event Management Tables
Quality Management Tables
SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Tables
Obsolete Product: Workplace Tables
Enterprise information management solutions Tables
Global Trade Services Tables
Occasional Platform User Tables
Discrete Industries Tables

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