SAP RSTIMESTMP (UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss)) Data element field

  • Data Element : RSTIMESTMP
  • Description : UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss)
  • Data Type :DEC

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using RSTIMESTMP Field

AGR_CUSTOMRole Customizing objects
AGR_DATEUPersonal settings for roles
AGR_DEFINERole definition
AGR_TIMETime Stamp for Role (Menu, Profile, Authorizations)
AGR_TIMEBTime Stamp for Role (Profile Generation)
AGR_TIMECTime Stamp for Role (User Assignment)
AGR_TIMEDTime Stamp for Role (Profile Comparison, RFC Distribution)
AGR_USERSAssignment of roles to users
AGR_USERTAssignment of roles to users
ALPFTHRHIST_TBPerformance Threshold History
BICS_BOOKMARKHeader table for bookmarks created via ABAP BICS
CCMSBIDATATime-Dependent General MTE Data
CCMSBIMETHTime-Dependent MTE Reaction Methods
CCMSBITHRHTime-Dependent MTE Threshold Values
CCMSBI_CUSTDATATime-Dependent General MTE Data
CCMSBI_METHODSTime-Dependent Reaction Methods
CCMSBI_MTE_DATATime-Dependent General MTE Data
CCMSBI_MTE_METHTime-Dependent MTE Reaction Methods
CCMSBI_MTE_THRHTime-Dependent MTE Threshold Values
CCMSBI_THRH_VALTime-Dependent Threshold Values
CMS_LO_BW_TMSTMPCMS Timestamp for BW extractor
HTDRM_BW_TMSTMPDRM Timestamp for BW extractor
MDMEXVARIHEADMDM Extraction Process: Header Table
PERS_DEFDefinitn of personalization objects
RSPLS_ALVLPlanning: Primary Table for Aggregation Levels
RSPLS_CR_HEADCharacteristic Relationships: Header Table
RSPLS_CR_STEPSRelationships Between Characteristics in Basic InfoProvider
RSPLS_DSData Slices
RSPLS_DS_HEADData Slices: Header Table
RSPLS_SEQUENCEPlanning Sequence
RSPLS_SQLOG_HEADParallel Execution: Log Table Header - Sequence Execution
RSPSADELDelete PSA request in batch
RSQISETDirectory of all InfoSets
RSRA_BB_LOGLog-Table for the Batch Runs of the ResultSet Precalculation
RSRA_BC_AUTHDisplay Auth. for Precalculated Templates by Redirect URL
RSRA_BC_LOGLog Table for the Batch Runs for Precalculating Template
RSRA_ER_LOGLog Information for an RA Setting
RSRA_ER_LOGNLog Table for Batch Runs of Exception Reporting
RSRA_ER_LOG_DATATable of Logged Data Cells
RSRA_ER_LOG_ENTRLog Entries for every Exception
RSRA_JOBDirectory of the Report Agent Jobs
RSRA_MX_LOGLog Table for the Batch Run of MDX Precalculation
RSRA_PACKAGEScheduling Packages for the Report Agent
RSRA_SETTINGSettings for the Report Agent
RSRBPRINTPROPGlobal print settings for printing
RSRDELREPORTSTable with deleted report programs
RSRDE_DOCDocuments for Broadcasting
RSRD_HASHSTRINGHash Strings of BI Data during Precalculations
RSRD_HASH_CNTFrequency of Use of Broadcast Targets
RSRD_REGISTRATNRegistration of Settings to Events (Broadcasting)
RSRD_REGISTR_USRPermitted User for Registering Settings for Events
RSRD_SETTINGBroadcasting Settings
RSREQARCHRequest Archiving
RSREQARCHCTRLArchiving for Request Control Records
RSREQARCHDELArchiving for Request Control Records
RSREQARCHDISPRequest Archiving: Display of Tx RSREQARCH
RSREQARCHMONTotals Record of Monitor Tables after Archiving
RSREQDONEMonitor: Saving of the QM entries
RSREQICODSMonitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSREQICODS_SAVERequests Deleted from Administration Stored Here
RSREQICODS_SAVE2Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSREQPROGSGenerated Programs for Each Request
RSREQREDUCEReduction of very large request lists in cubes and DSOs
RSREQSTORNOReversal of requests in IC
RSRHIEDIR_OLAPOLAP Relevant Information for the Hierarchies
RSRNEWSIDS(obsolete >= 7.4) SIDs, that are not in the inclusion tables
RSRNEWSIDS_740SIDs, that are not in the inclusion tables (>= BW 7.40)
RSRNRRequest table
RSRPARAMETRIZAParametrization for a query, workbook, webapplication, pla
RSRPRVARGROUPVariant groups for batch printing
RSRREPDIRDirectory of all reports
RSRREPDIR_STATGeneration Status for Non Client-Specific Queries
RSRREPDIR_STATUSStatus of Query Generation
RSRREPORTNodes with URLs, links, etc.
RSRTRACEDESCContains the description of the individual trace steps
RSRVAPPLLOGIXCluster Table for Detail Data from RSRV Application Log
RSRVARIANTDIRDirectory of Variants for Queries and Selection Objects
RSRVPACKAGEDirectory of Contents of Test Packages of Test/Repair Tool
RSRVTABLEDIRDirectory of all Tables for Variable Type Table
RSRWBINDEXList of binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBPERSAssignment of Excel Workbooks to Personalized Versions
RSR_CACHE_CLUCache Cluster Storage for Data
RSR_CACHE_FFBCache, BLOB Tables: Storage for Selections
RSR_CACHE_QUERYCache: Storage for Query and Time of Creation
RSR_CACHE_STATSStatistics for Cache Entries
RSR_CACHE_STATSHStatistics for Cache Shrink Process
RSR_CACHE_STATSOStatistics for Cache Entries for Shared Objects
RSR_CACHE_ST_SHOStatistics for Cache Entries for Shared Objects
RSR_CACHE_VARSHCache Directory: Storage for Variables and Hierarchies
RSR_CACHE_VARSHBCache, BLOB Tables: Storage for Variables and Hierarchies
RSR_MDX_UI_STMTMDX: Dialog: Store for Statements
RSSDBATCHHISTTable for Background Run of Scheduler - Changes/History
RSSDLINITLast Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
RSSDLINIT2MAPMapping-table for second init. from an ODS object
RSSDLINIT2ODSSet receiver ODS to OK after second init.
RSSDLINITDELLast Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
RSSGTPDIRBW generation tool: Directory of the generated programs
RSSHIPDVERSAfter D Vers. of Shadow Packages, Rename and Note
RSSTATMANPARTStore for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMANPSAStore for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATMANSTATDELStatus Manager Table of Deleted Request Status
RSSTATMANSTATUSApollo Status Manager Management Table of Request Status
RSSTATMAN_SAVE2Store for G_T_PART of Request Display in DTA Administration
RSSTATREQDELREDUStart Selections of Reduce/Delete Runs for critical DTAs
RSSTATREQDETAILSStatistical information about Requests in a DTA
RSTCMASTERLOADMaster data: Time of Last Load
RSTRANCLUSTINFOInformation for a data flow comparison
RSTRANRULE_TESTMapping Table for Single Rule Simulation
RSTRAN_RTO_HDRHeader Information for Transformation Runtime Object
RSTSTransfer structure
RSTSIDOCIDoc Operational Data Store for the transfer structure
RSTSODSOperational Data Store for the transfer structure
RSTSSHShadow table: Transfer structure
RSTTIXBW: Cluster table info. system
RSTT_USERTrace Tool: Table for User Activation Settings
Application Platform Tables
Customer Relationship Management Tables
Financial Accounting Tables
SAP Industries specific module Tables
Supplier Relationship Management Tables
Logistics - General Tables
Sales and Distribution Tables
Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) Tables
Basis Components Tables
Controlling Tables
Materials Management Tables
Service Tables
Financials Tables
Real Estate Management Tables
Accounting - General Tables
Knowledge Management Tables
Cross-Application Basis Components Tables
Product Lifecycle Management Tables
Project System Tables
Production Planning and Control Tables
Plant Maintenance Tables
Personnel Time Management Tables
SAP Business Information Warehouse Tables
Auto-ID Enterprise Tables
Investment Management Tables
Supply Chain Management Tables
Personnel Management Tables
Treasury Tables
Financial Services Tables
Logistics Execution Tables
Public Sector Management Tables
Payroll Tables
Environment, Health and Safety Tables
Portfolio and Project Management Tables
Web Channel Tables
Enterprise Portal Tables
Customer Service Tables
Collaborative Cross Applications Tables
Enterprise Controlling Tables
Governance, Risk and Compliance Tables
Training and Event Management Tables
Quality Management Tables
SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Tables
Obsolete Product: Workplace Tables
Enterprise information management solutions Tables
Global Trade Services Tables
Occasional Platform User Tables
Discrete Industries Tables

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