RSIOBJNM Field in SAP | InfoObject Data Element using tables

RSIOBJNM is a data element in SAP used for storing InfoObject data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this RSIOBJNM field in SAP.

  • Data Element : RSIOBJNM
  • Description : InfoObject
  • Data Type :CHAR

InfoObject tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using RSIOBJNM Field

ACCCFG02Role Fixing in Accounting Configuration
AIBW_CHARBCT-IM: Strategic Characteristics for Corporate IM
AIBW_KFIGBCT-IM: Key Figures for Corporate IM
CGPL_BW_APPOBJBW MAster Data Upd - Application / Object type relationship
CGPL_BW_MAPMDMap CRM Data to BW Master Data InfoObjects
CRMBWIDSSAMPLEAssignment of DataSources to Samples
DVM_BI_DELETEDVM: Housekeeping - Definition of Deletion Jobs
E2E_BI_DELETEE2E: EFWK Housekeeping - Definition of Deletion Jobs
E2E_BI_HOUSEKEEPE2E: EFWK Table for BI Housekeeping
FCOMIPHIEDIRUnique Ids for extracted Hierarchies
FINB_FIELDSFields on the Data Basis
FINB_TACSYST_MFNObsolete !!! Valuation Systm: Meta Description - Field Names
FINB_TIOBJ_APPLInfo Objects for Potential Characteristics in Val. System
IWP_IOBJASSDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects
IWP_IOBJASS_CPDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects (copies)
IWP_IOBJA_APTDefinition of Audit Area Template specific Infoobjects
IWP_IOBJA_APT_CPDefinition of Audit Area Template specific Infoobj. (copies)
IWP_IOBJA_PTDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects
IWP_IOBJA_PT_CPDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects (copies)
IWP_IOBJ_CUSTDefinition of Customer specific Infoobjects
IWP_IOBJ_CUST_CPDefinition of Customer specific Infoobjects (copies)
IWP_WP_IOBJInfoObjects of an Audit Package
IWP_WP_IOBJTInfoObjects of an Audit Package
IWP_WP_IOBJ_STDefinition structures of an Infoobject
RSPLS_ALVL_IOBJPlanning: Aggregation Levels for InfoObjects
RSPLS_CR_RANGEChar.Relationship: Range (for example, for DataStore Object)
RSPLS_DS_FIELDData Slices: InfoObejcts with Restrictions
RSPLS_DS_RANGEData Slices: Selection
RSRA_BP_OBJECTSParts of the Batch Printing Setting
RSRA_BP_OBJECTSTBatch Printing Setting Column Headers
RSRA_ER_DRILLDrill Characteristics for the Exception Reporting Setting
RSRA_SETTING_BBRA Settings for Calculating Buckets
RSRBATRAttribute table for print settings
RSRBATRTAttribute table for print settings
RSRBDIMDimension table including the print settings
RSRBDIMTDimension table including the print settings
RSRBMEMAttribute table for print settings
RSRBMEMTAttribute table for print settings
RSRHIEDIR_OLAPOLAP Relevant Information for the Hierarchies
RSRREPORTNodes with URLs, links, etc.
RSRREPORTTText table for links, URLs and other objects
RSRULEDONEABAP Code for Scheduler Selections
RSRULEPARAMRule Parameters
RSRVTABLEDIRDirectory of all Tables for Variable Type Table
RSSAUTHHIERDefinition of the Authorizations for Hierarchies
RSSAUTHHIERNODEBW Reporting Authorizations: Hierarchy Nodes
RSSBAUTHTRACEAuthorization Trace BW Reporting
RSSDLINITSELLast Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
RSSELDONEMonitor: Selections for executed request
RSSEM1001Generated Classes by Characteristic
RSSZTDIRDirectory of the customer master data table
RSTRANSTEPIOBJRule Step: InfoObject Assignment
RSTRANSTEPMASTERRule Type: Read Master Data
RSTRAN_R_IOBJInfoObjects for UnitTest Transformation Runtime
RSTRAN_R_TESTUnit Test Transformation Runtime
RSTRFIELDSHShadow table: Transfer Structure Fields
RSTSDTELData element for transfer structure per logical system
RSTSFIELDTransfer structure fields
RSTSFIELDSHShadow table: Transfer structure fields
RSTSIDOCFIELDFields for the IDoc Operational Data Store
RSTSODSFIELDFields for the Operational Data Store
RSVHSVALUESETValue help services user setting A segment
RSWSPXREFEXWorkspaces: Cross References of Excluded InfoObjects
RSZCOMPEXTPriorities with Element Collisions
RSZELTATTRAttribute selection per dimension element
RSZELTPROPElement properties (settings)
RSZGLOBVGlobal Variables in Reporting
RSZRANGESelection specification for an element
RSZSELECTSelection properties of an element
SMOBWAGSELControl parameter per DataSource
SMOBWAHEADBWA: CRM Attributes of BW DataSources
SMOBWASTATControl Table: BW Adapter 002
SMOXAFLDField List: Key Attributes for BWA Master Data Delta Queue
SMOXAFLD_SShadow Table for Table smoxafld
SMOXATTRTest Delta for Attributes
SMOXDMCBWA: Name of the DMC Generated Mapping Function
SMOXGSELControl parameter per DataSource
SMOXGSEL_SShadow Table for Table smoxgsel
SMOXHEADControl Table: BW Adapter 002
SMOXHEAD_SShadow Table for Table smoxhead
SMOXLOGSYInitialized Logical Systems
SMOXSTATControl Table: BW Adapter 002
TFBW2Mapping InfoObjects -> Field Names
TFBW4Additional selections
TKEBWLRTREBW-CO-PA Transfer: Assignment On BW System OpConc. Level
TKEBWLRTRGBW-CO-PA Transfer:Assignment CO-PA Field-InfoObject
UABWMDEXTBW Objects for Master Data Extraction
UAINVT2000Characteristics of Inventory and WIP Views
UGBW4000FI/BW Interface: Mapping InfoObject Name to Field Name
UGBW4001FI/BW Interface: Destinations of InfoObjects
UGBW4002FI-BW Interface: Field Name for Navigation Attributes
UGMD1000FIN Master Data: Roles
UGMD1002FIN Master Data: Standard Roles for Infoobjects
UGMD2040FIN Master Data: Definition of BW Info Objects
UGMD2041FIN Master Data: Properties of Info Objects: Attributes
UGMD2042FIN Master Data: Properties of Info Objects: Compound
UGMD2043FIN Master Data: Properties of Info Objects: Nav.Attributes
UGMD2044FIN Master Data: Texts of BW InfoObjects
UGMD2045FIN Master Data: Hierarchy Characteristics - BW InfoObjects
UGMD2046FIN Master Data: Properties of Info Objects: Nav.Attributes
UGMD2050FIN Master Data: Active Definition of BW Info Objects
UGMD2051FIN Master Data: Active Props of Info Objects: Attributes
UGMD2052FIN Master Data: Active Props of Info Objects: Compound
UGMD2053FIN Master Data: Active Props of Info Objects: NavAttributes
UGMD2054FIN Master Data: Texts of BW InfoObjects
UGMD2055FIN Master Data: Hierarchy Characteristics - BW InfoObjects
UGMD2056FIN Master Data: Active Props of Info Objects: NavAttributes
USMDZ5202Determination Entity Type/InfoObject Depending on Ref. Char.
/CRMBW/MAP_INITContent Generator initializations
/CRMBW/MAP_XFMapping of DataSource Field to InfoObject
/EACA/TGLTEMPLATCustomizing Templates in the G/L
/EACC/ENGINECHARAccounting Engine Characteristics
/EACC/TLI4000Context of Field Name, Info Object, D Elment, D Srce per D B
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