ROLLNAME Field in SAP | Data element (semantic domain) Data Element using tables

ROLLNAME is a data element in SAP used for storing Data element (semantic domain) data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this ROLLNAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : ROLLNAME
  • Description : Data element (semantic domain)
  • Data Type :CHAR

Data element (semantic domain) tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using ROLLNAME Field

ACCCFG02Role Fixing in Accounting Configuration
ACC_TERMINATIONClasses to be called up when Acc. entities are deleted
AFWCH_FCAT_SAMPAFW: Sample Customizing Characteristics
AUTDTELLOGCustomizing for Change Document Creation
AUTDTELLOGTText Table for Customizing of Change Document Creation
AUTHXAuthorization Fields (Maintain with SU20)
AUTH_FLDINFO_TMPAuthorization fields: technical info from dictionary
AUT_C_DTELLOGAudit Trail (ILM): Customizing Change Document Creation
AUT_C_DTELLOGTAudit Trail (ILM): Text Table Customizing Change Document
AXT_EXTTYPE_FLAGRelevance flags of extensions
AXT_REG_TPLACETechnical place for table extensibility
BAPIF4TFunction Modules for BAPI F4 Authorization Check
BDMS_SFIELDSegment Fields Table
BPUMConversion: Tables/Fields to be Converted
BPUM_ROLConversion: Data elements to be converted
CATS_MY_TEXTS2References to Data Elements for CATS notebook Field Texts
CDBC_C_DD03LTable Fields
CDBC_C_DD04LData elements
CDBC_C_DD04TR/3 DD: Data element texts
CDBC_C_T681FCDB Global Field Catalog
CDBC_C_T681FDCDB: Dependencies for Field Checks and Field Transports
CDBC_C_T681FFCDB: Dependencies for Field Checks and Field Transports
CDBC_C_T681VLINCDB: Variable Part of Scale (LIN): Detail
CDBC_T_BPPRPTYPBusiness Partner Property Type
CDBC_T_PRPRPTYPProduct Property Type
CDBC_T_TAPRPTYPTransaction Property Type
CML_MIG_BUFFERTable DDIC buffering (migration)
CMSC_INTF_MAPGeneralized mapping of INTF fields to SET fields
CNVCMIS_A_1_DTELSelection of Object Type Master information
CNVCMIS_A_1_MCIFMCIF type Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_MCOFMCOF type Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_TABFSelection of Object Type TABLE (TABF) Master information
CNVCMIS_A_1_VIEFVIEF type Repository Analysis
CNVC_SCNR_SCMD1Assignment NRIV-Object to data element
CNVDOMSCNV: Domains required by conversion package
CNVDOMSCCNV: from conv. pack. domains with conflicts in blending
CNVDOMSTConversion: Domains and data elements affected
CNVDOMSTCConversion: relevant domains with conflicts
CNVDOPARSConversion: Parameters for the FORM routines from CNVDOMS
CNVDOPARSCConversion: Parameters for FORM routines with conflicts
CNVHCM_PARDEFTDMS4HCM: Parameter Object Definitions
CNVMBTCPARAMPIFD Concrete Parameters for a Variant
CNVMBTPARAMPIFD Parameter Definitions
CNVMBTTABSTRUCField list of tables for file transfer
CNVTDMSSCR_DOMSList of Domains Assigned to a Rule
CNVTDMSSCR_DPARSParameters assigned to the Domain
CNV_00001_PDOMSDomains suitable for conversion routine parameters
CNV_10100_SETCLS(Obsolete for Package 10100)
CNV_10210_DOMSNumber conversion engine: relevant subobject domains
CNV_10400_DOPARSConversion: Parameter for conversion routine of a domain
CNV_10400_MERKDOMapping characteristic <-> domain for conversion
CNV_10400_SETUPSettings for characteristic conversion
CNV_10940_DOMAINDomain Entries
CNV_20330_TSTRUCStructure of CO object numbers
CNV_20551_KORREKCorrection of the data element for table fields
CNV_20551_PCLXStructure information for PCLx-RELID
CNV_NCE_KBNumber conversion engine: Knowledge Base
CNV_NCE_KB_LOCALNumber conversion engine: Local Knowledge Base
COAS_ATTRIBUTESMetadata for Attributes in Attribute Service
COMM_PCAT_CICProduct Catalog Characteristic
CRMC_BRFP_E_100CRM BRF+: Expression - Web Request Read
CRMC_BRFP_E_100ACRM BRF+: Expression - Web Request Read
CRMC_BRFP_E_100SCRM BRF+: Expression - Web Request Read
CRMC_CALC_TYPECustomizing table for calculation type
CRMC_ESSC_CONSVInput Help for ESSC Constants
CSUM_EV_FLDSExecuted Analyses - Fields
DD03LTable Fields
DD03NDDD: Attributes of a Node of a Structured Object
DD04LData elements
DD04TR/3 DD: Data element texts
DD10BDD: Parameters for Structured Objects, for ex. View Entities
DD24SFields of a matchcode ID
DD27SFields in an Aggregate (View, MC Object, Lock Object)
DD91SDocID Key Definition of External Index
DDFTXRun-time object with Screen Painter texts
DDMTFNametab Field Structure for Delayed Writing
DDMTF_1Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDMTF_ISUNametab Field Structure for Delayed Writing
DDMTF_SAVNametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDREPLINTABFDDD: Nametab Field Structure
DDSHENTITYTable of data elements which need the value table help
DDXTFNametab Field Structure for Delayed Writing
DDXTF_1Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTF_2Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTF_3Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTF_SAVNametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTF_SHDNametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTF_STDNametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDYTF_CONV_UCUsed during UCMIG within DMO of SUM
DM03SDM Attribute
E2EPC_PRVProblem Context Provider Table (obsolete)
EAML_EVT_O_ATTEAML Event Object Attribute
EDSAPPLEDI: IDoc Segment Application Structure
EEW_WZCF_USEUse for Extension Fields
EVE_ATTRIB_SUBApplication Structure: Lower-Level Attributes
FINB_FIELDSFields on the Data Basis
FINB_KF_CHAR_STRDDIC Structures According to Hash Values of their Components
FINB_MD_0100Registration: Data Elements
FINB_TACSYST_MFNObsolete !!! Valuation Systm: Meta Description - Field Names
FINX_FINFO_01Overview of Semantic Model: Mapping to ERP Entities
FINX_FINFO_02Overview of Semantic Model: Registration in ERP Environment
FPM_ADAPT_DIMAdaptation Dimensions
GRIX_SRCHFields for finding Report Writer extracts
HRSP_ABS_INF_COLInfo Columns for Absence Planner: Public Sector Germany
ICMT_ESOATable for Test of Enterprise Services in ICM
IDREPFW_SEELM_CDynamic Sel.: Selection Parameters
IDXEDSAPPLIDoc Adapter Fields in the Segments for each Port
IHC_TAB_GUI_FSIHC: Selectable Fields for Custom Selection
IUUC_DB_COL_TYPEOverride default column type mapping of CL_IUUC_SQL_TOOLS
IUUC_DD_SYNC_NTFSystem synchronization: Nametab field data
IWP_AUTH_IOBJDefinition of Infoobjects to be used for authorization
IWP_HIER_PROPProperties of a hierarchy
IWP_IOBJASSDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects
IWP_IOBJASS_CPDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects (copies)
IWP_IOBJA_APTDefinition of Audit Area Template specific Infoobjects
IWP_IOBJA_APT_CPDefinition of Audit Area Template specific Infoobj. (copies)
IWP_IOBJA_PTDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects
IWP_IOBJA_PT_CPDefinition of Audit Area specific Infoobjects (copies)
IWP_IOBJ_CUSTDefinition of Customer specific Infoobjects
IWP_IOBJ_CUST_CPDefinition of Customer specific Infoobjects (copies)
IWP_NAV_ATTR_VPDefinition of Navigational Attributes for Virtual Providers
IWP_VP_CUSTField mapping for Virtual Providers
JBRDIFTKEFRM Compared to CO-PA - Fields that are to be changed
JBRHISPHBAUMSTree Structure for Deactivated Portfolio Hierarchies
JBRHISPHTEXTRM: Portfolio Texts for Deactivated Portfolio Hierachy
JBRPHBAUMSStorage of Portfolio Hierarchy
JBRRMTKEFRM: Copy of CO-PA Field Catalog
JBRRMTKESRM: Base Field Catalog CO-PA Fix.Char./Basic Key Figures
JBRSVPHTEXTRM: Portfolio Texts for Saved Datasets (Backtesting)
J_3RF_ATTRTYP_DTAttribute types
J_7LC35REA Internal use: Re.partner-dependent field catalog
J_7LC35TREA Dynamic Screen Control: Language-Dependent Field Catalog
KE1_WU_FCATPCA Where-Used List: Field Catalog
LTR_DESTTYPE_FLDLTR: Home Destination Setting (L table)
LTR_DESTTYPE_FTXLTR: Home Destination Setting (L table)
LTR_KEYC_ROLE_EXLTR: Key Component - Excluded Data Elements
MDG_MDF1000Roles in Master Data Environment
MDG_MDF2000Defined Master Data Characteristics
MDG_MDF2005Properties of Master Data Fields
MDG_MDF9101Local Data Elements (Storage Only)
MDG_MDFL1000Local Roles in Master Data Environment
MDKMSD_CONTEXTContext Fields for an Object Type-Element Combination
MEREP_405Mapping Result for Synchronization (BAPI)
MEREP_807Common Structure ID Fields
MODWRDKey words of changed DE
MWLOB_MIG_KEYSCRM Large Object Migration Status
MWLOB_MIG_STATCRM Large Object Migration Status
N2DEIS-H*MED: Table of documentation elements
N2ETIS-H*MED: Table of docElement to DocCategory assignments
OIRHCHSFDDEFSClearing House Settlement - Field Catalog (IS-OIL,SSR)
OIRHCHSSGCONFCClearing House Settlement Msg sgmnt struc config(IS-OIL,SS
P05T_CVZ_HEADERHCIB transfer file headerlines
PLMC_AUDIT_OBJAudit Type - Object Attribute Type
PRP_BUPA_DETAILCustomizing of Displayable Details for Business Partner
REB_CND_MNT_CLMaintenance Classes for Rebate Condition Maintenance
RSRD_ATTRBroadcasting Framework: Producer/Distributor Attributes
RSRRENDERERATRWeb Output Module Attributes
RSTSDTELData element for transfer structure per logical system
RSTSDTELNEWData element for transfer structure per logical system
SCPRACTXBC Set: Activated in local system
SCPRCSVVBC Sets: Proposed Variable Values for Cross-System-Viewer
SCPRFLDVBC Set: Replace Field Text in Variable Fields
SCPRUSRVBC Set: Last variable entered per user (activ.)
SETDTELSets: Representative data elements
SFSRFW_IDX_IFDReplication Framework - Definition of Index Fields
SFSRFW_IDX_KEY_DReplication Framework - Doc. ID Description of an Index
SFSRFW_REQ_OBJSReplication Framework Requested Tables
SMODD03LTable Fields
SMODD04LData elements
SMODD04TR/3 DD: Data element texts
SMOG_SFLDSegment Fields Table
SPAR_NTDBParameter Storage: Persistent Nametab Container
SRATTCATWFBCOM Routing: Data Element Reference of an Attribute
SURAPPLFIELDSurvey: SAP field: header
SURAPPLVECTORSurvey: SAP fields: body (posting arrays)
SURDDICREFAssignment of data elements to survey fields
SWDSCNTIDXWF Definition: Container Index (Where-Used List from 610)
SWD_CNTIDXWF Definition: Container Index (Where-Used List from 610)
SWOTLQRuntime Table Parameters, Exceptions
SWOTLVRuntime Table Verbs
SXS_ATTRExit: Definition side: Attributes for an enhancement
SXVIEW_MOCK_COLXView Mock Data: Columns
T446FAssignment of Data Elements to Hierarchies
T588FIX_TEXTAssignment of Data Elements to Determine Fixed Texts
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