REPID Field in SAP | ABAP Program Name Data Element using tables

REPID is a data element in SAP used for storing ABAP Program Name data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this REPID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : REPID
  • Description : ABAP Program Name
  • Data Type :CHAR

ABAP Program Name tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using REPID Field

ABAPTREEObsolete Table
AGR_SELECTAssignment of roles to Tcodes
ARJ_1A101ARGENTINA: Legal rep.historical data for the daily reports
CIF_MAP_REP_LAYTTable for Converting Report Name to Unique ID
CKLTEXGeneric store for extracts
CMLTEXGeneric store for extracts
CNVCMIS_POSTPROLCMIS: List of reports for post-processing
CNVCMIS_POSTPROSCMIS: Status table post-processing
CNVC_SCWB_TCTask control table
CNVC_SCWB_TOTask order table
COCF_START_VARIStart Variant for Reports
COTPLRCO-OM-ABC: Master Data Extension, Process Template (Reports)
DEMOTREEDemonstration Hierarchy
DFKKREPAKRecording Header
DMC_IU_XPRAMWB Upgrade: Management Table XPRA
EARJ_1A101ARGENTINA: Legal rep.historical data for the daily reports
EWUMMFIEMU: transfer table for clearing entries MM-FI
F111PARAM_MODIFYNote whether RF_F111_PARAMETERS_MODIFY_ONCE has already run
FAGL_FCV_ADMINForeign Currency Valuation: ID Numbers of Valuation Runs
FAGL_TRVORGeneral Ledger: Control Statement
FILA_MIG_RESTARTRestart Legacy Data Transfer for Lease Accounting
HRT1221Table Part Infotype 1221 Excluded Activities
IDWT_COND_CHKCondition check table for WT generic tool
J_1A101Historical data for the daily reports
J_3GANZVARDisplay Variants - Link to INDX
J_3GARCHIVCEM Archiving Lists
J_3GKAL1Selection Parameters for CEM Calendar Visualization
J_3GKAL2Function Codes/Performs for CEM Calendar
KALSTATCosting Run: Statistical Info for Separate Steps
LTCXGeneric store for extracts
LTDXGeneric storage of display variants
LTDXBStorage of BLOBs for display variants from LTDX
LTDXDDefault display variants
LTDXSSAP Default Display Variants
LTDXTDisplay Variant Texts
LTEXGeneric store for extracts
MENTREE1Menu Maintenance Table
MENTREE1TText Table for Menus
MMIM_CONTROL_LOGInventory Management: General Control Table
MMIM_REP_CUSTCustomizing f. Inventory Mgmt Reporting
MMIM_REP_PRINTPrint Settings, Reporting MM-IM
MYSTABalance Sheet Valuation: Procedure Statistics Table
N2APPLOGIS-H*MED: Application Logging
N2LIZENZMODULIS-H*MED: License Module Assignment
N2LIZENZPROGIS-H*MED: License Assignment to Programs
N2PMDDOCV_LCUSTIS-H*MED: Settings for Link Element Document Viewer
NAVP_DEFAULTNavigation Profile: Default Profiles
NAVP_FUNCFunction of a Navigation Profile
NAVP_FUNC_TEXTText for Function of a Navigation Profile
NAVP_PROFILENavigation Profile
NAVP_PROF_TEXTText for the Navigation Profile
NAVP_SGP_MATCHSET/GET Parameter Matching for the Function of a Profile
NWAT_SCOVARIS-H AT: Scoring - Layout (Karteireiter)
NWPLACE_P01IS-H / IS-H*MED: Aspects in the Patient Organizer
NWPLACE_PERSIS-H / IS-H*MED: Pers.Information for the Work Environment
NWVIEWVARView Types in Work Stations
NWVIEW_001IS-H / IS-H*MED: Speical View Data for Occupancy
NWVIEW_002IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data for Arrivals
NWVIEW_003IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data for Departures
NWVIEW_004IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data for Requests
NWVIEW_005IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data for Transport Orders
NWVIEW_006IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data Documents
NWVIEW_007IS-H/IS-H*MED: Special View Data Svce Facility/Outp. Clinic
NWVIEW_008IS-H/IS-H*MED: Special View Data Medical Controlling
NWVIEW_009IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data Occupancy Characteristic
NWVIEW_010IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data Preregistrations
NWVIEW_011IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data Surgeries
NWVIEW_012IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data Drug Order
NWVIEW_013IS-H / IS-H*MED: Special View Data Drug Events
NWVIEW_014IS-H / IS-H*MED: Appointment Planning Special View Data
NWVIEW_015Medication: Medication Order, Cross-Institutional
NWVIEW_016IS-H / ISHMED: Special View Data Dictations
NWVIEW_NL1Sichtdaten cockpit
NWVIEW_P01IS-H / IS-H*MED: Spezialization Table for Patient Organizer
NWVIEW_PERSPersonalization Information for View
NWVIEW_W01IS-H: Workplace - View Type W01 - MiniApp Reports
OIB_USERPARAMHPM user parameter/defaults/favorites
OIUH_DD_CONFIGDD names per program with Open Mode (I/O) for QSAM files
OIUT3_OBJ_MAP_TYObsolete: internal structure to comm. structure mapping
PFLOGPeriod-End Partner: Log
SALVTMSExpiration, batch
SE16N_EXITSE16N: Assigns Exit Events to a Table
SGLWLPRFLSSAP Workload: Profile Codes and Class Names
SMENAKTNEWNodes of the active company menu Session Manager
SMENCAAssign Transaction/Report -> Application Function
SMENCA_DELTable for deletions from SMENCA_NEW
SMENCA_DUPAssign Transaction/Report -> Application Function
SMENCA_NEWAssign Transaction/Report -> Application Function
SMENCUSNEWFile Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer
SMENENTNEWFile Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer
SMENINTNEWInternet menu nodes of the Internet Session Manager
SMENMANUALFile Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer
SMENSAPFile Structure for Hierarchical Menu - SAP
SMENSAPNEWFile Structure for Hierarchical Menu - SAP
SMENSELAKTSave the selected menu entries in the Session Manager
SMENSELECTSave the selected menu entries in the Session Manager
SMEN_MIGRAMigration table for area menu - SAP share
SMEN_UPGRNew nodes that were added to the company menu
SMMAINMain Information for an Entry in the Monitor
SMOG_TPROGDefines the Flow ABAP program for a message type id
SWLT_SQLM_DSWLT: Display data from SQL Monitor test
SWLT_STATIC_C_DCache for static check data
SWLT_STATIC_DStatic findings cache
T020RProgram Selection for Program Transactions
T159ATest Data for Batch Input in Inventory Management
T159BParameters for Batch Inputs in Inventory Management
T159ITest Data for Batch Input in Inventory Management (Phys.Inv)
T159MInv. Managmt Print Function: Active Form Version, Labels
T159NInvent. Mgmt Print Function: Active Form Versions
T180MCustomizing List: Modification
T181DCustomizing List: Assign Work Structure
T181GGeneration Specifications
T181OCustomizing Lists: Assign Transaction and Report
T181VCustomizing List: Default Values
T181ZCustomizing Lists: Reasonable Accesses
T185VScreen sequence control: Processing location(s)
T390PM: Shop papers for print control
T496RPrint PP shop papers: Report control
T506RNational Reports and Screens for HR Loans
T51G2Off-Cycle Batch Table
T530MAdditional Query Fields: Calculation of Length of Service
T582CInclude Screens for Infotypes
T582VAssignment of Infotypes to Views
T589ZF Status of Each Module Pool and Screen
T5ASRSTART_REPExceptions for Report Transactions
T5D4YList of HI Funds
T5M8KLog of report calls for Danish payroll accounting
T5W63SARS Interface : Run Attributes
T5W64SARS Interface : Employee Status
T5W70UIF Interface : Run Attributes
T680NFCondition: Tree Control: Nodes: Fields
T77OCTABUSScenario-Specific Tab Page Usage
T77OMTABUSScenario-Specific Tab Page Usage
T77T0Profiles for RHDESC20
T7PMEDialog Control
T8PSA_SRC_CCSource Company Code
TAPPLICApplication ID
TASUTREPASU: Toolbox: Reports to be started
TCR00Installation constants for work center
TCSUBSubscreen table for flexible detail display
TDDIRSField exits on particular screens
TINSOFailed Payment Transactions and Charges
TIVWEB01RE: Web Link - Buttons/Link for Navigation Bars
TIVWEB02RE: Web Link - Control F1Bs for Program
TIWOLControl table for SAPLIWOL - Object list
TKEBUUse of Fields in Reports
TKEBU_VARWhere-Used List of Variables in Reports
TKKBORSELCustomizing Table for Order Selection
TLANEXITLanguage Transport User Exits
TMCELIS - Environment generation sample reports and references
TN2_DWS_WORKAREAWork Area <---> View Type Assignment
TRVORControl Statements
TSP0LSpool events
TTXBSCorresp.interface: Letter-module relationship
TWOBLControl table for SAPLIWOL - Object list
TZB0RAllocation: Flow type groups and print columns in reports
TZFO1Definition of release objects
TZTXTS01Word processing: Form letters
USH02Change history for logon data
USH02_ARC_TMPChange History for Logon Data: Last Entries from Archive
/CWM/T185VNext Screen Processing Inventory for Catch Weight
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