PROGRAMM Field in SAP | ABAP Program Name Data Element using tables

PROGRAMM is a data element in SAP used for storing ABAP Program Name data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this PROGRAMM field in SAP.

  • Data Element : PROGRAMM
  • Description : ABAP Program Name
  • Data Type :CHAR

ABAP Program Name tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using PROGRAMM Field

AMDPDBTemporary Data Transfer Table
APMREPOPrograms for Component and Key Figure in Application Monitor
AQREPTRASHReports of Deleted Queries
ARCDEL_OBJControl Table for Archiving / Deletion
ATLPDLimit Mgmt: Program/Screen Combinat. with Fld Selection Ctrl
ATLPDDLimit Mgmt: Permitted Program/Screen Combinat. for Fld Sel.
ATLPDTLimit Mgmt: Texts for Program/Screen Combinations
ATLSCRField Selection Control for Limit Types
AUT_D_DBTABLOGAudit Trail (ILM): Storage of Archived Table Logs
BEFM_SUBSCRBE Framework Subscription
BMA_CONSBOR Migration: Usage of BOR Constants in Programs
BMA_WLSTBOR Migration Assistant: Global Worklist
BPUM_REPConversion: Conversion Sequence Business Partner
BSANLY_OPBIA10Operational BIA administration: generated report per InfoSet
BSPBINCLBSP Generated Includes for BAPI Calls
BUXPRABusiness Partner: XPRA Management Table
CACS71_CRD_REPGenerated Reports for Credentialing Recheck
CIFIMODGENCustomizing the Automatic Generation of Integration Models
CKMLAVR_CPTFUNCFunctions in the Alternative Valuation Run Cockpit
CNVA_00555_STATEState Table for Run Time Estimation
CNVA_CCD_ANA_STAState Table for CC Deletion Analysis Package
CNVA_CCD_ANA_TMPState Table Template for CC Deletion Analysis Package
CNVCMIS_A_1_REPSSelection of Object Type Prog Master information
CNVJOBPROFILERequirement profile by job
CNVMBTACTIVITYUnique ID for all activities,information about execution
CNVMBTCWBSUBACTSubactivities of CWB-activities
CNVMBTMEPACMAPSME CWB Interface - Mappings associated with Packages
CNVMBTSUBACTUnique ID for all subactivities,information about execution
CNVMESSAGEConversion: package-related control of message output
CNVRUNTIMEHELPTemporary storage of runtime info for terminated programs
CNVSTATEConversion: Status of programs
CNVSUBSTATEConversion: Status of programs
CNVTDMS_09_PROGTable for generated programs
CNVTSACTTroubleshooting activity definition
CNV_00300_MAPSCWB-ME Interface - Mappings associated with Packages
CNV_12000_DEFINEDefinition for Text Conversion
CNV_20308_PROGPrograms to Be Compared
CNV_20317_INTFCNV_20305 DATBI Customizing Interface Data
COMC_PR_TOOL_REGRegistration for Auxiliary/Correction/Reset Programs
CRG_ARCHOBJECTSCRM Archiving Objects (Root Objects BOR)
CRMC_CODEX_SCNCheck Scenario
CSMSCRMETHIntrinsic Methods of CCMS System Component Repository
D010DBOBJDirectory of DB Procedures and Types Managed by ABAP
D010DBOBJDEPDependency Management for AMDP Generator
DB02N_ANADetailed analyses in ST04N
DBTABLOGLog Records of Table Changes
DELDYNPSList of Table Screens
DFKKREPPROGGenerated Comparing Subroutines for DDIC Structures
DFK_JC_CNTR_MSGMessages for Background Processing
DMC_CWB_INCLUDESMWB: Form and Data Includes for a CWB Package
DMC_GEN_EXIT_INCAssignment of includes with specific coding used in gen. mod
DRFD_APPL_FILTDefinition of Explicit Filters
DSWPJOBDSWP: Job Administration
EECICTOOLBAR_PRGCIC Function Bar Profile: Main Program for Status
EFRMGENTRDIRPrint Workbench: TRDIR Entry in Form Class Library in Gener.
ENHCROSSCross Reference for ENH Object
ERTRANS_E01ISU: For Customer-Spec. Tables to Be Transported
ERTRANS_EX01ISU: For Customer-Spec. Tables to Be Transported
ESH_OM_IE_IMPLGMLog Messages of SNOTE Software Component / Model Import
ESH_OM_IE_IMPLOGLog of SNOTE Software Component / Model Import
EUDBDevelopment Environment Objects
EWBPROCXFront Office Process
FDT_ADMN_0010FDT: Central Administrative Data (version dependent)
FDT_ADMN_0010AFDT: Central Administrative Data (version dependent)
FDT_ADMN_0010SFDT: Central Administrative Data (version dependent)
FDT_ADMN_0010TFDT: Central Administrative Data (version dependent)
FILTERDEFOperative Filter Entries for Product Structure Browser
FMRESUPDSTable for Conversions Programs to Run
GENSETCGeneration Set for ABAP Objects and BSP Applications
GENSETMGeneration Set for Used Machine Types
GODIRLOCKSynchronization for GODIR Fill Reports
GRCCC_DEL_PGMSGenerated Partial DSO & InfoCube Data Deletion Programs
GRFNMWLOGMigration Log
GRFNMWREGMigration Registry
GUIDIRTable of contents for models
IDCN_REPFORMAssign PDF Form to Report
IDGS_OBS_REACTReactivated obsolete programs
INSTCHECKInstallation: Check Table for Installation Settings
IUUC_ASS_RUL_MAPAssignment of Rules to Tables
IUUC_MOD_DYN_NAVDynamic and unrecognized module calls (with navigation)
IUUC_RC_TMPL_RMAtemplate for holding Rule Map entries
JBRGENPROGRM: Table of Generated Programs
JFSKIS-M/SD: Sales Document - Collective Processing for Header
JYXPRATransport Control
J_1APROLOGLog table for Inflation Adjustment Programs
KCDAPData Transfer: Application Programs
KPP0RCO planning: directory of generated reports
LANG_LOCKTable to lock runtime-intensive program sections
LAW2D_SYSTEMLAW 2.0 system table
LXE_INEWS(LXE) SE63 InfoNews Control Table
MCSCMVARLIS Copy Management: Control Table for Variant Maintenance
MDSE_SYNC_PROGPrograms for Initial Load
MPNCL1Dynamic Calls During Processing of Sub-Items
NAPHFIS-H AT: LKF - Punktehistorie zum Fall
OIRHREPORTSSTWBReports used in Storeworkbench
OIUCM_TAB_MAINTMPRA Generic Table Maintenance - Module Control
OIUREP_CM_JILActivate JIL control table
OIUREP_DD_STRUCTMaster DD file structures
OIUREP_ROY_PRFLDField Values in the Royalty Reporting Profiles
OIUX1_FLD_CATField Catalogue for Tax Reporting
OIUXI_PPNHXI: Prior Period Notification Header
OIU_CM_BATCHPROFunction process for volume allocation
OIU_PR_HPPNHVolumetric Historical PPN Header
OIU_PR_PPNHPrior Period Notification Header
ORBRELTPAObject Relationship: attributes of binary link types
P01CADAdministration Data for CPS Tables
P01T_A_ADSETNotif.: Status Administration/Employment Tax Notification
P01VA_STATPEP: Status of Pension Equalization Payment
P05TPRNL_EE_ADMSPension Return: Admin of Status Income Relationship - Pers L
P05TPRNL_LP_ADMSPension Return: Administration of Status - Legal Pers Level
P05T_AE_ADM_STATWage Return: Administrative Unit - Status Table
P05T_IV_ADM_STATWage Return: Income Relationship - Status Table
P05T_WCR_STATWCR Status Table
P05T_XML_VERSIONWage Return: Versions
QRFCEVENTEvent Control in qRFC
QSTRLST_CRITGroup.Criteria for List Config. for Ext.W/holding Tax Report
RCPT_PPMIG_CHKRMS-RCP: Migration Steps - Check Routine
RIS_INDEX_MISSEDRIS: Missed programs during index update
RIS_PROG_TADIRRIS: Mapping Table Programs --> TADIR Objects
RSPLS_REPCATDirectory of Generated Reports
RSRDELREPORTSTable with deleted report programs
RSRREPDIRDirectory of all reports
RSRREPDIR_STATGeneration Status for Non Client-Specific Queries
RSRREPDIR_STATUSStatus of Query Generation
RSSEM_UCR0_IPDSEM BCS Destination Registration For an InfoProvider
SAMTTRSAMT: Temporary Table for Program Selection
SCIREST_HDCode Inspector: Results of Inspection (Header Entries)
SCI_REM_OBJCode Inspector: Remote Objects
SCI_TEMPTCode Inspector: Temporary Table for Join
SCMATREETable: Tree Structure and Entries for Task List
SCR_REM_OBJRemote Objects
SDB_ER_PARAMETERServices Registery parameters (New world)
SMOEOBJINFAdministration console: object tags
SRAL_BL_HDRRead access log - user blacklist header
SRAL_BL_USERRead access log - user blacklist data
SRAL_BUS_CTXTSRAL: Business Contexts
SRAL_COND_FIELDSRAL: Condition for field
SRAL_CONFIGRead Access Logging: configuration entries for all channels
SRAL_CONFIG_DYNPRAL: Configuration for Dynpro
SRAL_CONFIG_RFCRAL: Configuration for Remote Function Calls
SRAL_CONFIG_WDRAL: Configuration for Web Dynpro ABAP
SRAL_CONFIG_WSRAL: Configuration for Web Services
SRAL_LG_CONDRAL: Assign Log groups / Fields to Conditions
SRAL_LOG_DOMRead Access Logging: Log Domains
SRAL_LOG_FIELDSRAL: Log group fields
SRAL_PARAMSRead access logging: paramters
SRAL_RECORDRead Access Logging: Recorder
SRAL_RECORD_DATARead Access Logging: Recording Data
SRAL_SAVEDSEARCHRAL: Advanced Search Parameters: Saved Search
SRT_ASSIGN_DIRAssignments of Profiles to Configurations
SRT_CACHESRT: Generic client-dependant cache table
SRT_CC_CHANGESCentral Configuration Med Changes
SRT_CC_CHANGES_HCentral Configuration Med Changes - History
SRT_CC_MIF_CDIRSRT Central Configuration: Central Dir. Matching Interfaces
SRT_CFG_CLI_ASGNAssignment of HTTP Destination to WS Client RT Configuration
SRT_CFG_DEF_ASGNAssignment of Default LP Name to Proxy Class for WS Client
SRT_CFG_DIRSOAP Runtime Framework: Configuration Directory
SRT_CFG_MLP_DATAProxies and LPs belonging to a mediation LP
SRT_CFG_SRV_ASGNAssignment of HTTP URL to Runtime Configuration Web Services
SRT_CFG_STS_ASGNSTS assignment of binding
SRT_CFG_TPLC_DIRSRT: Config. template dir-table maintained from Customer
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