PROGRAM Field in SAP | Program/Transaction in SQL Trace Evaluation Data Element using tables

PROGRAM is a data element in SAP used for storing Program/Transaction in SQL Trace Evaluation data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this PROGRAM field in SAP.

  • Data Element : PROGRAM
  • Description : Program/Transaction in SQL Trace Evaluation
  • Data Type :CHAR

Program/Transaction in SQL Trace Evaluation tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using PROGRAM Field

ACC_INPH3_DYNPRORegister of screens for field pairs from ACC_INPH3_PAIRS
ACI_TECS_IF_GENAdministration Information for Generation
AMSKSQL trace header info in application monitor
AMSPSQL trace position info in application monitor
BADIIMPL_MENURuntime Table BAdI Menu Enhancements
BADIIMPL_SCREENRuntime Table BAdI Screen Enhancements
BADI_MENU_ELEMRuntime Table BAdI Menu Enhancements
BADI_SCREEN_DEFRuntime Table BAdI Screen Enhancements
BDLSHDRHeader Data for Conversion of Logical System Names
BGRFC_SRV_STATEServer Status of bgRFC Units
CCONTAINERFind Container C C
CNVCMIS_A_1_BIFCExit: Implementation side: Function codes, lang. independe
CNVCMIS_A_1_BISCExit: Implementation side: Subscreens
CNV_LICENCE_BKBackup Table for Encrypted Objects
COMS_PRCATVIEWProduct Maintenance Definition Views
COVREFCoverage Reference Table: All Processing Blocks
COVRESTable of Coverage Results
COV_GENDATASCOV metadata created at generation time
COV_METADATACoverage-Specific Metadata of Programs
D347TGUI Title
ENHCROSSCross Reference for ENH Object
ENHHOOKMIGRTEMPTable for Migration Support for Change of Hook ID
EPSS_TBC1EPSS Toolbar Configuration
J_2ILAYCTRTable for all the layouts of excise reporting
QRFC_I_UNITInbound qRFC: Unit Header
QRFC_N_UNITObsolete Table (No-send scenario not implemented) Do not use
QRFC_O_UNITOutbound qRFC: Unit Header
SABAP_ALV_CHECKSTable for Collecting Dynamic ALV Check Data
SABAP_GUI_CHECKSTable for Collecting the Created Dynamic GUI Check Data
SATR_PRFLRECSSAT: Records in the Flexible Profile
SATR_PRFLRECSTSAT: Language Table for Profile Records
SBMIGOTIMPBOR Object Type Implementation Components
SCIREST_RTOBJCode Inspector: Results of Inspection (Header Entries)
SCI_CALL_GRAPHCode Inspector: Call Graph
SCI_CALL_GRAPH_DCode Inspector: Call Graph
SCI_CALL_GRAPH_ECode Inspector: Call Graph
SCI_CALL_GRAPH_HCode Inspector: Call Graph
SCI_TST_INDXIndex für ABAP-Anweisungen in Programmen
SCONTAINERFind Container C C
SCR_SYN_DUMPSSyntax Check Dumps
SEUERRORPrograms in the index compilation contain errors
SFW_INST_XPRAIndustry Installations XPRAs
SFW_INST_XPRA_EXIndustry Installation XPRAs Activation Time
SFW_XPRANon-Executed XPRAs
SITS_AWRT_DEBUGDebugging Entries for Function Group AWRT
SLINCACHESLIN cache (table like INDX)
SLIN_CACHE_00Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_01Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_02Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_03Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_04Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_05Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_06Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_07Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_08Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_09Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_10Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_11Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_12Cache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_CACHE_RESCache Storage for Slin Results
SLIN_COMMON_PARTSLIN Storage Info for Common Parts
SXC_FCODEExit: Implementation Page: Function Codes
SXC_FCODETExit: Implementation Page: Function Codes, Text Table
SXC_SCRNExit: Implementation side: Subscreens
SXMSHELPHelp Assistant
SXS_FCODETExit, definition side: component function codes, text table
SXS_SCRNExit: Definition side: Component subscreens
SXS_SCRNTExit: Definition side: Component subscreens, Text table
T8JFRM_D_STPFarm In/Out & Re-Determination (Farm) Main Table
TABADREXITSDerivation: Internal Exits
TAUNIT_META_DATAABAP Unit: Testclass Meta Data
TCACS_CONVG_OKTable of Checked Screen Layouts (Group Conversion Exit)
TEMSCHEDIS-U Migration: Import Runs
TFK021PCScreen Variants: Reference Screens (Customer)
TGN_CNTXTMContext menu names of object types of generation workbench
TICL170Transaction Control FS-CM-EVT
TKEEXITSCO-PA Internal Exits
TPDASUBSCTPDA: Subscreens for Subscreen Tree
TRFC_I_UNITInbound tRFC: Unit Header
TRFC_O_UNITOutbound tRFC: Unit Header
TTXFPSelection list of print programs
VER04400_LOCKTabelle für Enqueue-Objekte bei parallelen SHO Veri-Läufen
VERI_OK_INDXVerzeichnis für korrekte Muster
VERI_PROG_DIRVerzeichnis für Anweisungs-Index
VERI_STMT_INDXIndex für ABAP-Anweisungen in Programmen
WBREGISTRY_PPlug-in Tools for ABAP Workbench (WBREGISTRY)
WGRC_ACTCurrent Capacity Data for Doors or Staging Areas
WGRC_ASSVendors Door/Area Appointment
WGRC_RES_AREAResources in a Staging Area
WGRC_RES_DOORDoor Resources for a Specific Period
/TMWFLOW/TKLEXTPExtension of Export and Import Task in Task List
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