PGMID Field in SAP | Program ID in Requests and Tasks Data Element using tables

PGMID is a data element in SAP used for storing Program ID in Requests and Tasks data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this PGMID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : PGMID
  • Description : Program ID in Requests and Tasks
  • Data Type :CHAR

Program ID in Requests and Tasks tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using PGMID Field

ADIRACCESSTable to store keys for TADIR objects
AGS_BPCA_C_EXMPTExemptions for Test only Once
AGS_BPCA_ISECTBPCA: Result Item Details
AGS_BPCA_ISECT_KBPCA: Result Intersection Table Keys
AGS_BPCA_S_EXMPTExemptions for Test only Once - Shipped by SAP
AGS_SMT_TCUODevelopment object allowed in Test case change evaluation
AGS_TBOM_FRMWK_FTBOM:Filter for Framework Objects
ANST_NOTE_SEA_PTrace Notes Search Item
AXT_CAT_DICTCatalogue object dictionnary entry
AXT_LOG_OBJTYPEAXT Logical Object Type
BMA_CONSBOR Migration: Usage of BOR Constants in Programs
BMA_EXCEBOR Migration Assistant: Non-Migrated Objects
BMA_WLSTBOR Migration Assistant: Global Worklist
BPCA_MAPPINGMappings from Transport Objects to Runtime Objects
BPCA_MAPPING_KMappings from Transport Objects to Runtime Objects for Keys
BTFR_OBJ_ATTR_SObject Type-Specific Attributes of Long Texts
BTFR_OBJ_ATTR_TObject Type-Specific Attributes of Short Texts
BTFR_OBJ_IDSBTFR Object Types, "Translation" Object Type - Vector
BTFR_TYPES_SObject Type-Specific Text Types for Translation (Long Texts)
BTFR_TYPES_TObject Type-Specific Text Types for Translation(Short Texts)
CNVCDMCCA_COMPCDMC - Results from Remote comparision
CNVCDMCCA_OREFObjects : Where-User list
CNVCDMCCA_SE30CDMC : Results from Runtime Aalysis
CNVCDMCCTS_OBJSCDMC : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for CTS project
CNVCDMCCTS_OREFCDMC:CTS - Customer and Reffered SAP Objects
CNVCDMCCTS_REQSCDMC : CTS Collected requests and Objects
CNVCDMCCTS_ROBJSCDMC:CTS : Table to strore the environment objects
CNVCDMCUCIA_PLCDMC : UCIA - SAP Objects impacted in an Upgrade or Patch
CNVCDMCUCIA_RESCDMC : UCIA - Result of Remote Comparison of SAP Objects
CNVCDMCUCIA_STATStatistics data collected from the Statistics system
CNVCDMC_BPCACDMC Table for BPCA interface with mapping and TBOM info
CNVCDMC_PROJHIERCDMC table to store the Proj Heirarchy info of Sol Man Projs
CNVCDMC_REFOBJSCDMC table to store the referred objects of Sol man projects
CNVCDOPCA_COMPCDOP - Results from Remote comparision
CNVCDOPCA_OREFObjects : Where-User list
CNVCDOPCA_SE30CDOP : Results from Runtime Aalysis
CNVCDOPUCIA_PLCDOP : UCIA - SAP Objects impacted in an Upgrade or Patch
CNVCDOPUCIA_RESCDOP : UCIA - Result of Remote Comparison of SAP Objects
CNVC_OBJECT_TYPEZSC: master table object types
CNV_LM_BLACKLISTCritical generation errors in DMIS components
CNV_LM_WHITELISTWhitelist for generation errors in DMIS components
CRMCHKCSNShort Desc.: Related Ticket
CRMCHKENVCheck Results Management: Check Environment of Check Results
CRMCHKEXCCheckMan - Internal: Storage of Exemptions
CRMCHKHSTCheck results history
CRMCHKOBJAObject Attributes
CRMCHKOBJRMain Object-Subobject Relationship
CRMCHKOBTYMeta Data: Check rules object tyep assignment
CRMCHKRESFindings (Runtime)
CRMCHKRESAResult Attributes
CRMCHKRESLFindings (Display LoaD)
CRMCHKRUNJTasks/Jobs of a Check Run
CRR_MDS_SOBJTransportsystem: Objekt-Einträge von Aufträgen/Aufgaben
CRR_MDS_SOBJKCRR IUU: dyn maint event saving of e071k for logical w/o aim
CTS_AIM_TRC_OBJTransport Objects triggering an AIM trace
CTS_IMPREQ_RELATstores overlapping relations between imported requests
CWBCIDATAOBJCompressed data on correction instructions
CWBCIOBJObject list of correction instructions with TADIR key
DBDCGENTBDD: Persisting Activating Ojects in Mass Activation
DMC_IU_E071MWB Upgrade: Table E071
DMC_IU_E071KMWB Upgrade: Table E071K
DMC_MDS_E071Table for snapshots of e071
DMC_MDS_IU_E071MWB-Upgrade: Tabelle E071 - Parallel to DMC_IU_E071
DMC_MDS_SOBJKIUUC: dyn maint event saving of e071k for logical w/o aim
DSYS_CUSTHRDSYS: Storage for Customer Documentation
DSYS_STDHRDSYS: Storage for SAP standard documentation
E071Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071ELang. Transport: Positive List for Generic Object Selection
E071KChange & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
E071KS_PREVIEWTransport Request Preview: Key Entries with Strings
E071K_STRKey Entries with String Fields of Requests/Tasks
E071K_STR_SHADOWCopy of E071K_STR_SHADOW, String Replaced By Long Char
E071K__PREVIEWTransport Request Preview: Key Entries of a Request
E071SSystem-Specific Import Status of Objects
E071S__PREVIEWTransport Request: System-Specific Import Status of Objects
E071___PREVIEWTransport Request Preview: Objects of a Request
E2ET_TR_RT_MAPPE2W Testing Agent: Transport Object-Runtime Object Mapping
E2ET_TR_RT_MAPPKBPCA: Transport Object-Runtime Object Mapping Key
ENH4DELTABTable for Cleanup After Import Object Deletion
ENHOBJEnhancement Objects
ENHSPOTOBJEnhancement Spot Objects
ESH_OM_TRANSObjects for Cross-System Transport
EWUPAKOParts of changeover package
FDT_E071FDT Transport Request: Persistent Requests - Object Entries
FDT_E071KFDT Transport Request: Persistent Requests - Key Entries
FINB_TR_E071Object List for Client Copy
FINB_TR_E071KObject List for Client Copy (Key)
FINDOEXCPTList of Exceptions for Program RDDFINDO (See Documentation)
GENSETCGeneration Set for ABAP Objects and BSP Applications
GENSETMGeneration Set for Used Machine Types
GODIRCentral Object Directory (Contains All Known Objects)
GOSDIRGlobal Object String Directory
GOX_TR_OBJECTSList of generated objects for transport
GOX_TR_TABKEYTable Keys for GOX Objects
GTADIRGlobal Object Directory
GTADIRAGlobal Object List (Change and Transport System)
GTODIRExchange: List of Objects Delivered to Customers
HIER_TEXT2Hierarchy Information
HOTPACKEXCException List for Support Package Creation
HOTPACKRULModifiability Rules for Support Packages
HOTPACKWRNLogging Confirmed Hotpackrul Warnings
IODIRDirectory of Inconsistent Repository Objects
JBRNAMESPCRM: (Sub-)Namespaces for Generation
KTADIRDirectory of Repository Objects
LTCONVConversion table, object type - TADIR object
LTODIRObject List for Switch
LXE_COL71Transport Objects
LXE_LIST2Local Lists
LXE_LIST_SR2Local Lists
LXE_LIST_SX2Local Lists
LXE_TRP_OBJ_XList of transport objects handled by the generic interface
MDG_TR_E071Object List for Client Copy
MDG_TR_E071KObject List for Client Copy (Key)
MDS_E071MDS: E071 to a specific simulation version
MDS_E071KMDS: E071K to a specific simulation version
MDS_OBJSLMDS: OBJSL to a specific simulation version
MERGENEGLMerger Exclusion Objects
MERGENEGLNExclusion Objects Merger Central Maintenance Table
MERGENEGLXExclusion Objects Merger Central Maintenance Table
MERGEOBJCollection Table of Problem Objects
OBJSLObject: Object List - Logical Object
OBJ_COMPObject Comparison
OCSCMPLOBJComplete Information for Objects (with TADIR and Lock Key)
PAD71Patch Contents
PAD71KKeys of Table Entries Contained in a Patch
PAT02Conflicts Between Patches and Add-Ons
PATALLOWEDTabelle der erlaubten Objekte bei einer Deinstallation
PATCONFLConflicts Between OCS Packages and Add-Ons (with Objects)
PATEXCPTException Objects for Conflict Check
RSTPCHECKEXCException Table: Before Export Check
RSTPCHECKEXEMPTExcemption table for IMPORT ALL interrupt handling
SCDTTRDESDistribution: Target System of Requests/Tasks
SCDTTRKEYDistribution: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
SCDT_E071_TRIGGDistribution Polling Trigger Buffer
SCI_HANA_TEST1Katalog der Repository-Objekte
SCI_HANA_TEST2single records buffering
SCI_HANA_TEST2Ageneric buffering
SCI_HANA_TEST2Bfully buffered
SCI_HANA_TEST2Csingle records buffering
SCI_HANA_TEST3buffering allowed but turned off
SCPRMRPMBC Sets in SFW: Migration Report Messages
SCTS_TRACK_CATcCTS: Object catalog for central change tracking
SOTR_USEWhere-Used List for OTR Texts
SOTR_USEUWhere-Used List for Strings in the OTR
SQLMHCISQL Monitor: Source Info
SQLMISQL Monitor: Source Info
SQLMSHCISQL Monitor: Source Info / Snapshot
SQLMZISQL Monitor: Info & Key
SRAPI_MAP_OBJStores Mapping of ESR Entity and Corr. TADIR Entry in ABAP
SRAPI_PIC_OBJStore mapping of TADIR Entries - ESR Keys for PIC Checks
SYSCOMPDirectory of Repository Objects
SYSCOMP_DATADirectory of Repository Objects
T5PPBS5SSProgression depending on seniority session table
T800OObject management FI-GL/FI-SL
TADIRDirectory of Repository Objects
TDCLDHypertext: control table
TKCORSAP-EIS: Transport Attributes of Collected Objects
TLANEXITLanguage Transport User Exits
TLOCKPProject Lock Table for Objects
TLOCKPCProject Lock Table for Table Key
TLSYOBJObjects for the Language Transport
TMSTCRISecurity-Critical Transport Objects
TODIRSubstitution Object List
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