SAP PARVW (Partner Role) Data element field

List of Tables using PARVW Field

ALM_ME_D997User-specific settings
ALM_ORD_PART_SDPartner Maintenance for Server Driven order pushing
CCRCC_CDEHS: Rules for Country Determination
EAMS_CVBPARVWPRIPartner Function priority for searching address
EAM_D_IHPA_TIMEValidity for Partner Assignment in Plant Maintenance
EDPARConvert External < > Internal Partner Number
EDPVWPartner Functions Allowed for EDI
EKPAPartner Roles in Purchasing
ESALES_PRODSALESProfiles of the sales transaction
FKK_VBPA_SHORTPartner Data for SD Billing Document - Extracts
FSLSIForeign Trade: Legal Control - Sanct. Party List - Indices
FSLSTForeign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit Trail
FSLSTAForeign Trade: Legal Control - SLS - Audit Trail
IHPAPlant Maintenance: Partners
JFPAIS-M/SD: Sales Document - Partner
JKSDCOLLECTBAGCollection Dates By Business Partner
JKSDQUANTITYROLEIS-M: Contract-Related Quantities for Specific Roles
JKSD_KNVP_PARVWIS-M: Time-Dependent Partner Roles in MPS - Partners
JLPASales Document: Partner
JSDTPAERBusiness Partner: Functions in Partner Determination Proced.
J_1AOFNR4SD Billing Type Parameters per country
J_3R_CAUTHOutput control for Goods Withholding Authorization
J_7LC02REA Company Codes: Common Company Codes
J_7LC09REA Customizing: General Controls
J_7LC50REA Data Filters: Definition Access Sequences for Hierarchy
J_7LC51REA Data Filters: Access Sequences - Accesses
J_7LV1PREA Document: Item Data
KNVPCustomer Master Partner Functions
KOPARebate Arrangement/Partner Assignment
NACHDetailed output data
OIFBRT1Business partner roles - technical category (IS-Oil MRN)
OIFPBLIndex to point at Business Location
OIGSPAPartner in TD-shipment
OIRBBP1PFLocation partner role SD partner functions (IS-Oil SSR)
OIRECHBPAClearing house bus. partner role assignments (IS-Oil MRN)
OPS_SE_SOC_LOGLog for Service Output Control
T024PCredit Management: Credit Representatives
T169BPPartner Allowed as Payment Recipient
T377Criteria for Material Serial Number Management
T606PGLegal Control: Partner Functions for Grouping Partners
T610ZForeign Trade: Customs Identification Nos - Vendor/Customer
T685BCondition Types: Additional Data for Sending Output
TEOBJRESPDef. Partner Roles and Note for Persons Responsible for Obj.
TIH02Field Selection for Partner Addresses
TINPASales Documents: Index Updating for Business Partner
TJKSDCOLLECTROLEPartner Role for Return Collection
TJPPMBPAssignment of SAP BP Roles to PM Partner Roles
TNAPNOutput Control: Output By Partner Function
TOIJ_BPD_PMAPNomination Partner Communication Partner Mapping
TPAERBusiness Partner: Functions in Partner Determination Proced.
TPAER_PMPartner Functions in Partner Schema (PM) with Copy Flag
TPAKDBusiness Partner: Valid Acct Groups per Partner Function
TPAKLAssignment of Partner Function to Account Group Vendor
TPARBusiness Partner: Functions
TPARTBusiness Partner Functions: Texts
TTXGText Processing: Text ID Groups
TTXVRText Processing: Copy Control Texts
TTXZIText Processing: Copying Control for Access Sequences
TVAKSales Document Types
TVGRPFGroup Referencing Requirement: Fields
TVKBSales Activities : Authorization for Partner Functions
TXW_S_VBPARetrieve VBPA from archive
VAKPASales Index: Orders by Partner Function
VBKASales Activities
VBKOFSD index: Open sales activities by partner function
VBKPASD index: Sales activities by partner function
VBPASales Document: Partner
VBPA3Tax Numbers for One-Time Customers
VBUVSales Document: Incompletion Log
VFKPShipment Costs: Item Data
VFPAPartner for Shipment Costs
VLCDEAENDVELO : Relationship Between Dealer and End Customer
VLKPASD Index: Deliveries by Partner Functions
VRKPASales Index: Bills by Partner Functions
VTCFPPFreight Planning Transfer Profile
VTPAShipping Partner
WBHPTrading Contract: Partner Assignment
WBPAAgency Business: Business Partner Assignment
WCOCOPCondition Contract: Partner Assignment
WYT3Partner Functions
/BEV1/CAZAPDialog Box w. Address Data Partner Function in Order Entry
/BEV1/EMLGBWDPEmpties Movement Account Customer
/BEV1/EMPARTPartner Function for Processing Empties
/BEV1/RBVBPASales Document: Partner, Copy VBPA for Indirect Orders
/BEV1/RBZBEATZMaintain Doc. Type for Doc. Type Change for Virtual Docs
/BEV3/CHCDPOBJ1CDP: Object Partner
/BEV3/CHOPAObject Partnership
/BEV3/CHTOPRCH Partner Types
/BEV4/PLDROLZURole Assignment for Pendulum List
/CUM/CONMSCU: Construction Measure Master Data
/SAPCEM/BD01Planning: Default Values for Requisition Note
/SAPCEM/ZULPARTAllowed Partner Functions per Document Type/Equipment Cat.
/SAPHT/DRMCECTYPDRM end customer type
/SAPHT/DRMCPACNVDRM Partner Conversion
/TDAG/CPC_ADRPVWCP: Adress partner function priority
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