OBJCT_TR01 Field in SAP | Archiving Object Data Element using tables

OBJCT_TR01 is a data element in SAP used for storing Archiving Object data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this OBJCT_TR01 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : OBJCT_TR01
  • Description : Archiving Object
  • Data Type :CHAR

Archiving Object tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using OBJCT_TR01 Field

ADMI_APPLIApplication archive file information table
ADMI_AR_PEXTCreated Archive Routing Path Extension
ADMI_CRITManage critical archiving objects (database conversion)
ADMI_HOME_PATHHistory of Home Paths for Archiving Object
ADMI_JOBSArchive Jobs
ADMI_PROPIProperty Indexes
ADMI_RJOBSRead program jobs
ADMI_RUNArchive Runs Header Data
ADMI_XRUNArchiving Session for XML Archiving Objects
AFX_ACTVTActivity log
AFX_GLOBAL_CTRLGlobal Control of Archiving: Check Table
AFX_GLOBAL_CUSTGlobal Control of Archiving: Settings
AFX_GLOBAL_PBPGlobal Control of Archiving: Package Formation Procedures
AFX_GLOBAL_PBPTGlobal Control of Archiving: Package Form. Proc. Short Text
AIND_STR5AS: Function Modules for Application-Dependent Reporting
AIND_STR5TAS: Texts of Application-Dependent Data Object Display
AIND_STR9SAP AS: Authorization Checks
ARCH_CHECK_EXCArchiving - Standard Checks: Exceptions
ARCH_DEFDefinition of archive object
ARCH_DELEObjects with tables from which entries are deleted
ARCH_GENERDefinition of Events for Archiving Generation Program
ARCH_IDXIndex table for data object selection
ARCH_NETTable with archiving objects for network display
ARCH_NUMCross-client Number Assignment for Archive Run
ARCH_OBJObjects for archiving and reorganization
ARCH_OCLASAssign classes to archive object
ARCH_OHEADArchive File Overhead
ARCH_REPOWReporting and Read Programs for Archive Files
ARCH_ROUT_CONDArchive Routing: Header Per Archiving Object
ARCH_ROUT_HEADArchive Routing: Header Per Archiving Object
ARCH_ROUT_RULEArchive Routing: Header Per Archiving Object
ARCH_RPRGArchiving objects with associated read programs
ARCH_SERVData Archiving Server Selection (Obsolete from Release 6.10)
ARCH_TCODEApplication Customizing Transactions
ARCH_TXTDescription of archive objects
ARCH_USRCustomizing Table for Archiving
ARC_TRANS_RUNSTransfer Archive Administration: Archiving Session Data
BKKARCHDATETo Date of Archiving
BKKARCHDATEBUFTemporary Database Buffer for Admin. of Archived Periods
BKKARCHDATEFArchived Periods per Archiving Run
BKKARCPERIODArchived Periods
BKKARCPERIODFILEArchived Periods per Archive File
CGPL_APPLICATIONProject Planning - Applications
CNVCMIS_A_ARCHCMIS table for storing info. about active archive objects
CNVCMIS_A_ARCHRResult table for storing the comparision of archive object
CNV_10996_ALVOUTALV output of archiving sessions for conversion
CNV_10996_ARCHIVArchiving sessions for conversion
CNV_10996_ARDEFAdditional tables for AR objects
CNV_10996_CLASSA.session: Archiving classes and their tables
CNV_10996_DELIMDelimitation of archiving objects by org. units
CNV_10996_DTFLDMapping determination - header tables
CNV_10996_REFERTables for conversion in an archiving session
CNV_10996_TABLESTables of an archiving session
CNV_CMIS_A_ARCHCMIS table for storing info. about active archive objects
DMC_CONN_ARCHIVEMWB: Connection definition table
DTINPTechnical Customizing of Data Source Selection DTIN
IRW_ARCH_OBJRelationship between tables through key fields- RW Specific
IRW_ARCH_STRUCTRelationship between tables through key fields- RW Specific
LOYC_FRW_ARC_SRHLOY FRW : Archive Search objects for an application
MDOBLAOBJRelationship Types Used in Archiving Objects/Classes
RZPT_RZArchiving: RZPT - Views for Maintenance of Residence Time
SILM_SK_BG_P_HDTransfer of Parameters for Background Job - Header Table
TBKKARCHEVENTSEvents in Archiving
TBKKARCPERIODArchiving Periods
TBZ1BDT Application Objects
TE026ACustomizing: IS-U Archiving Retention Periods
TE026BCustomizing: IS-U Archiving Additional Retention Periods
TE026CCustomizing: IS-U Archiving Date Field Selection
TFK005Term for Archiving Objects
TFKAR_LOCKLocks for Archiving in FI-CA
TIVCAOBJTYPEAllowed Object Type
TR01Archiving basis table
TR01TBase Table Reorganization: Texts
TXW_R_STATStatus/Trace for TXW-data retrieval from archives
TXX_ARCH_OBJArchiving Object Assignment ILM
TXX_RAOBRegistered Archiving Object
TXX_RAOB_TABLESTable classification of registered Archiving Object
/BOFU/I_NODE_DETNode Name- Partial Archived
/BOFU/I_OBM_ARCHArchiving Adapter: BO Specific Settings
/EACC/TAR_OBJArchiving Objects
/LIME/ARCH_IDXIndex Table to Select LIME Archiving Objects
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