NUM4 Field in SAP | Four-digit number Data Element using tables

NUM4 is a data element in SAP used for storing Four-digit number data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this NUM4 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : NUM4
  • Description : Four-digit number
  • Data Type :NUMC

Four-digit number tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using NUM4 Field

ACMETAINFO_CUSMetainfo Table for Customers
ACMETAINFO_SAPDatabase Table to store the Content Metainfo
AIROUTTAB_VERSAP Solution Manager: RoutTab Version
AKB_RUNLISTObsolete: Information for Decoupling Administration
BC325V10Sample Table for BC325
BC325X00Sample Table for BC325
BC325X01Sample Table for BC325
BC325X02Sample Table for BC325
BC325X03Sample Table for BC325
BC325X04Sample Table for BC325
BC325X05Sample Table for BC325
BC325X06Sample Table for BC325
BC325X07Sample Table for BC325
BC325X08Sample Table for BC325
BC325X09Sample Table for BC325
BC325X10Sample Table for BC325
BC325X11Sample Table for BC325
BC325X12Sample Table for BC325
BC325X13Sample Table for BC325
BC325X14Sample Table for BC325
BC325X15Sample Table for BC325
BC325X16Sample Table for BC325
BC325X17Sample Table for BC325
BC325X18Sample Table for BC325
BC325X19Sample Table for BC325
BC325X20Sample Table for BC325
BDLSHDRHeader Data for Conversion of Logical System Names
BDLSLOGAdditional Information for Conversion
BMA_CONSBOR Migration: Usage of BOR Constants in Programs
BSP_DLC_EOVPVIEWEditable Overview Page: Assignment of display view <-> edit
CKMVFM_BSEG_OUTDisplay of FI Documents, Transaction CKMVFM, SAP Note 912984
CKMVFM_EXTRACTTransaction CKMVFM, Extracts, see SAP Note 912984
CKMVFM_OUTOutput for the Value_Flow_Monitor, see SAP Note 912984
CNTLREMremarks to controls --> see table CNTLWARN
CNTLWARNTable containing information about control restrictions
CNV_CHKORDER_ARWorking table for function module cnv_check_seqnum_order
CNV_CHKORDER_BLTable for block administration of module cnv_check_seqnum_
CNV_MBT_WORD_LOGWorkinstruction: messages during report generation
COAT_ATTR_OBJCOAT: Assignment Positions - Object Type
CSMNUDATACSM CEN CCMS Data to be Processed
DMC_DISTRCInfo on Structures For Test Type Direct Input 1/Example Type
DXMAPTable for Saving Conversion Proposal
EAPPOBJTHISApplication Objects
ECRM_REPL_HDHeader Data for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECRM_REPL_KEYNew Key Object for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECRM_REPL_NODDone Node Table for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECRM_REPL_PAREditable Params. for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECRM_REPL_TABMDG Param. Table for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
EDCNVAPLRLMapping of Component Release to Internal Number
ESCHSTSchema Step Notes
EVERHIS-U Contract History
EVER_CRMQISU Contract CRM-Entry Queue
EVER_CRMQ_CONFContract Queue Configuration
EVER_CRMQ_STATUSContract Queue Configuration
FPB_LP6_FOL_TTexts for Folders
FPB_LP6_FOL_UTTexts for Folder for User
FPB_LP6_F_R_CFolder <---> Reports Assignment
FPB_LP6_F_R_UCFolder <---> Reports Assignment
FPB_LP6_OBJTYPESObject Types for Role, Instance
FPB_LP6_O_F_CContexts <--> Folder Assignment
FPB_LP6_O_F_UCContexts <--> Folder for User Assignment
FPB_LP6_REP_LTLong Texts For Reports
FPB_LP6_REP_TTexts for Reports
FPB_LP6_REP_U_TTexts for Reports for Users
FPB_LP6_R_BWT_CParameters for BI Reports with Template
FPB_LP6_R_BW_CParameters for BI Reports
FPB_LP6_R_MDT_CParameters for Manager's Desktop Reports
FPB_LP6_R_RW_CParameters for Report Writer
FPB_LP6_R_RW_UCParameters for Report Writer for Users
FPB_LP6_R_TRA_CParameters for Transactions
FPB_LP6_R_TRA_UCParameters for Transactions for Users
FPB_LP6_R_TYP_CType of Report
FPB_LP6_R_URL_CParameters for URL Reports
LAWDESTCUSLAW: Customizing Table for RFC Destinations
LXE_SLLS_PREFSTranslation Statistics - User Settings
NLPORTAL_LABDOCDokument alter in tages
OCSCCOMPATKompatible Komponentenversionsen
OIO_MX_OBJECTRLM tracking extract object data
PPFTBOOKPPF: Book Management (Demo Application)
RSPLS_REPCATDirectory of Generated Reports
SESI_DEMO_OI_SOOrder ID of the SESI Demo Salesoffice Application
SPROXLPTProxy Metadata (Substitution Table)
STACKCOMPSSoftware Components in Software (SP) Stack
SUS_PR_ATTACHDSUS: Product attachment data
SVMCRT_CONFVMC Runtime: Configurations
SVMCRT_MOD_CATRepository of Installed Java Components
SVMCRT_MOD_TRANSVMC Runtime: Transport Table for Modules
SXMSEPCACHEXI: Runtime Cache for Exchange Profile
T5ASRADDCRIT_TText Table 'Additional Criteria' (LPA)
T681Y_BMENCondition Maintenance to Area Menu
T705WPDC Communication Parameters
T77WWW_LE_EPProvider Configuration for External Services
TF011Generate Request Screen: Formating Instructions
TFSEL_CEPCEP Customizing table: Fields for display in CEP control
TISSR_OUT_LTVARISSR: Anzeigevariante für Ausgabecontainer sichern
TKCOMSAP-EIS: Method table
TKEASCO-PA derivation rules: Control table
TNODE02_APTest case attributes: Problem message data
TRGT_TRANS_REVALTable with Revaluation Structures for Transfer to TR Ledger
TSKT2Statistics on the proposals pool
TSKT4Log of Translations for Language Transport
TSKTZTranslation environment presettings: Worklist
TUMSGText Table for System Evaluation Messages
TXW_LOCK1Lock object for INDX (Tax Data retention)
TXX_ADMI_PARDART-Administration ---Segment-Management---
TXX_LOCK1Lock Object for INDX (Control Data Retention)
UPWB_TEMPLATESTemplates to Genererate BSP Applications
UPWB_TEMPLATES2Templates to Genererate BSP Applications
WSSOAPPROPWeb Services: Soap Application Properties for Features
WSSOAPPROP_DARKTransport Table as Replacement fo WSSOAPPROP (Only Transp.)
/BDL/SESSMAPControl table for SDCC sessions
/BDL/TASKSControl Table of Task Manager
/BOBF/OBM_VRSBOPF Configuration: Model Versions
/EACC/DMM_QUEEXTechnical Info for Extraction
/EACC/DMM_QUEUEBW Objects in the Extraction Lines
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