SAP MSGID (Message identification) Data element field

  • Data Element : MSGID
  • Description : Message identification
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using MSGID Field

AKTIVITEMActivities After Receipt of Work Item from Message
BREBI_BILLP_T003Error Log Table
BREBI_BILMS_T003Error Log Table only for Master Installation
BSSOA_MSGGRPMessage category groups
CDBC_CRCDATHCredit Rating Check: Actions per Rating Procedure/Rating (M)
CMP_VBFS_EXTStatus Messages from Mass Complaints Processing
CNVCMIS_A_1_TRANTransaction Analysis Table(CMIS)
CNV_10020_ACTANActions for messages
CNV_MBT_UI_CONFTable to maintain web dynpro popup activity configurations
CPPEMSG_TYPEMessage Control
CPPEMSG_VALMessage Types Allowed
CPPEMSG_VALTDescriptions for Valid Message Types
CRMC_CRCDATHCredit Rating Check: Actions per Rating Procedure/Rating
DFKKCMPEManually Entered Checks Lot: Error Messages
DFKKNRPENOC Returns Lot: Error Messages for Items
DFKKRPEReturns lot: Error message for returns item
DFKKUREUpdate Run: Defective Data Records
DFKKZPEPayment lot: Error message for payment item
DPWTYC_MESSAGE_MMessage assignment
EVAL_IV_ERR_HDError at Header Level
EVAL_IV_ERR_ITMError Log for Evaluations at Item Level
FDM_LDDBFSCM-DM: Log And Delay Database
FIEH_STATUSObject Status for Restart Exception Handling
FINB_ST_VARGRPCVariable Groups for Structured Types
FKKBSTEMAcct Statement Transfer: Messages for Incorrect Records
FPRL_WARNINGSSystem Warning Messages
FUD_MSG01Fin UI Decoupling - Transformation of Messages
FUD_MSG01_CFIN UI Decoupling - Transformation of Messages
HSMC_113Responses for Segregation Rule Check
IBROSTMPEBroker Report: Error Message for Broker Report Item
INSTCAUSEError Causes for Extracts from Backlog Sets
INSTSETTable of Error Extracts
ISU_ERREXTR_BIDescription of all Extracts for a Backlog Set
ISU_ERREXTR_BILLDescription of all extracts of a set
ISU_INSTAExtracted incorrect installations for backlog processing
ISU_SOLPATHSolution Path for Errors
ISU_WLIST_CAUSEDifferent Agent for Certain Error Causes
ISU_WORKLISTDefine Error Extracts for each Agent Group
IWP_CONF_MESSAGEAdopt Messages in Message Log
JFFSIS-M/SD: Error Log for Collective Billing Doc.Processing
JFXJFFSDLIS-M: Backup Transfer Internal Table XJFFS
JLFSIS-M/SD: Error Log for Collective Settlement Processing
LDK00Status Record for WM Communication Records
MDG_MDF0001Response to Message
MDKPHeader Data for MRP Document
MDKPDBHeader Data for MRP Document
MRMRBBW_ERR_EXTRMessage Log for Extraction to BW
NWCH_BOA_ARCHProtokoll-Archiv für die Massendeckungsabfrage
NWCH_BOA_PROTProtokoll für die Massendeckungsabfrage
OIJERRLOGTSW: Error log of create/change documents
OIJ_EL_ERROR_LOGOIL-TSW: Error log for ticketing process
PPC_ACT_REPROCReprocessing Records for Activities
PPHDBVMSETPPH: additional material settings
SCPRMRPMBC Sets in SFW: Migration Report Messages
SRT_CFG_LOG_ITEMSRT Logging: Item Table
T050TGeneral texts
TASKLIST_HISTORYHistory of Parallel Valuation Jobs in MM-IM
TDG75DG: Hide Messages when Writing Log
TDGB3DG: Assignment DG check schema/DG check methods/reaction
TFIEH_GF_001Handling Methods
THM095DG: Determination of Response for Mixed Loading Checks
TINV_INV_LOGLINELog Table ZEILE for Bill Receipt Processing
TNNLCLASS_MESSMeldung Klassifikation meldungen
TNNLREJCLAS_MESSRejection Classification Messages
TOIJ_EL_DOC_SETOil TSW: Control document flow and error log
TSTCSAP Transaction Codes
TSTC_LOGSAP transaction codes
TVGMSView Control: Error Messages
UCFV102Validation: Messages
UCFV201Validation Method: Messages
UGMD0001FIN Master Data: Response to Message
VBFSError Log for Collective Processing
VSBMERMainstep-Errors in Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSBPERPrestep-Errors in Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSBPLMProcessing Log Messages
WPLSTPOS interface: processing log
WPXSTPOS interface: status external subsystems (error messages)
/AIN/TU_ERR_MAPAutoID Mapping Vendor Specific Error to Namespace
/BEV3/CHCIVBFSError Log Collective Run CH Docs. Using Create Invoice
/BOBF/ACT_LISTBOPF Configuration: Action
/BOBF/CONF_CHKEXBOPF Configuration Check Exceptions
/BOBF/TOOL_MSGMAMapping between BOPF check msg. and BOPF Checkman check msg.
/MRSS/C_ALERTSAssignment of Alert Types and Messages
/MRSS/C_OPT_MSGCustomizing for individual error level of optimizer messages
/SAPMP/RC_T003Reel Calculation: Result Control
/SRMERP/C_MSGMessage Handler Properties - Customer Settings
/SRMERP/C_MSG_SMessage Handler Properties - system settings
/TDAG/CPC_CKCRITCP: Definition of Check Criteria
/TDAG/CPC_CKTASKCP: Link of Tasks to Check Criteria
/TDAG/CPC_TCMSGCP: Assign task messages to task categories
/TDAG/CPC_TCMSGSSpecify status for task message execution
/TDAG/CPT_TASKHHeader data for tasks
/TDAG/CPT_TASKHACP: Kopfdaten für Aufgaben / Archiv
/TDAG/RCSC_CMPTCampaign Type
Application Platform Tables
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