LVORM Field in SAP | Deletion Indicator Data Element using tables

LVORM is a data element in SAP used for storing Deletion Indicator data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this LVORM field in SAP.

  • Data Element : LVORM
  • Description : Deletion Indicator
  • Data Type :CHAR

Deletion Indicator tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using LVORM Field

ACCRBDAccruals/Deferrals Master Data - Basic Data
ASMDService Master: Basic Data
BGMKMaster Warranty Header
BGMKOBJMaster Warranty - Object Assignment
BGMPMaster Warranty Item
CIFMDMAVRVersions of Table MDMA
CNV_20551_MATNRMaterial numbers scheduled for deletion
DVM01R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data for Material Master
EWATDEVLOCProvisional Container/Container Location Allocation
GHO_INET_LOGChange log table for INET - productive networks
GHO_SIMU_INETLOGLog table for simulation changes in production network
GHO_SIM_INETObject Links for Network Simulation
IHSGObject-Related Permits in Plant Maintenance
INETObject networking
J_3GSTLKOPFHeader Data for Equipment BOMs
J_7LBDCMSGREA Conditions: Error Messages BDC Condition Adjustment
J_7LC01REA Company Codes
J_7LC02REA Company Codes: Common Company Codes
J_7LC03REA Data Filter: Billing Types
J_7LC04REA Data Filters: Sales Areas
J_7LC05REA Data Filter: Material Types
J_7LC06REA Data Filter: Product Hierarchies
J_7LC07REA Data Filter: Material Groups
J_7LC08REA Customizing: Data Filter Indicator
J_7LC09REA Customizing: General Controls
J_7LC10REA Countries: Country Grouping
J_7LC11REA Customizing: Selection Criteria for Declarations
J_7LC13REA Data Filters: Transaction Types
J_7LC14REA Data Filter: Movement Types
J_7LC15REA Data Filter: Document Types
J_7LC16REA Bill of Material Usage (Company Code)
J_7LC17REA Packaging Types
J_7LC18REA Change Fields
J_7LC191REA Data Filters: Splitting for Sales Transactions
J_7LC192REA Data Filters: Splitting for Purchasing Transactions
J_7LC193REA Data Filters: Transaction-Dependent Sales Data Filters
J_7LC194REA Data Filters: Transaction-Dep. Purchasing Data Filters
J_7LC20REA Packaging Levels
J_7LC200REA: Packaging Level - Recycling Partner Assignment
J_7LC21REA Special Condition Types
J_7LC23REA Customizing: Assignments for Automatic Article Managemnt
J_7LC26REA Data Filter: BOM Usage
J_7LC27REA Data Filter: BOM Item Category
J_7LC28REA Data Filter: Sales Document Item Category
J_7LC29REA Data Filter: Packaging Material Type
J_7LC31REA Customizing: General Interface Default Settings
J_7LC32REA Data Filters: Customer Industry Key
J_7LC34REA DME: Field Mapping and Rule Set
J_7LC36REA Condition Types
J_7LC37REA Condition type assignment: Versions
J_7LC38REA Condition type assignment: Items
J_7LC39REA Packaging: Weighting Factors for Units of Measure
J_7LC40REA Info System: Recycling Partner-Spec. LIS Update
J_7LC41REA Data Filter: Country Allocations
J_7LC42REA Data Filter: Allocation R-Partner, Country and Comp.Code
J_7LC43REA Data Filter: Filter Type Definition
J_7LC44REA Data Filter: Field Definition Country Assignment
J_7LC45REA Data Filter: Key
J_7LC46REA Data Filter: Groups for Material Characteristic
J_7LC47REA Customizing: Customer Enhancement
J_7LC48REA Data Filter: Field Definition Charact. Material Master
J_7LC49REA Data Filter: Material Master Characteristic Values
J_7LC50REA Data Filters: Definition Access Sequences for Hierarchy
J_7LC51REA Data Filters: Access Sequences - Accesses
J_7LC52REA Company Codes: Assigned Plants for Bills of Material
J_7LC53REA Data Filters: Assignment Access Sequences Customer Hier.
J_7LC54REA Data Filters: Asgmt Access Sequences Vendor Hierarchy
J_7LC55REA Data Filters: Trade Level Combinations
J_7LC56REA Data Filters: Trade Level Combinations - Transactions
J_7LC57REA Data Filters: Transaction Keys
J_7LC58REA Customizing: Posting of Accruals Corrections
J_7LC59REA Customizing: Assignment of Accruals Correction Posting
J_7LC60REA Customizing: Condition Types for Accruals Correction
J_7LC61REA Data Filters: Access Sequence Doc. Flow Evaluation
J_7LC62REA Data Filters: Doc. Flow Evaluation-to-Billing Type Asgmt
J_7LC63REA Data Filters: Document Flow Evaluation Path
J_7LC64REA Data Filters: Access Sequence Doc. Flow Eval. - Paths
J_7LC65REA Data Filters: Accesses in Document Flow Evaluation Path
J_7LC66REA Data Filters: Doc. Flow Evaluation Single Access
J_7LC67REA Data Filters: Filter Definition for Doc. Flow Evaluation
J_7LC671REA Data Filters: Doc. Flow Evaluation Sales Doc. Type
J_7LC672REA Data Filters: Document Flow Evaluation Billing Type
J_7LC673REA Data Filters: Document Flow Evaluation Delivery Type
J_7LC68REA Customizing: RePartner-Dep. Consistency Check Header
J_7LC69REA Customizing: RePartner-Dep. Consistency Check Items
J_7LC70REA Customizing: Log File Control for Declarations
J_7LE00REA Partner Master Record: Name of Recycling Partner
J_7LE01REA Partner Master Record: General Data (Country-Dependent)
J_7LE02REA Partner Master Record: Company Code
J_7LE04REA Partner Master Record: Volume/Area Classes
J_7LE05REA Partner Master Record: Packaging Types
J_7LE06REA Partner Master Record: Additional Information Key
J_7LE07REA Partner Master Record: Content Identification Key
J_7LE08REA Partner Master Record: Month-Quarter Assignment
J_7LE09REA Partner Master: Document Types
J_7LE10REA Partner Master: Document Types Periodicity
J_7LE11REA Partner Master: Selection Groups for Consecutive Docs
J_7LE12REA Partner Master: Consecutive Doc.-to-Selection Grp Asgmt
J_7LE13REA Partner Master: Trade Levels
J_7LE14REA Partner Master: Trade Level Proportion (price list vers)
J_7LE15REA Partner Master: Formulas for Fee Calculation
J_7LE16REA Partner Master Record: Packaging Category - Fraction
J_7LE17REA Partner Master: Price Formulas
J_7LM01REA Article Master: General Data
J_7LM02REA Article Master: Company Code
J_7LM03REA Article Master: Sales Units
J_7LM04REA Article Master: Packaging Assignments
J_7LM05REA Article Master: Recycling Partner Assignment
J_7LM06REA Article Master: Bills of Material
J_7LM07REA Article Master: General Referencing
J_7LM08REA Article Master: Referencing Company Codes/Countries
J_7LM09REA Article Master: R.Partner-Depend.Data Assign.Packaging
J_7LM10REA Article Master: Filters for Regional Processing
J_7LM11REA Article Master: Declaration Key
J_7LP01REA Price List: Versions
J_7LP02REA Price List: Items
J_7LP03REA Price List: Conditions
J_7LS01REA Fractions: Internal Fractions
J_7LS02REA Fractions: Partner Fractions
J_7LS03REA Mat.Types: Internal/Recycling Partner Material Types
J_7LV01REA Packaging Master Data: General Data
J_7LV01TREA Packaging Master: Short Texts
J_7LV02REA Packaging Master Data: Fraction Assignment (Weight)
J_7LV03REA Packaging Master Data: Recycling Partner Assignment
J_7LV04REA Packaging Groups: General Data
J_7LV05REA Packaging Master Data: Packaging/Packaging Group Assign.
J_7LV06REA Packaging Master Data: Bills of Material
J_7LV07REA Packaging Groups: Recycling Partner-Dep. Packaging Data
J_7LV08REA Packag. Mast. Data: Re.Partner-Dep. Data Asgmt Fraction
J_7LV1AREA Document: Consecutive Document Types for Main Doc. Type
J_7LV1BREA Document: Consolidated Documents
J_7LV1FREA Document: Characteristics/Grouping from MM
J_7LV1HREA Document: Trade Levels
J_7LV1KREA Document: Header Data
J_7LV1MREA Document: Quantity Flow on Article Level
J_7LV1PREA Document: Item Data
J_7LV1SREA Document: Selection Criteria Log
MBPRStock at Production Storage Bin
MDMAMRP Area for Material
MEIKMake-to-Order Stock for Customer Order
MKLKConsignment Stocks and Returnable Packaging with Customer
MKUBMaterial Provided by Customer
MLIBMaterial Provided to Vendor
OIA02Exchange item data - sales side
OIA03Exchange item data - purchasing side
OIA05HQuantity schedule header table - sales side
OIA06HQuantity schedule header table - purchasing side
SLGHElements of Stock Population
SMOMVKESales Data for Material
T372INetwork identification
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