LIFNR Field in SAP | Account Number of Vendor or Creditor Data Element using tables

LIFNR is a data element in SAP used for storing Account Number of Vendor or Creditor data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this LIFNR field in SAP.

  • Data Element : LIFNR
  • Description : Account Number of Vendor or Creditor
  • Data Type :CHAR

Account Number of Vendor or Creditor tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using LIFNR Field

ABS_IV_KEYFI_ITMAbsolute Key Figures at Item Level
ACCTITCompressed Data from FI/CO Document
AFFWGoods Movements with Errors from Confirmations
AFVCOperation within an order
ANGAAsset catalog general data
ARIX_BSAKFI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Indx for Archiving Vendor Accounts
AUWEIIndex, Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering Doc.
BANKA_CUP_ITBank Account Number maintenance for CUP/CIG Number
BBP_NEWVD_LOGList of Newly Created Vendors
BBP_PCIACAccounting Data for Procurement Card Company
BBP_PCPOSProcurement Card Statement: Position Data
BBP_TMP_VENObsolete from 2.0C Onwards. Was Never used Before
BBP_TMP_VENDNOObsolete from 2.0C Onwards. Was Never used Before
BBP_TMP_VENMAPTemporary: Request 'Bidder', Backend System Reference
BC001Business Partner: Assign Vendor - Partner
BFOK_AFI subsequent BA/PC adjustment: Vendor items
BNK_BATCH_ITEMBatch Payment Items
BORGR_VTTP_NOEXNew inbound deliveries with references
BORRTFIRegular tour determinatin (route schedule inbound delivery)
BSAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSAK_BAKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSEGAccounting Document Segment
BSIKAccounting: Secondary Index for Vendors
BSIK_BAKAccounting: Secondary index for vendors
BSIPIndex for Vendor Validation of Double Documents
BWPOSValuations for Open Items
BWPOSIValuations for Open Items
CACS00_DOCFI_PData Transfer: FI Documents (Items)
CACS_STMRUIndividual Settlement Rule
CDLCNONRSupplier-specific Delivery Confirmation Number
CHVWTable CHVW for Batch Where-Used List
CIF_IMMKOLInt. Model Reference Table for Consignment Stock for Vendor
CIF_IMMSLBInt. Model Reference Table for Special Stocks at Vendor
CIF_IMVENIntegration Model Reference Table for Vendors
CIS_VF_EXTExtension Table for CIS Sub contractors
CKISItems Unit Costing/Itemization Product Costing
CKMLHDMaterial Ledger: Header Record
CKMLHD_AGGRMaterial Ledger: Header Record
CKMLMV_AUX_KALNRCost Estimate Numbers for Valuated Objects in QST
CMM_D_IDXCommodity Management: Index Table
CNVCMIS_M_VMVMACMIS: Generated Pooltable for Matchcode Id VMVM-A
CNVCMIS_M_VMVMDCMIS: Generated Pooltable for Matchcode ID VMVM -D
CNV_20200_LFB1Differences in vendor account master data
CNV_20800_KNVKCNV backup copy: Customer master contact person
COFPDocument Lines (project cash management)
COOICommitments Management: Line Items
COOI_PIBW CO-OM: Commitment Management: Deleted Line Items
CRACCPayment Cards: Account Assignments in Card Master Record
CRFILEPOSPayment Card File: Individual Records
CRHDWork Center Header
CRNUMPayment cards: Card master record
CUP_DOC_ITDocument relevant for CUP/CIG Number
CVI_VEND_LINKAssignment Between Vendor and Business Partner
DEFTAX_ITEMData for Deferred Taxes
DIT434PStock determination: FS item table
DKKOSBalance Audit Trail
DKOKSOpen Item Account Balance Audit Trail Master Record
DLCNOLast Delivery Confirmation Number to Vendor
DLCNOHDDelivery Confirmation for JIT Outbound
DMF_D_VENDORTransfer Status of Vendors
EDMMSAssignment of EDI partner to purchasing org. and plant
EKBZHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKBZHHistory per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs
EKRSDCERS Procedure: Planned Delivery Costs to be Invoiced
ELBMVendor Evaluation: Material-Related Item
EVAL_IV_RES_HDResults of Vendor Evaluation (Header)
EVAL_IV_RES_ITMResults of Vendor Evaluation (Item)
EWA_EL_WDPLANTWaste Disposal Facility
FAGL_R_APARReorganization: Object List for Receivables and Payables
FBICRC003AICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Documents
FBICRC003OICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Object table 1
FBICRC003PNot in use
FBICRC003TICRC: Open Items Customers/Vendors: Totals
FCABPFI-CA: Document Item
FCML_MATML Characteristics for Material (Selection Criteria)
FDFIEPCM: FI Line Items (OP of Deb/Cred for Drilldown)
FDI1Cash Management Line Item for RE Classic Planning Records
FDMVCash Planning Line Items of Earmarked Funds
FDSPCash Mgmt Adjustment Items from Document Splitting
FIP_D_CONTRContract Data
FIP_D_ORDER_LINEOrder lines for FIP
FIP_D_PDT_TO_DCExternal planned delivery time from vendor to suppl. plant
FIP_D_PROMOPromotion data
FIP_D_SP_MAT_VDRRelationship Supplying Plant, Material and Vendor for FIP
FIP_D_SP_VENDORRelationship Supply Plants and Vendors for FIP
FIWF_ACGRPAccount Assignment Groups for Role Definition
FIWT_PARTNR_EXMTable for Vendor specific threshold amounts
FKK_VBPA_SHORTPartner Data for SD Billing Document - Extracts
FMCJIS-PS: Documents in Cash Desk Subsidiary Ledger
FMEPFI-FM Line Items
FMFG_LFACCRVendor Master Central Contractor Registry (CCR)
FMFG_SAV_FMUSFGASaved FMUSFGA data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600
FMIFIHDFI Header Table in Funds Management
FMIOICommitment Documents Funds Management
FMLGD_H_VG_02_01Posting Type 02: Vendor Down Payment
FMPSOISKAssgmt of Vendor to Subledger Preprocessing Proc./Rev. Type
FMUSFGAActual line item table for US Federal Government
FOTRFDITMCHGChange Documents, VAT Refund Item
FRE_DB_MAP_RELPRmapping table to transfer release profiles
GHO_CUVD_OWN_MDCustomer/Vendor Ownership Master Data of Business partner
GHO_CUVD_OWN_TYPCustomer/Vendor Ownership Roles
GLE_FI_ITEM_MODFECS: Modified FI Line Items (Header/Item/Currency Data)
GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIGECS: Original FI Line Items (Header/Line Item/Crcy Actg I/F)
GLPCAEC-PCA: Actual Line Items
GLPCA_CTProfit Center Documents
GLPOS_C_CTFI Document: Entry View
GLPOS_N_CTNew General Ledger: Line Item with Currency Type
GLSPCProfit Center Accounting: Line Items
GSBLCABusiness area consolidation: deviating records
HIMAPM order history - materials
HIVGPM order history - operations
ICRCAICRC: Items to be Reconciled
ICRCUICRC: Potentially Differing Document Groups
ICRCZICRC: Reconciled, Completed Items
IDHU_TAX_LIFNR_KExchange rate type per vendor for tax amount in 2nd or 3rd
IDKR_VENVATVAT registration number against vendor on a time basis
IDSAU_WT_CERTWithholding tax certificate details
IFW_WORKLISTInvoice forecasting worklist
IHC_DB_NEW_TRAPOIHC: Customizing-Table for Posting Detail Report
IHC_DB_TRAPOIHC: Customizing Table for Transfer Posting Report
ISAUTOSICVENDTABAccessible vendors per user
J1B_ERROR_DDAMaster Table for DDA_Brazil (Segment G)
JHTFPAIS-M/AM: Settlement/Billing Document Item: Partner
JITOITComponents Group JIT Outbound
JKONVIS-M/SD: Conditions (Transaction Data)
JLPASales Document: Partner
JVKONVIS-Oil / Joint Venture / Data table for CRP pricing data
JVSO1JV LI Table with Objects for JVTO1
J_1A102Independent vendors with no CUIT or Social Security
J_1AOIFWVLOpen item foreign currency valuation: temp. storage
J_1APACK1Printing Authorization Code for Vendors
J_1AR_MTYPEAR Monotributo Vendor Data
J_1BFIFOINIncoming FIFO relevant Consignment movements (BRAZIL)
J_1BNFTYPEREDLFNota Fiscal type determination for NFe by Vendor
J_1ICERTIFTDS certificate information
J_1ICOMPAdditional company data
J_1ICO_VENDDETColumbia: Monthly data for freelancers/vendors
J_1IEWTPROVTable for TDS provisions
J_1IEXCDTLExcise invoice line item details
J_1IEXCHDRExcise invoice header detail
J_1IE_RCTTable for Storing contract details(Ireland)
J_1IGRXREFGoods Receipt to Excise Invoice Coss Reference
J_1IITMDTLItem Details - for Capital goods and subcontracting
J_1IKONVExcise recalculated conditions
J_1IMATEXPExceptional materials excise rates
J_1IMOVENDVendor Master Excise Additional Data
J_1IRG23DRG23D register for the depot
J_1IRTXDTax Code Assignment
J_1ISERCATGTAService Category based on GTA Code (LEVEL 5)
J_1ISERCATMMService category determination for GTA and imports Invoices
J_1ISERCATMM1Cust table to determine the Service Category on MM - Level1
J_1ISERCATMM2Cust table to determine the Service Category on MM - Level2
J_1ISERCATMMFI1Table to determine the Service Category on MM-FI - Level1
J_1ISERCATMMFI2Table to determine the Service Category on MM-FI - Level2
J_1ISERVCService tax details
J_1ISER_BSEGTransaction table having the Invoices with Service Category
J_1ITCJCUPDATEUpdatation table for open documents
J_1ITDSClassic TDS - reference table
J_1I_BCKEXCSUSCustomizing table for background capture of Exc Invoice-SUS
J_3RBUE_BK_TABLETransparent table for PurBook (ALV)
J_3RFCNTMaintain Internal Contract Numbers
J_3RFGTDSource Customs Declaration Contents
J_3RFGTDINVGTD usage in billing documents
J_3RFGTDMATGTD usage in material documents
J_3RFIN_RATE_CLCDownpayments rate calculator for foreign currency - invoices
J_3RFOKATOREGRelation OKATO -> Region, District
J_3RFPM_RATE_CLCDownpayments rate calculator for foreign currency - payments
J_3RFSEC_ITEMData for Secondary events for deferred tax
J_3RF_DI_PVENDAssign Electronic ID to Vendor
J_3RF_DI_PVENDNAssign Electronic ID to Vendor
J_3RF_PARTNERPartner Data (Vendor and Customer)
J_3RF_REGINV_INIncoming Invoice Registration Journal
J_3RF_REGINV_OUTOutgoing Invoice Registration Journal
J_3RF_TPTransfer pricing: main customizing table
J_3RF_TP_FORGForeign organization data for transfer pricing
J_3RF_TP_LIST2Information of Notification. List 2
J_3RSL_BK_TABLETransparent table for SaleBook (ALV)
J_3RUMSVTax Balances per Comp.Code, Tax Code and Process.Key+ client
J_7LBDCMSGREA Conditions: Error Messages BDC Condition Adjustment
J_7LC192REA Data Filters: Splitting for Purchasing Transactions
J_7LC194REA Data Filters: Transaction-Dep. Purchasing Data Filters
J_7LM10REA Article Master: Filters for Regional Processing
J_7LV1MREA Document: Quantity Flow on Article Level
J_VE_INCWTMaintain Withholding Tax Payment Details
KBLKKREDVendors for Funds Reservations
KBLPDocument Item: Manual Document Entry
KNA1General Data in Customer Master
KNVKCustomer Master Contact Partner
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