LANGU Field in SAP | Language Key Data Element using tables

LANGU is a data element in SAP used for storing Language Key data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this LANGU field in SAP.

  • Data Element : LANGU
  • Description : Language Key
  • Data Type :LANG

Language Key tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using LANGU Field

AAB_VAR_PROPTVariants for Activation IDs: Description
ABC_FTREETCO-ABC: Texts for Tree Structure
ACCLSYS0TTexts for Logical System IDs
ACCPERSELTName of Selection Conditions for the Period Lock
ACDATAPROVPARAMTData Extraction Parameters: Texts
ACDATAPROVTData Provider for Monitoring and Alerting
ACE_SOP_FFVRSTXTVersion for Simulation of Performance of Stock Prices
ACE_SOP_INVRSTXTVersion for Simulation of Performance of Stock Prices
ACE_SOP_VERSNTXTVersion for Simulation of Performance of Stock Prices
ACO_ACTIVITYTActivities for Authorization Check (Text Table)
ACO_OBJ_TYPETObject Type Text Table for Authorization Check
ACVARCONTEXTNMTXText variable-Context Names in alerting configuration
AD00PMCLTText Table for Class
AD00PMEVTText Table for Events
AD04NMCTText element for number category
ADFSH_ACFTCAT_TFlight Scheduling: Aircraft Category Description
ADFSH_ACFTYP_TFlight Scheduling: Aircraft type Description
ADFSH_AIRLNCD_TFlight Scheduling: IATA Airline Code Description
ADFSH_APTMAS_TFlight Scheduling: Airport Description
ADFSH_BAYMAS_TFlight Scheduling: Bay Master Description
ADFSH_FLGTCAT_TFlight Scheduling: Flight Category Description
ADFSH_FLGTPAX_TFlight Scheduling: Flight Type Description
ADFSH_FLGTSTAT_TFlight Scheduling: Status of Flight Description
ADFSH_FLGTTYP_TFlight Scheduling: Flight Type Description
ADFSH_MODEMAS_TFlight Scheduling: Mode of Operation Description
ADFSH_PRTHEAD_TFlight Scheduling: PRT Description
ADFSH_SECTMAS_TFlight Scheduling: Sector Master Description
ADFSH_TERMAS_TFlight Scheduling: Terminal Master Description
ADPMORDTXTCustomizing : Priority order code description
ADPMPRIOPRFTComponent Maintenance Cockpit Profile Text Table
ADPMSTATHDTComponent Maintenance Cockpit Profile Text Table
ADRCITYTPostal districts (long texts)
ADRCOUNTYTCounty (long texts)
ADRREGGRPTGrouping of the regional structure (long texts)
ADRSTREETTStreets (long texts)
ADRTOWNSHIPTTownship (long texts)
AFFVOrder - Process Instruction Values
AFX_FMOD_CHATAFX Function Modules: Changing Parameter(s) - Text
AFX_FMOD_EXCTAFX Function Modules: Exceptions - Text
AFX_FMOD_EXPTAFX Function Modules: Export Parameter(s) - Text
AFX_FMOD_HEADTAFX Function Modules: Header - Text
AFX_FMOD_IMPTAFX Function Modules: Import Parameter(s) - Text
AFX_GLOBAL_PBPTGlobal Control of Archiving: Package Form. Proc. Short Text
AFX_OBJDATA_KEYTKey Terms for Generated Runtime Data: Texts
AFX_OBJDATA_TYPTKey Categories for Generated Runtime Data: Texts
AFX_TEXTPOOLText Pool for Program Templates
AFX_TREEDEFTHierarchy Tree Definition: Texts
AGR_PROFProfile name for role
AGS_FILE_EXT_LLong file extensions from SAP for incident exchange
AGS_SMT_TSAT_DESDescription of a Test Attributes Set
AGS_TBOM_CVERSTXBPCA: Texts for the Software components of Remote Systems
AGS_TD_QGATE_TAGS: general QGate types text
AGS_UDA_RATING_TRating Texts of UDA Objects
AGS_UDA_STATUS_TStatus Text of UDA Objects
AGS_WORK_COMPTAGS: Work Center Compositions
AGS_WORK_COMP_VTAGS: Views of Work Center Compositions
AGS_WORK_CTTAGS: Work Center Compositions (Common Tasks)
AGS_WORK_VTTAGS: Work Center Compositions (View Tasks)
AIN_TEPC_VERTText: EPC Tag Data Standards Version Table
AQTXTBSSAP Query: Functional Areas and User Groups Text Table
AQTXTQSAP Query: Text Table for Queries
ARCH_CPCode Page for Displaying Archived Data
ARCH_CTXTTexts for Archiving Classes
ARCH_ETXTDescription for lock objects of archiving
ARCH_TXTDescription of archive objects
ARC_DESTR_OBJTXTDescription of a Destruction Object
ASTAT_OKTXShort Texts for SAP Functions for Appl.-Triggered Statistics
ASTAT_TYPTText for types of application statistics
AUITEMS_DSCRDescrition of AUtoUpdate Items
AUT_D_ILM_CDHDRAudit Trail (ILM): Storage Change Document Headers (ILM)
AXT_CAT_OBJ_TEXTCatalogue object text
AXT_EXT_PART_TXTExtension Part Text
AXT_VIEW_TITLESDefault titles for views
BANK_PACKMANIDTText Table for Package Administrator Descriptions
BBPD_APPL_TTexts for EBP Applications
BBP_CUF_SOL_KEYTExtensions: Solution and Country Keys
BBP_MENUTEXTTexts for Menu Entries
BCONTORTObject Roles for Business Partner Contact: Texts
BDLSCCTText for Items to Be Checked
BGRFC_IUNIT_HISTHistory of Inbound bgRFC Unit
BGRFC_OUNIT_HISTHistory of Outbound bgRFC Unit
BGRFC_SRV_STATEServer Status of bgRFC Units
BIWTBUF_CVBuffer Texts
BIWTCSHTexts: Payment Type Description
BIWTCSH_CVTexts: Payment Characteristics
BIWTCSH_DTTexts: Payment Type Details
BIWTDAT_SCSource Texts
BIWTDUR_CVDuration Texts
BIZCDOCBUFBIZC: Buffer for Description and URL
BIZCDOCBUFASCBIZC: Buffer for Documentation
BIZCDOCBUFBINBIZC: Buffer for Documentation
BIZC_TEMPLATE_TBusiness Content: Template Management for Configuration
BORRTTSIDTText to external (new) route schedule ID
BP000Business Partner Master (General Data)
BPR02Context Name
BSANLY_BCCREP_TBCC Repository Content Bundles Texts
BSPC_DL_A_VIEW_TAddtional View2s
BSPC_DL_FSLAYTFact Sheet Layout
BSPC_DL_FSTFact Sheet Description
BSPC_DL_FSVASSTFact Sheet View Assignment Set
BST_ACTION_TDescriptions of logical actions
BST__ACTION_TDescriptions of logical actions
BTP_DL_DOCUBTP Portfolio Item Documentation Object
BTP_DL_DOCULVBTP Portfolio Item Documentation Object Language Versions
BUBUDCATTTexts for Budget Category Instances
BUKUTEXTCATTTexts for Budget Text Categories
BUKUTEXTTEMPLTTexts for Budget Text Templates
BUKUTXTTEMPLVARTTexts for Variables in Budget Text Templates
BUPROCESSTProcess Instances Text Table
BUPROCESS_UITUser Interface Process Instances Text Table
BURBBLEDGERSTLedger Text for Revenues Increasing the Budget
BURBCALCRULESTTexts on Calculation Rules for Revenues Increasing the Bud.
BUT030GTBP Where-Used List: Generic Nodes, Text
BUT030TBP Object Usage: Application Table, Texts
BUTBWSYSTATGRPTBP: BW Status Object Group for System Status - Texts
BUTBWSYSTATOBJTBP: BW Status Objects for System Status - Texts
BUTBWUSSTATGRPTBP: BW Status Object Group - Texts
BUTBWUSSTATOBJTBP: BW Status Object for User Status
BUTECHORGTText Table for Original Transactions (Technical)
BUVALTYPETTexts for Budgeting Value Type Instances
BWOM_RHIERTBCT-CO: Texts for Report Row Hierarchies
BWOM_RHIER_LINETBCT-CO: Row Texts for Report Row Hierarchies
BWSTTBW Status Text Table
BWSTTSYS0Text Table for BW Status: SYS0
CACNSC_AREATEasyProjectMarket: Area Texts
CACNSC_FUNCTIONTProjectMarket: Function Texts
CACNSC_STATUSTEasyProjectMarket: Status Texts
CACNSC_SUBAREATProjectMarket: Subarea Texts
CACS_DAY_WEEK_TWeekday (Text)
CACS_TIME_SLOT_TTime Slot (Hours): Text
CACS_TSTMP_TYPETType of Time Stamp: Text
CATS_MY_FIXTEXT2Fixed Texts for CATS notebook
CATS_MY_TEXTS_CCustomer-Specific Field Texts for CATS notebook
CBARTType of business process
CBATTBusiness Process Attribute
CBDTTAllocation type for business processes text table
CBRKTText table of sequence of value added for business processes
CCGLC_MPDDEHS: Manual Print Dialog - Language-Dependent Description
CCGLC_MPDD_NEWEHS: Manual Print Dialog for Print Request Description
CCGLC_PRNSTTEHS: Print Station for Print Requests - Text
CCGLC_PRNTRTEHS: Printer at a Print Station - Text
CCGLC_SCENTEHS: GLM Scenarios - Text
CCGLC_WBC_STSCEHS: LWB Subtab Screen Field Names
CCGLC_WBC_TSOCEHS: LWB Tab Screen Field Names
CCGLT_AUDHEHS: Audit Data Header Entry
CCGLT_PRTREQ_HDREHS: Print Request Header Table
CCGLT_PRTREQ_PAREHS: Print Request Parameters
CCGLT_PR_HDR_UT2EHS: Print Request Header Table Test Data for Unit Test
CCGLT_PR_PAR_UTEHS: Print Request Parameters Test Data for Unit Tests
CCIHC_AC02EHS: Safety Measure Type - Language-Dependent Name
CCIHC_AC04EHS: Priorities - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_AC06EHS: Effectiveness - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_AC08EHS: IHS Safety Measure Category - Language-Dependent Descr.
CCIHC_AY02EHS: Analysis Methods - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_DETTYPETXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Determination Type
CCIHC_DVTYPETXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Device Type
CCIHC_FALOCTXTEHS: Entry Location --> Language-Dependent Texts
CCIHC_FATRMTTXTEHS: Type of Aid Given -> Language-Dependent Texts
CCIHC_FATYPETXTEHS: Categ. of Injury/Illness Log Entry -> Lang.-Dep. Texts
CCIHC_IATYPETXTEHS: Type of I/A Log Entry -> Language-Dependent Texts
CCIHC_IH02EHS: Language-Dependent Desc. for Value Assignmt Type (IHS)
CCIHC_IH04EHS: Exposure Value Assignment - Language-Dependent Name
CCIHC_IH08EHS: Description of Exposure Rating Category
CCIHC_IH10EHS: Categ. Exposure Rating - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_IHTABNAMEHS: Tabs in IHS - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_IPTYPETXTEHS: Role of Person Involved -> Language-Dependent Texts
CCIHC_LT02EHS: Meas./Ref. Value Category - Language-Dependent Name
CCIHC_METHODTXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Measurement Method
CCIHC_MJCATTXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Sampling Type
CCIHC_MPLEVELTXTEHS: Lang.-Dependent Desc. for Assgmt Level MP to Work Area
CCIHC_MPREGTXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Evaluation Objects
CCIHC_MPTYPETXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Project Type
CCIHC_MSOURCETXTEHS: Language-Dependent Description for Sampling Locations
CCIHC_OBJNAMEHS: Description for the Object Types
CCIHC_OC02EHS: Operation Status - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_PBTXTEHS: Probability of Risk - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_QT02EHS: Exposure Amount Categ. - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_QUALPROTXTEHS: Quality of Protection - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_RARTXTEHS: Reason for Risk Assessment - Language-Dependent Desc.
CCIHC_SVTXTEHS: Severity of Risk - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_WA02EHS: Work Area Type - Language-Dependent Name
CCIHC_WA08EHS: Integration Objects - Language-Dependent Description
CCIHC_WA12EHS: Language-Dependent Name for Auth. Groups in Work Area
CCMCMPCALLPARETActionbox component calls: text for external parameters
CCMCMPCALLPARITActionbox component calls: text for internal parameters
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