KLASSENART Field in SAP | Class Type Data Element using tables

KLASSENART is a data element in SAP used for storing Class Type data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this KLASSENART field in SAP.

  • Data Element : KLASSENART
  • Description : Class Type
  • Data Type :CHAR

Class Type tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using KLASSENART Field

AEEFECM: effectivity
AEPFECM: effectivity
AUSPCharacteristic Values
AUSP_CONVCharacteristic Values
BSCL_CLASS_VIEWAdministration of generated Class Views
CABSResult of the Statistical Analysis of Table AUSP
CIF_IMCHARIntegration Model Reference Table for Classification
CLAENNRChange number-to-class alloc.: classification effectivity
CLBW_SOURCESData Sources for Classification Data
CLF_OBJKEY_MPPNGClassification Object Key Mapping
CLINDEXIndices of Classification System
CLNAMESPACENamespace for Characteristics / Classes
CLPROFClassification: Parameters for Settings
CLRKRecursiveness Info on Objects in Classes for BOM
CLSELSTATADMAdministrative Info on Statistics in Classification System
CLSELSTATISTICSStatistics for Optimizing Object Search
CLSELSTATISTICS2Statistical AUSP Information for Characteristics
CMTIB_CLFINT2EXTClassification conversion: internal ID to external key
CRMC_DAM_CHRtype and name of characteristics-class for DAM
CUCOAdditional Data for Configurable Objects
CURSOBJPMS Master Data: Conversion of PMS Object Keys
CURSVARInternal Variables of Constraints
CUVCPR_ID_INTConversion: internal ID for configuration profile
CUVTVariant Table
CUXREFObject Dependency Cross References
EAML_D_AUSP_LFELinear Data for Characteristics - Database table
EAML_D_TCLSOrganizational area for characteristics with linear data
ECM_PRMParameter Effectivity
EDMS_LAY_DETAILList of Layout Criteria
ESTAUSPEHS: Shadow table for AUSP
FILTERDEFOperative Filter Entries for Product Structure Browser
IBINIB: IBase Components - Condition
IBINCMIB: Config.Mang.: Component/Instance
INOBLink between Internal Number and Object
J_3GT370SStructure Indicator for Catalog
KKBMMCharacteristic Assignment for Selection Screens for Ord. Sel
KKBSBSelection Screens for Order Selection
KKBSBTText Table for Selection Screens
KLAHClass Header Data
KLFBAssignment: Class to template
KSMLCharacteristics of a Class
KSSKAllocation Table: Object to Class
KSSK_CONVAllocation Table: Object to Class
LKLAHClass Header (Special Objects)
LKSMLCharacteristics of a Class
LKSSKAllocation Table: Object to Class
MACONDConfiguration: Manually Assigned Conditions
MDG_BS_MAT_TCDATTest Class Default Data for MDGM
MILL_CLPROFPProfile for Selection by Characteristics: Items
PAMS_FSETSettings for Pool Asset Management
PROFILCUST01iPPE: Profile for PS iPPE Interface
PVBW_SOURCESDataSources for Characteristics of Profile Templates
PVSDEXExternal Indicator for Deleted PVS/iPPE Objects
PVS_VSHEMEVariance Scheme for Structure Node
S127Open Variants - Basis 2
S128Open Variants - SIS
S128ES128 - Structural information
S129Open Variants - Planning
S129ES129 - Structural information
S427Variant Config.2---IBASE
S427ES427 - Structural information
SCEPROFILEKnowledge-Base Profiles (SCE)
SMOAUSPCharacteristic Values
SMOKLAHClass Header Data
SMOKLATClasses: Long texts
SMOKSMLCharacteristics of a Class
SMOKSSKAllocation Table: Object to Class
SMOKSSKTTable for Assigned Attribute Sets for CAP/CON
SMOPHAUSPCharacteristic Values
SMOSWORClassification System: Catchwords
SMOTCLAClass Types
SMOTCLATClass Type Texts
SMOTCLCClassification Status
SMOTCLUClass Status
SMOTCLUTClass Status (Texts)
SMOTCMEValidity for Global Characteristics
SMOTQ8TNotification category
T790TWarranty Category Functions
TBDLILists for a logical system
TCEPCLDefault Classes for Saudia Aramco
TCG01EHS: Specification Value Assignment Category (System Table)
TCGRULPOSMRESTEHS: Easy Expert Set of Rules, Characteristic Restrictions
TCLAClass Types
TCLAOSeveral Objects in one Class Type
TCLATClass Type Texts
TCLAUSubscreen for Additional Data of Class
TCLAUTTab Text for Additional Class Maintenance Screen
TCLCClassification Status
TCLDCharacteristic Data from Standard
TCLRObject-Specific Reports and Transactions
TCLSClasses: Organizational areas
TCLSTClasses: Org. Areas (Texts)
TCLS_KABCRelationship: Class Type - Object Key (BOR)
TCLUClass Status
TCLUTClass Status (Texts)
TCLXClass Text IDs
TCLXTClass Text IDs, Language-Dependent
TCL_CLINT_IDENTIdentification Table for Classes for Data Transfer
TCL_CUOBJ_IDENTIdentification Table for Object Keys for Data Transfer
TCL_KLART_IDENTIdentification Table for Class Types for Data Transfer
TCMEValidity for Global Characteristics
TCM_CUS_EXP_CTYPClass types not considered
TCM_EXP_CTYPClass types not considered
TCN61Parameter: Create network from sales order
TCOBJHelp table for optimization reports (INTERNAL USE ONLY!)
TCUAXOrganizational Areas Control Table
TDIPRDDS: definition of plotters
TDWADocument Types
TECSMaster Effectivity Object
TEDEVCLTYPEControl Parameters for Linking Classif. System to Dev.
TPHVPHeader: Planning Profile
TQ8TNotification category
TWGRSize interval to calculation factor assignment
TWISPC_BREAKDGrouping Break-Downs
TWPCDCOPYProduct Catalog: Transfer of Document Links During Creation
TWRF16Group Applications
TWRF16TDescription: group application
USROBJECTSTable of Previous Initial Object in Structure Overview
WTREEVersion Management for Reclassification Trees
/ISDFPS/CASMODCLCustomizing Confign Code Classes f. Model ID (Weapon System)
/SAPCEM/BD01Planning: Default Values for Requisition Note
/SAPCEM/BDPORequisition Note Item
/SAPCEM/KLA_ARBAssignment Class -> Work Center
/SAPMP/LBA_CUSTIS-MP: Control Table DTUC Processing
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