JBRSICHTID Field in SAP | View of an Analysis Structure Data Element using tables

JBRSICHTID is a data element in SAP used for storing View of an Analysis Structure data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this JBRSICHTID field in SAP.

  • Data Element : JBRSICHTID
  • Description : View of an Analysis Structure
  • Data Type :CHAR

View of an Analysis Structure tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using JBRSICHTID Field

AFWBM_ASSTRM: Assignment of Benchmarks to Portfolio per Variant
AFWBM_ASS_BMPHTRM: Assignment of Benchmarks to Portfolio per Variant
AFWBM_ASS_TTRM: Text Table for Assignment Variants
AFWBM_PH_EVALPTRM: Definition of Exception Handling for PH Variant
AFWCH_FL_BKAFWCH: Header Data for Filter History
AFWCH_PHDEFALTAlternative Portfolio Hierarchy Definition
AFWGO_EVALPROC1Evaluation Procedure for Single Records: Definition
BMA_BMLAYEROLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark Layer
BMA_BMLAYERDETOLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark Layer
BMA_BMLAYERTOLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark Layer (TEXTS)
I9AMBPKIS-B: RM Model/Include DBTab Base Portfolio Determination
JBAMPGPARALM Market Price Weighting: Parameters
JBAPHKMERKALM Assignment of Characteristics to PH Nodes
JBAPLANPARALM Assignment of Planning Parameters to Planning Variant
JBAPLANPARLZBALM Assignment of Planning Parameters to Planning Variant
JBAPLANVALM Planning Variant
JBAPLANVTALM Planning Variant: Text Table
JBASIMPARASAVEDBALM: Additional Information when Saving Sim. Transactions
JBRALMPARASAVEALM: Evaluation Parameters
JBRAMOUNTRM: Account Balance Summarization in Base Portfolio
JBRBDSLFNRM-BDS: Run Number Definition
JBRBPBase Portfolio Definition
JBRBPCFKNRM: Aggregated Capital Commitment Cash Flows
JBRBPCFVRM: BP Update Administration for Cash Flows
JBRBPCFVNRM: BP Update Management for Cash Flows
JBRBPCFZNRM: Aggregated Interest Commitment Cash Flows
JBRBPFARTRM: Update Type for Objects per View
JBRBPGENUEGenerated Views for an RM Area
JBRBPKSVRM BP Update Administration for Account Balances
JBRBPTBase Portfolio Definition: Text
JBRBPWPVRM: BP Update Administration for Positions/Securities
JBRBSTDRM: Base Portfolios - Single Positions (until F3.03)
JBRBSTVRM: Base Portfolio for Position Management
JBRCFKAPRM: Aggregated Capital Commitment Cash Flows per BP
JBRCFZINSRM: Aggregated Fixed-Interest Cash Flows per BP
JBREGSHRM Base Portfolio for Single Transactions
JBRHISPHBAUMSTree Structure for Deactivated Portfolio Hierarchies
JBRHISPHTEXTRM: Portfolio Texts for Deactivated Portfolio Hierachy
JBRHISPHZUORDNRM Deactivated PH: Assign Base Portfolios to End Nodes
JBRKONRM: Account Balance Summarization in Base Portfolio
JBRMZBGRM: Assignment of Transactions to Business Partners
JBRNODETXTAll Information for Display of Hierarchies
JBRPHPortfolio hierarchy
JBRPHARCRM: Archiving Data for Portfolio Hierarchies
JBRPHBAUMSStorage of Portfolio Hierarchy
JBRPHDEFDefinitions Used to Derive Portfolio Hierarchy
JBRPHGERM: Portfolio Hierarchy: Generation Data
JBRPHTPortfolio hierarchy
JBRSHBAUMTree Structure of Nodes in a Portfolio Hierarchy
JBRSHKNNodes in Portfolio Hierarchy
JBRSICRITRestrictions for Subviews
JBRSIHIMHierarchy of Characteristics
JBRSIMAssign Characteristics to Views
JBRSITDims texts
JBRSPHDefinition of Portfolio Hierarchy (Check Table)
JBRSPHTDefinition of Portfolio Hierarchy (Text Table)
JBRSVABESTRM: Header Table SDTFT (Additional Info.) for Saved Datasets
JBRSVGAPHDRM: Header Data (Saved Gap Evaluation Results)
JBRSVGAPHD2RM: Header Data (Saved Gap Evaluation Results)
JBRSVGAPHEADRM: Header Data (Saved Gap Evaluation Results)
JBRSVGAPRESRM: Saved Gap Evaluation Results
JBRSVGAPRES2RM: Saved Gap Evaluation Results
JBRSVKORM: Header Table of SDTFT for Saved Datasets
JBRSVPHBAUMRM: Portfolio Hierarchy for Saved Datasets (Backtesting)
JBRSVPHZUORDNRM: Assignment of PH->BP for Saved Datasets (Backtesting)
JBRSVRBRAssignment of View and Summarization Rule to Valuation Rule
JBRSVRCFKAssignment of View and Summarization Rule to Cash Flow Ind.
JBRSVSTATERM: Administration Table for Saved Datasets (Backtesting)
JBRTKCHABKRM: Backup Table for Characteristic Hierarchies
JBRUBSTVRM: Base Portfolio - Management of Non-Int-Bearing Positions
JBRVBRDEFRM: Default Setting for Summarization (with Valuation Rule)
JBRVBRSARM: Summarization for Balances (with Valuation Rule)
JBRVBRSPEZRM: Specific Settings for Summarization(with Valuation Rule)
JBRVRCAAssignment of Flow Type to RM Cash Flow Type
JBRVRDEFSummarization Rule - Default Setting
JBRVRSAAssignment of Summarization Rule to Balance Type
JBRZUORDNTRM: Assignment of Base Portfolios to PH End Nodes
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