INT2 Field in SAP | 2 byte integer (signed) Data Element using tables

INT2 is a data element in SAP used for storing 2 byte integer (signed) data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this INT2 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : INT2
  • Description : 2 byte integer (signed)
  • Data Type :INT2

2 byte integer (signed) tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using INT2 Field

AFWKF_MAIN_SUBSCSubscreens for Maintaining Key Figures and Procedures
AGSRBE_2CS_SQLCheckStep SQL statement (obsolete)
AGSRBE_2CS_SQL_JCheckStep SQL statement. Table Joins.
AGSRBE_2SQLCONDConditions used in SQL statements
AGSRBE_2SQLDATResults: SQL CheckStep
AGSRBE_2SQLJOINJoins used in SQL statements
AGSRBE_2SQLORGOrgUnits used in SQL statements
AGSRBE_CS_SQLCheckStep SQL statement (obsolete)
AGSRBE_CS_SQL_JCheckStep SQL statement. Table Joins.
AGSRBE_SQLCONDConditions used in SQL statements
AGSRBE_SQLJOINJoins used in SQL statements
AGSRBE_SQLORGOrgUnits used in SQL statements
AGSRBE_SQL_OUResult: OrgUnits
AGSRBE_SYS_STDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE analysis system status data
AGS_CC_EXTRACTORCustom Code Library Extractors
AGS_TD_FEEDBACKSAGS: Store all the feedback data from asynchronous release
AICCMSBI_EXTRPTRPointer table for EFWK extractors
AICCMSBI_TCO_CFGConfiguration table for TCO checks (BI based reporting)
AICCMSBI_TCO_RESkResult table for CCMBI TCO checks
ARCHLNK_AUDITINGLicense Audit for ARCHLNK Proxies from AL and DL
BSPWD_WB_SETUPWorkbench setup definitions
BTFR_TREX_PACKValid TREX Packages for OTR Texts
CCPARPARMParameters for Parallel Processing of Client Copy
CD0BAS7VITabelle wird in View und dann wieder in Struktur includier
CDB_ARCH_RELOADArchive reload details, CDB Archive Framework
CLS_FAVORITESFavorite list for characteristics
CMX_ISE_EVTQUEUEIntersession Events:Event Queue (Cluster,Shared Memory Only)
CNVHCM_SEL_SIZETDMS4HCM: Number of key records in "FOR ALL ENTRIES" table
CNVPERFDATATable for database performance
CRMC_4S_ERP_OBACustomizing Table for Social Service ERP BOL Object Attribut
CRMC_BL_VARIANTSApplication Scenario - User Query
DB2CCMO_ERRORDSNACCMO: History of error info with length > 255 CHAR
DB2UTILS_PARMSHistory of execution parameters for DB13 jobs via DSNUTILS
DDCNVTIMESDD: Exclusion times for conversion
DMC_DW_ACPLANAssignment Select Strings - Access Plan
DMC_DW_TEMPLATEDynamic WHERE Clause Templates
DNOD_NOTIF_TANotification: Data for Task Planning
DSMOPCUSTOMIZINGDSWP: Customizing Settings for Solutions
DSWPCUSTOMIZINGDSWP: Customizing Settings for Projects
DSWPMOVEPROTOCOLLog of Solution Transfer from Legacy System
DSWP_RBE_SYS_STDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE analysis system status data
E2ELV_OSS_BUFFERBuffer for guessing result from OSS based on list of SCVs
E2ET_TBOM_ENVBPCA: TBOM collect calculated envireonemnt object for perfm
EHSBT_RC_ESTRHSHEHS: Table f. Storing Substs w. Constraints in Shared Memory
EHSBT_RC_GRPSHMEHS: Table for Storing Substance Group in Shared Memory
ETP_TASKSEasy Task Planning: Tasks
FCC_RWF_STATUSRemote Workflow Status
FINB_RP_CONFIG3Technical Structure Assignment <--> Long Text
GRACALHDRAlerts Header Info
GRACBGPERMISSIONName Value Pairs for Background Job Permission Parameter
GRACBGTECHROLEStores values for Background Job Parameter Value
GRFNOWPTIMESTAMPOffine Working Process execution record
IUUC_INDX_KEYMAPKeyfield structure assignment for INDX-like tables
IUUC_RC_TMPL_TDVTemplate Deviations
IUUC_REPL_TAB_DVFieldname table for deviations in HANA
KE1_WU_SELOPTPCA Where-Used List: Selection Table
LCINITControl Table for liveCache Initialization (Application)
LCRT_OBJ_REF_LUAI-LCR: Lookup Objects in Change Tables
LCRT_UPDATEAI-LCR: Change Table in Distributed LCR Object Managers
MDSM_SYNC_HIST_FSelection Conditions for Load History
MEREP_10100Replica DB for Synchronization (Base) Segmt
MEREP_10700DMobile Log Table for TOP Data
MEREP_201Replica DB for Download (Base)
MEREP_207Replica DB for Timed 2-Way Sync
MEREP_210Variant for SyncBO Emulator
MEREP_504Inbox/Outbox Data
MEREP_UCMASTERUsage copy master table
OIUH_SORT_PARAMOil & Gaz - Program Parameters by Jil Steps
OIUX2_DOWNLOADTax Reporting download table
OIUY1_DOWNLOADThe intermediate table for download
OIUY1_TXDOWNLOADThe intermediate table for Texas download
OPS_SE_TSTDATTest Data for generic Services Counterpart Test
ORA_SQLC_DATAORA: SQL Command Editor Data Table
PIQDB_GB_MODDATAUCAS: Applicant Module Details
PIQDB_GB_NEEDSUCAS: Application Specific Special needs
PMX_MAXWWHOURSHCM Mexico CE: Maximum weekly working hours
PPF_TST_APPLPARMApplication Parameters of PPF Test Application
REIMB_RECON_COMComments for Reimbursement Reconciliation report
RKE_POST_LOGLog: Post Directly to CO-PA
RMPSPRO_FOLDHISTHistory Table for Used Folder
RSPLS_SQLOG_HEADParallel Execution: Log Table Header - Sequence Execution
RSR_PREC_WB_SETSettings for a Workbook
RSSTYLESStyles for themes
SAPWLTREEGSAP Workload: Nodes for ST03G Tree Controls
SATC_RT_RUN_LOGMovement data (runtime repository) - Logging
SATC_STD_TEST_BMovement Data: Test Domain - Basic Info
SBCPARSParameter für Start des SBC-Bench-Tests
SCI_TST_BUFF_NOSCI Test BypassingBuffer: table not buffered (w/ client)
SCI_TST_BUF_CFULSCI Test BypassingBuffer: table fully buffered (w/ client)
SCI_TST_BUF_CGENSCI Test BypassingBuffer: table generic buffered (w/ client)
SCI_TST_BUF_CNOSCI Test BypassingBuffer: table not buffered (w/ client)
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