INT1 Field in SAP | Dummy for B20 int1 (Local Everywhere) Data Element using tables

INT1 is a data element in SAP used for storing Dummy for B20 int1 (Local Everywhere) data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this INT1 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : INT1
  • Description : Dummy for B20 int1 (Local Everywhere)
  • Data Type :INT1

Dummy for B20 int1 (Local Everywhere) tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using INT1 Field

AGR_HIER_BORTable for Object-Oriented Navigation (OBN)
AGSRBE_2CI_CSCheckItem CheckStep
AGSRBE_2CS_SQL_ACheckStep SQL statement. Attributes
AGSRBE_2CS_SQL_FCheckStep SQL statement. Table fields.
AGSRBE_2CS_SQL_JCheckStep SQL statement. Table Joins.
AGSRBE_2CS_SQL_SCheckStep SQL statement. Field select options.
AGSRBE_2SQL_DAT1Results: SQL CheckStep. Fields Table
AGSRBE_2SQL_DAT2Results: SQL CheckStep. Field Value Table
AGSRBE_2SYST_CSValues for Systems + Check Step Type
AGSRBE_CI_CSCheckItem CheckStep
AGSRBE_CS_SQL_ACheckStep SQL statement. Attributes.
AGSRBE_CS_SQL_FCheckStep SQL statement. Table fields.
AGSRBE_CS_SQL_JCheckStep SQL statement. Table Joins.
AGSRBE_CS_SQL_SCheckStep SQL statement. Field select options.
AGSRBE_CS_STATTable with RBE check step processing status
AGSRBE_JOB_ATDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE analysis job attributes
AGSRBE_PROG_LOGBackground process progress status log
AGSRBE_SYS_STDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE analysis system status data
AGS_WORK_COMP_VAGS: Views of Work Center Compositions
AGS_WORK_CTAGS: Work Center Compositions (Common Tasks)
AGS_WORK_VTAGS: Work Center Compositions (View Tasks)
AIS_KEYF_FORMATUnits of Measurement for Key Figures for Standard Reporting
BBPC_IMS_PROPIMS Exception Properties
BBPD_IMS_MAIL_PRTable for Reprocessing of E-mails in IMS
BBPD_PCH_IDXDatabase Table with Hierarchy Index
BTFR_TREX_COMPValid TREX Components for OTR Texts
CBESH_ANNO_FACETFacet Table for annotation file data
CGPL_MAPPINGMapping of SAP App. Field to MS Project
CNTLWARNTable containing information about control restrictions
CNVTDMS_01_EVALTable to hold From Dates and their Evaluation
CNV_02300_NOTESContains the list of SAP Notes required before migration
COAS_ATTR_VALUESAttribute Values
CRMCHKRESLFindings (Display LoaD)
DSMOPCUSTOMIZINGDSWP: Customizing Settings for Solutions
DSWPCUSTOMIZINGDSWP: Customizing Settings for Projects
DSWPMOVEPROTOCOLLog of Solution Transfer from Legacy System
DSWP_FILE_UPLOADUploaded files for descriptions
DSWP_LINK_UPLOADUploaded hyperlinks for descriptions
DSWP_NM_RPIENTSThe details of recipients required for sending notification
DSWP_NM_SCHEDULEScheduling of notifications
DSWP_RBE_CS_STATDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE check step processing status
DSWP_RBE_JOB_ATDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE analysis job attributes
DSWP_RBE_SYS_STDSWP_RBE: Table with RBE analysis system status data
ECHANGE_SERVICEChange Service Database
ESH_ADM_RFC_UITESH: UI Technologies ABAP Backend Systems
ESH_OM_IE_IMPLGMLog Messages of SNOTE Software Component / Model Import
EWUCMPTables for Which a CMP Client Copy is Made
FDT_ACTN_1210FDT: Action - Start workflow container data
FDT_ACTN_1210AFDT: Action - Start workflow container data
FDT_ACTN_1210SFDT: Action - Start workflow container data
FDT_ACTN_1210TFDT: Action - Start workflow container data
FDT_ACTN_1220FDT: Action - Start workflow BOR data
FDT_ACTN_1220AFDT: Action - Start workflow BOR data
FDT_ACTN_1220SFDT: Action - Start workflow BOR data
FDT_ACTN_1220TFDT: Action - Start workflow BOR data
FDT_ACTN_1310FDT: Action - Raise BOR event data
FDT_ACTN_1310AFDT: Action - Raise BOR event data
FDT_ACTN_1310SFDT: Action - Raise BOR event data
FDT_ACTN_1310TFDT: Action - Raise BOR event data
FDT_EXPR_8000FDT: Expression - Table Operation
FDT_EXPR_8000AFDT: Expression - Table Operation
FDT_EXPR_8000SFDT: Expression - Table Operation
FDT_EXPR_8000TFDT: Expression - Table Operation
FPB_SNI_SEARCHFSearch Criteria in Hierarchy
GRACMENUAUTHAuth mapping table for AC IA.
GRFNROLEASSCOMPTText of Role Assignment Component
ICT_INCIDENTGUIDSM SD Interface: Mapping Message GUID - Transaction GUID
J_1BCFOP_XREGRegions with CFOP extension
KE1_WU_FCATPCA Where-Used List: Field Catalog
KONH_CONV_TRGTrigger table for KONH
LOYD_FDT_ACTNSActions table for FDT
LOYD_FDT_ACT_SETAction set for rule
OIGSHTD Shipment History
QISRSERVERURLInternet Service Request: Server URL
RCCD_DESTSLOTOverview of Reserved Destination Addresses in RCCF
RSRREPDIRDirectory of all reports
RSRREPDIR_STATGeneration Status for Non Client-Specific Queries
RSRREPDIR_STATUSStatus of Query Generation
SACOMPVIEWComponent View Attribute
SACOMPVIEWSTDStandard Component View Elements
SATC_AC_RESULTVRMovement data: 'Display Load' module verdicts
SRM_ECM_HASHHashValues of SRM/ECM optimistic locking (value comparision)
SXMS_TCMP_TESTTest Data Event-Driven Message Processing
T5QPBS1HPriority Table used in calculating HDA super salary comp.
TBKK_PAR_WPTYPMethod for Assigning the Numbers
TBLP_SORTTBLP Sort criteris configuration table
TEVENTime Events
TFKFSDField Selector Data Table
TKETD_RUNCO-PA Top-Down: Top-Down Distribution Runs
TREXBCTEST_BINTREX: binary data test.
TSLLTSLLT (translation accounting) settings
TUNIFY_CVORDERTable for the Time Order of the different Softwarecomp. Vers
TUNIFY_PVORDERTable for the Time Order of the different Product Versions
/CEM/C_TREE_TESTCustomising table describing the Business Partner Tree
/MRSS/C_CAR_CALOBSOLETE - First Weekday used in Capacity Report
/MRSS/C_RM_SRCHCColors for Search Results
/MRSS/C_RQ_WK_STmap abstract status to portal drop down status
/MRSS/D_ASGN_INFAdditional Info for Assignment
/MRSS/D_EBL_LINKEnable Links in the Left Frame
/SAPSRM/C_OM_TXTTable for definition of disclaimer text in Email
/SDF/DRM_DC_RESData Readyness Monitoring - Data Collection Results
/SDF/RBE_CONTROLThe controlling data of an analysis run in SDA
/SDF/RBE_CS3_AAttributes for SQL Check Steps in SDA Analysis
/SDF/RBE_CS3_ERRSQL Check Step Errors in SDA Analysis
/SDF/RBE_CS3_FTable fields of SQL Check Step in SDA Analysis
/SDF/RBE_CS3_SSQL Check Step Select Options in SDA Analysis
/SDF/RBE_CTRL_AControl Data Set2
/SLOAP/TRANSMAPConfiguration Tab for Utility of Content Maintaince
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