GUID_32 Field in SAP | GUID in 'CHAR' Format in Uppercase Data Element using tables

GUID_32 is a data element in SAP used for storing GUID in 'CHAR' Format in Uppercase data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this GUID_32 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : GUID_32
  • Description : GUID in 'CHAR' Format in Uppercase
  • Data Type :CHAR

GUID in 'CHAR' Format in Uppercase tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using GUID_32 Field

AGSSISE_DIRSimple Setup: Directory
AGSSISE_GS_INDXINDX table for ROBOMATE generic storage framework
AGSSISE_LOGSimple Setup: Log (Main Table)
AGSWK_EGMT_BCASE(Service Delivery) Benefit Cases of Engagement Methodology
AGSWK_EGMT_CYCLE(Service Delivery) Cycles of Engagement Methodology
AGSWK_REPORTS_21(SP21) Used for set work centers' BI reports configuration
AGSWK_REP_FILTER(SP21) AGS workcetner: BI Reports'filters
AGSWK_REP_PMFUNCDon't delete, it is reused in Solman SP23
AGSWK_REP_PM_21(SP21) AGS workcetner: BI Reports' parameters
AGSWK_REP_PM_TXT(SP21) AGS workcetner: BI Reports' text parameters
AGSWK_REP_USER(SP21) AGS workcetner: BI Reports' users
AGS_BPCA_ISECT_DBPCA Intersection Display Setting
AGS_BPCA_ITEM_STStatistics Information for BPCA intersection object
AGS_CC_OBJECTCustom Code Library Data Storage - Objects
AGS_CC_QUALITYCustom Code Library Data Storage - Quality
AGS_CC_VERSIONCustom Code Library Data Storage - Versions
AGS_JMON_CONTEXTJob Alert Configuration Context
AGS_NW_JOBCHANGEMonitoring the Job Change calls from SAP CPS
AGS_PARAM_LOGParameters for Job Log Monitoring
AGS_PARAM_MONBusiness Process Monitoring Parameters
AGS_PARAM_NOTIFAutomatic Notification by Service Desk Message
AGS_PARAM_WFLOWAutomatic Notification by Workflow Notification
AGS_TBOM_DISPLAYControl table to display several TBOMs' content
AGS_TBOM_TWRK_INInformation about TBOM recording from tester Worklist
AGS_WORK_COMP_VAGS: Views of Work Center Compositions
AGS_WORK_COMP_VTAGS: Views of Work Center Compositions
AGS_WORK_CTAGS: Work Center Compositions (Common Tasks)
AGS_WORK_CTTAGS: Work Center Compositions (Common Tasks)
AGS_WORK_VTAGS: Work Center Compositions (View Tasks)
AGS_WORK_VTTAGS: Work Center Compositions (View Tasks)
ALALRTGUIDGUIDs for CCMS Alert IDs (for Alert Framework)
ALM_ME_SYNCSync Status
AQPROTQuery Logging
ARCDEL_DEL_STATDelete Statistics Data
ASAFBCLUSTERArchiveFileBrowser: General Temporary Storage
BBPD_DATA_CACHEBBP: Cluster Table for Cache
BBP_PD_CLASSTable for Persistent Class CL_PROC_DOC_BBP
BBP_PD_TEMPL_XMLTable for XML Issue Templates
BCST_SRBCS: Status of Send Orders
BDLSCHECKAnalysis of Logical Systems in System
BDLSHDRHeader Data for Conversion of Logical System Names
BDLSLOGAdditional Information for Conversion
BDLSPOSItem for Conversion of Logical System Names
BPRCONTENT_PRODVBPR Content: Product Context
BPRNODEFLGAttributes for BPR Structure Elements
BSPTESTSUITETable with Test Data
BUBAS_CLUSTERCluster to store application log
CATS_GUID_KEYLink: GUID and External Cats Key
CDBD_ASSIGNMENTService Assignment
CFX_ACCESSTrack first access of object by user
CFX_ASSIGNMENTSAssignment to External Objects
CFX_BACKENDSYSAssignment of Versions and Backend Systems
CFX_DESCR_ASSIGNTable for Assigning Descriptions to GUIDs
CFX_DISCUSSIONCFX: Assignment of Discussions to Objects
CFX_DOCUMENTAdditional Data for Documents
CFX_ECN_OBJApplication table to store objects linked to an ECN.
CFX_ECN_RELTable to store the ECN's released.
CFX_FLDGRP_AUTHAssignment Authorizations to Field Groups in an Object
CFX_HIST_AUTHSaves all Changes to Authorization Objects
CFX_HIST_AUXHelp Table for Aggregation Report
CFX_SEARCHESCFX: List of Search Queries for each User
CFX_SEARCHRESCFX: List of Search Results
CFX_SYNCSynchronization of Background Processes
CFX_TEXT_DATACFX: Metadata from cFolders Text XML Files
CFX_THNThumbnails for cFolders Objects
CFX_TYPINGCategory Data for an CFX Object
CFX_VERSION_LOCKVersions Locked Against Changes
CLB2D_SESSIONPlatform Session Mapping
CLB2D_TOKENOAuth Access Data for User
CLS_ASSIGNMENTAssignment of an attribute value to an object
CLS_LINKED_OBJAssignment of an attribute value to a linked object
CMW_MBLOGDTLMapBox Log Details
CNVHCM_NRIV_GUIDTDMS4HCM: Number Range Table (old <--> new)
CNV_20308_ACTIONAction Log
CNV_20308_CMPHeader Data for Package Comparison
CNV_20308_CMPMSGMessages for Package Comparison Runs
CNV_20308_DELTRADelta Trace
CNV_20308_DFDATALog for Deviations
CPROW_GUIDMAPAssignment: GUID <-> External ID
CPROW_LOCK_NULLLocked "Null Resources" in the WebDAV Interface
CPROW_LOCK_OWNERAssignment: Internal Lock Owner to WebDAV Owner
CRMC_BL_DBXCHGCRM: Table for Generic Data Exchange
CRMC_BL_DTXCHGCRM: Table for Generic Data Exchange
CRMC_BRF_PAR_LNKLink Between BRF Param. Combinations and BRF Rules/Rule Sets
CRMC_DB_USERCONDStoring End User Dashboard Common Filter Data
CRMC_EMIR_DETAILInteractive & HANA Live Report Details
CRMC_EMIR_MAPINGInteractive & HANA Live Report Mapping
CRWB_BADI_BL2UPSUPS Entries for Baseline (Workflow Dependent)
DFKKEXTCONControl Table: Official Number Parallel Processing
DFKKEXTTMPTemporary Entries for Official Document Number
DMC_BDOCMaster Data for BDOCs
DMC_PTT_03Performance Test Tool Table
DSWP_SU_LCP_MAPPTemporary table for mapping logical components
DSWP_SU_SOL_MAPPSolution Mapping in Transfer
DSWP_SU_TRA_FILETemporary Table for Imported/Exported Solution Files
DSWP_SU_TRA_SOLUTable for the exported to be imported solution
E2EA_ALERTGROUPTable for alert instance groups
E2EA_ALLALERTTable to store all the alert instances for all alert types
ECI_OBJECTSTORESave ECI Object (Cluster Variant)
ECRM_REPL_HDHeader Data for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECRM_REPL_KEYNew Key Object for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECRM_REPL_NODDone Node Table for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECRM_REPL_PAREditable Params. for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECRM_REPL_TABMDG Param. Table for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ECWD_APP_TERMTable of Completed WD Applications During Recording
ECWD_APP_TERM2Table of Completed WD Applications During Recording
ECWD_DATATable for the Data Section Transfer for Web Dynpro
ECWD_RECORDTable for Recording Data Transfer to WebDynpro
ECWD_RECORD2Table for Recording Data Transfer to WebDynpro
ECWD_SSSTable for Transfer of Screen Snapshots for Web Dynpro ABAP
ECWD_UITable for the UI Section Transfer for Web Dynpro
EDMS_CONDITIONFilter Conditions in Easy Document Management (Logically Or)
EDMS_FILTERFilter Criteria for Easy Document Management
EDMS_LAYOUTGlobal Layout Criteria in Easy Document Management
EDMS_LAY_DETAILList of Layout Criteria
EDMS_PREFSUser-Specific Display Options
ESH_OM_AAUTHCVPBPath based Authorization Checks: Check Values for Free Style
ESH_OM_AAUTHNCNWSAP_NW Authorizations: Assg. of Auth. Objects: Field Values
ESH_OM_AAUTHNFNWSAP_NW Authorizations: Assg. of Auth. Objects: Field Assg.
ESH_OM_AAUTHNLNWSAP_NW Authorizations: Assg. of Auth. Objects: Control Flds
ESH_OM_AAUTHNSNWSAP_NW Authorizations: Assg. of Auth. Objects: Control Flds
ESH_OM_ADPRVDFLCData Providers: Filters: Filter Conditions
ESH_OM_ADPRVDGDData Providers: Attribute Groups: Hierarchy
ESH_OM_ADPRVDGFData Providers: Attribute Groups: Field Assignment
ESH_OM_AOTYPCObject Types: Assignment to Categories
ESH_OM_AOTYPDObject Types: Predecessor Object Types
ESH_OM_AOTYPKKeywords for Object Types
ESH_OM_AOTYPNBNObject Types: Nodes: Backend Navigations
ESH_OM_AOTYPNBNFObject Types: Nodes: Backend Navigations: Field Assignments
ESH_OM_AOTYPNBNTObject Types: Nodes: Backend Navigations: Descriptions
ESH_OM_AOTYPNCCObject Types: Nodes: Assignment of Authorization Checks
ESH_OM_AOTYPNCCLObject Types: Nodes: Logical Conjunctions of Auth. Checks
ESH_OM_AOTYPNCCRObject Types: Nodes: Assign. of Auth. Checks: Node Ass
ESH_OM_AOTYPNCFObject Types: Nodes: Authority Checks: Assig. to Node Fields
ESH_OM_AOTYPNGFDObject Types: Nodes: Attribute Groups: Hierarchy
ESH_OM_AOTYPNGFFObject Types: Nodes: Attribute Groups: Field Assignment
ESH_OM_AOTYPNLObject Types: Nodes: Layout Templates
ESH_OM_AOTYPNPObject Types: Nodes: Members of Node
ESH_OM_AOTYPNQFCObject Types: Nodes: Requests: Request Fields: Common Attr.
ESH_OM_AOTYPNQGDObject Types: Nodes: Requests: Attribute Groups: Hierarchy
ESH_OM_AOTYPNQGFObject Types: Nodes: Req.: Attribute Groups: Field Assignmnt
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