GUID_22 Field in SAP | GUID in 'CHAR' format with upper-/lowercase (!) Data Element using tables

GUID_22 is a data element in SAP used for storing GUID in 'CHAR' format with upper-/lowercase (!) data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this GUID_22 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : GUID_22
  • Description : GUID in 'CHAR' format with upper-/lowercase (!)
  • Data Type :CHAR

GUID in 'CHAR' format with upper-/lowercase (!) tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using GUID_22 Field

ADPIC_HOLD_MIGOStore BADI goitem for MIGO hold / restore functionality
ADPIC_HOLD_MPNStore MPN subitems for MIGO hold / restore functionality
AGS_BPM_BICPSESSBPMon BI Analysis Cockpit Session
ALM_MESYNC_DB1ME Sync Delta-Download Handling - Data Administration
CACS_OAPIFOA: Instance of an Assignment Process
CFF_PHIO_TRACKCFF: Tracking the Access (Read- and Write Accesses)
CMX_ISE_EVTQUEUEIntersession Events:Event Queue (Cluster,Shared Memory Only)
CMX_ISE_REGIntersession Events: Registration Table
CNVMBTDELREFDeletion references for the coordinated reorganization
CNVMBTDELREFTECHTechnical info about the reorganization like job and log
DMC_ACTPDMC: Actual Parameters from Rule Call or Operator Call
DMC_ANWDGDMC: Applications in the Direct Input Concept
DMC_APIDOCApplication Assignment - IDoc Technical Field Function Name
DMC_APPDIPermitted DI Types for Applications
DMC_AWIOBDMC: Application Import-Export Interfaces
DMC_BAPIDMC: Master Data for BAPI Integration
DMC_BDOCMaster Data for BDOCs
DMC_BIPDMC: Attributes for Standard Batch Input
DMC_CMPPComponents/Name Relations
DMC_CNTNContainer Type for Sender Structure Name Administration
DMC_COBJDMC: Conversion Object
DMC_COMPLComplex Data Structures
DMC_CSTRTTable for Storing Complex Data Type Information
DMC_CTABLEDMC: Table for Storing Coding, Documentation
DMC_DISTRCInfo on Structures For Test Type Direct Input 1/Example Type
DMC_DITDirect Input - Test Type
DMC_DIWWrapper for Direct Input
DMC_DW_ACTUALPActual Parameters for Dynamic WHERE Clauses
DMC_DW_TEMPLATEDynamic WHERE Clause Templates
DMC_FDESCDMC: Description of Data to Be Imported
DMC_FIELDDMC: Data Field of a Structure
DMC_FMIDDMC: Assignment of Conversion Object to Runtime Object
DMC_FMSEQDMC: Transformations; Order of the Function Modules
DMC_FM_RESTARTAssignment of IDs to sender objects for restart handling
DMC_FM_RESTART_KAssignment of IDs to sender objects for restart handling
DMC_IDOCMaster Data for IDocs
DMC_IMPTYDMC: Types of Import/Export Interfaces for Applications
DMC_IRULEDMC: Installed Rules
DMC_ISBDMC Tool: Information about Direct Input 2
DMC_OINSDMC: Files for Import; Assignment of the Files to Sender
DMC_OPDMC: Rule Implementation Type
DMC_OUTFDMC: File Paths and File Names
DMC_PARAMDMC: Formal Parameters in Rule and Operation Calls
DMC_PRJCTProject Management
DMC_PTT_03Performance Test Tool Table
DMC_RCALLDMC: Representation of Rule or Operator Calls
DMC_RLUSEUsing Rules Within Other Rules
DMC_RSDATDMC: Information about Self-Defined Recipient Container
DMC_RSRELDMC: Relations Between Sender/Recipient Structures
DMC_RULEMapping Rules in DMC Tool
DMC_SPRJCTSub-Projects (Conversion Object Administration)
DMC_SSDATDMC: Information About Self-Defined Sender Container
DMC_STREEDMC: Tree Structure for Administration of Structures
DMC_STREETDMC: Structure Names
DMC_STREE_TRACEMWB: Trace storage for table DMC_STREE
DMC_STRUCTSender Structure or Recipient Structure
DMC_SXDAMaster Data for SXDA
DMC_UDATDMC: Administration of User-Specific Settings
DMC_WCARDDMC: Files; Values for Wildcard '*'
DMC_WSTEPSave and Display User Steps
DMC_WSTPTTemplates for Processing Steps
DMC_XMLDDMC: Administration of XML Descriptions
FAGLSKFGeneral Ledger: Statistical Key Figures (Current Values)
FAGL_VAL_LOCKSReference to the Data Container Containing the Intervals
FKK_KONTL_LINKLink Table: Document <> Variable Additional Account Assigmts
IABUSEXAMExample Table of Application Attributes
JITBACKFTMPTemporary File for Confirmation Pool
LCA_PRORECProfiling-Sessions ext
MBO_FIELDBO - Table to maintain key information
MBO_FORKEYbo foreign key table
MIGO_BADI_HOLDMIGO BADI: Table for Held External Data
MMIM_PREDMM-IM Temporary Data
MMIM_PREDOC_ORGParked Material Documents, Organizational Data
OABUS817AAttribute Table of BUS0817
OIB_MIGO_HHEADStore the GOHEAD for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIB_MIGO_HQCIStore the QCI-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIB_MIGO_HQCI_EStore the QCI-GOITEM-Bapiret for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIB_MIGO_HQCI_PStore the QCI-GOITEM-Parameter for MIGOs hold/restore featur
OIB_MIGO_HQCI_QStore the QCI-GOITEM-Quantity for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIB_MIGO_HTSTStore the TST-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIH_MIGO_HTDPStore the TDP-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restore feature
OIJNOMHNomination Header
OIJNOMHVERSNomination Header Version Table
OIJ_SCHEDPlanned Schedule Lines
OIJ_SIM_SCHEDobsolete table (will be cleaned up)
SCDTTRACEConnection of Logs to Transports
SCDTTRDESDistribution: Target System of Requests/Tasks
SCDTTRKEYDistribution: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks
SCDTTRLOGSConnection of Logs to Transports
SCIREST_STRCode Inspector: Aggregated View of Inspection Results
SCMA_CONTSchedule Manager: TVARV Variable in Workflow Container
SCMA_CONT_ELEMSElements of Schedule Manager Container (TVARV Variable)
SCMA_CONT_EL_FCCElements of Workflow Container (TVARV Variable) for FCC
SCMC_AM_GUIDRelation Between ObjectName and GUI
SCMC_LANDSCAPESLandscapes in CCMS Monitoring Console
SCMC_LNDKEYKey Table for Instance Names of SAP Landscapes
SCMC_SYSTEMSSystems in CCMS Monitoring Console
SMSY_LOGCMP_RELRelated Logical Components
SWFDXMPEACXML Message Proxy: Element Access
SWUI_FORMContainer contents for form data container
T5EF2Directory of INEM forms generated
T5EF3Directory of INEM forms generated
T5EF4Templates for INEM forms
T7ARM4My Simplification: Family links
T7ARM5My Simplification: Business activity addresses/addresses
TEMPLATE_HEADERHeader Data: Template
TKKV_VZK_DATAData Table Additional Account Assignment for Insurance
TKKV_VZK_LINKLink Table Document <> Additional Acct Assignment for Ins.
VVKKIHISTIOBSec. Acct Int. Calc. Acc. to Ins. Obj.: History (Detail)
WBGTGlobal Trade: Generic Document Information
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