FUNCNAME Field in SAP | Function name Data Element using tables

FUNCNAME is a data element in SAP used for storing Function name data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this FUNCNAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : FUNCNAME
  • Description : Function name
  • Data Type :CHAR

Function name tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using FUNCNAME Field

ACCENTCONF01Entities: Local Storage of Configuration
AWU_FILinkage open FI with workflow (model function module)
BASICS_PICKLISTFunction Modules for Offline Picklists
BPMWIACTMAPBPM BW Extraktors: Mapping table for WI actions/methods
CCIHC_AY01EHS: Control Table for Analysis Methods
CDBCRMUPLFramework table for maintaing Upload info from CDB to CRM
CDC_EXTR_STATUSCDC: Comparison Object Model Extractor Status
CMSC_APPL_IMPLCustomizing table for application implementations
CMSC_BFW_PRFCustomizing table for business framework profile
CMSC_BRE_RULERule Definition
CNVA_APPLICATIONSHC: Analysis application header
CNVC_ABAPINFOZSC: checksums for abaps and fubas
CNV_00001_OPTPRGOptiization tools for CWB
CNV_00001_OPTPRTTexts for optimization transactions
CNV_DOWNUPACTMAPMapping from activity to postproc. function (downl/upload)
CPPEUI02iPPE Interface: Additional Screens
CRMC_DAM_PROPDESName of functionmodule related to source for property-descr.
CTS_AIM_TRACEHeader Table - AIM trace results
DMC_CONN_BW_PSAMWB: Connection to BW systems
DMC_CONN_FUBAMWB: Connection definition table
DMC_MAP_FMOD_TSTmap "test mode" flag for function module calls
DVSEQDIRTest sequence list for dialog module management
EBPPINT_DEBUGBiller Direct: Debugging
EHSWASYST_USAGETable Names and Fields for Deletion Where-Used List
EMFINRecipient determin.
ESTOHEHS: WWI generation / print jobs
FDT_ACTN_1100FDT: Action - Static method call
FDT_ACTN_1100AFDT: Action - Static method call
FDT_ACTN_1100SFDT: Action - Static method call
FDT_ACTN_1100TFDT: Action - Static method call
FDT_EXPR_1500FDT: Expression - Static Method Call Class
FDT_EXPR_1500AFDT: Expression - Static Method Call Class
FDT_EXPR_1500SFDT: Expression - Static Method Call Class
FDT_EXPR_1500TFDT: Expression - Static Method Call Class
FUSEQDIRTest sequences
INSTCNTLSAP Installation: Control Table for Basis Customizing
IUUC_BW_PSASettings for BW PSA connection
JVTSDPACKFUNCIS-M: Function Modules for SD Packaging
LXE_LIST_DLocal Lists
LXE_TAXXTable Segmentation
MDM_OBJECT_IDENTObject Description (Dependent on Business Object and Level)
MDM_OBJECT_METHDObject Methods (Dependent on Business Object / Level)
MIG_BDOCEXCHANGEBDoc type specific transfer information (generated)
MIG_BDOCUTILBDoc type specific utilities (release-dependent)
MIG_OBJEXCHANGEBDoc type specific transfer information (generated)
MSR_SELECTMSR: Selection Range Entries for Import Parameters
OIJSFTYPOIL-TSW: Safety stock calculation type
OIJTGTYPOIL-TSW: Target stock calculation type
OIO_MT_DFLOWMaterial tracking document flow definition
QISRSCENARIOACTActivities for Scenario
RCCL_BUF_FUNCRCCF: Buffer for functions
RCCL_BUF_FUNCPARRCCF: Function Parameter Buffer
SATC_AC_STATE_RFMovement data: RFC invocations
SE16N_EXITSE16N: Assigns Exit Events to a Table
SFUNCUNITRELAUNIT Relevant Test Data Records
SMO2LOGPLog for BW Requirements
SMOBWAHEADBWA: CRM Attributes of BW DataSources
SMOBWSELPValue Description for Query Selection Variables
SMOEGENNAMCVNaming Conventions for Sites/Subscriptions added by SubAgent
SMOFUPLMAPMapping function modules for upload from CRM to OLTP
SMOFUPLMAPCUSTSite specific mapping module for the load CRM to R/3 backend
SMOFUPLMAPFUNCEligible mapping module for the load from CRM to R/3 backend
SMOFUPLMAPFUNCTDescription of the mapping modules: Load CRM to R/3 backend
SMOXDMCBWA: Name of the DMC Generated Mapping Function
SMOXHEADControl Table: BW Adapter 002
SMOXHEAD_SShadow Table for Table smoxhead
SMW1DB_MSAQAMobile client queue analyzer generation information
SWDSFUNCSWF Definition: Functions
SWD_FUNCSWF Definition/Runtime: Functions
SWF_WFPTABWF: Basis information about Workflow Wizards
SWLFBASHOWDisplay of WIM log entries in workflow log
SWWLOGPARAObsolete 4.6/ WIM Log Table: Actions on WIs - Parameters
SXCONVERTSAPconnect: Conversion functions
SXCONVERT2SAPconnect: Conversion Functions for Format Categories
T021SLine Layout Variant Special Fields
T030ATransaction Keys and Assignment to Groups
T033CAccount Determination: Administration Data
T185Screen sequence control: Paths between processing locations
T770AFHR Query: Function Modules for Customer's Additional Fields
T770TFunction modules providing texts for special fields
T77OCTABUSScenario-Specific Tab Page Usage
T77OMSCENService for Organizational Management
T77OMTABUSScenario-Specific Tab Page Usage
TASK_VITA_LOSTAdministration of Registered Watcher Functions
TASK_VITA_MAINAdministration of Registered Watcher Functions
TCLOI6Target System with Destination and Function for Data Upload
TDLOS_SAVELoan Origination: SAVE modules for saving loans
TE900Validations: Check Codes + Funct. Module Names
TE902Function Modules for Pop Codes (Dependent Validations)
TEJOB_CONTRFunction Modules for Application
TFKK_EXTR_OBJShort Extracts - Objects
TIVMISTEPStep of Migration
TJ03Object types
TKSF0CUA control function modules
TMCELIS - Environment generation sample reports and references
TMETADIM_02HR Forms: MetaDimensions
TMETASTARDIMII02HR Forms: Read Data for Infotype Dim. (International)
TMETASTARDIMIO02HR Forms: Read Data for Other Dim. (International)
TMETASTARDIMIP02HR Forms: Read Data for Payroll Dim. (International)
TMETASTARDIMIT02HR Forms: Read Data for Other Time Eval.Dim. (International)
TMETASTARDIM_I03HR Forms: Read Data for Infotype MetaDimensions
TMETASTARDIM_O03HR Forms: Read Data for Other MetaDimensions
TMETASTARDIM_P03HR Forms: Read Data for Payroll Dimensions
TMETASTARDIM_T03HR Forms: Read Data for Time MetaDimensions
TMETASTARFIG_I02HR Forms: Read Data for Infotype Figures
TMETASTARFIG_O02HR Forms: Read Data for Other Figures
TMETASTARFIG_P02HR Forms: Read Data for Payroll Figures
TMETASTARFIG_T02HR Forms: Read Data for Time Evaluation Figures
TMETASTAR_I02HR Forms: Read Data for Infotypes
TMETASTAR_O02HR Forms: Read Data for Other MetaStars
TMETASTAR_P02HR Forms: Read Data for Payroll Results
TMETASTAR_T02HR Forms: Read Data for Time Evaluation MetaStars
TMSMGRAPH8Control of MSM Graphic
TMSMGRAPH8CCustomer Control for MSM Graphic
TMZRAgency Business: Payment Types Dispatch Control - Recipient Types
TOACRAsynchronous ArchiveLink Requests
TPACHECKChecking Table Directory for Check Modules of SD Partner
TS3RMAPPFUTime Stream: Mapping Generation Functions to Object Type
TSMW00Actions for last service & BDoctype in error case
TSMW01Actions for BDoctype in error case
TSMW02Actions in error: defaults
TSMW03Actions for last service & BDoc type & sender in error
TSMW04Actions for services in error case
TSMW0_ERRBDOCMaintain Erroraction Bdoctype spec.
TSMW0_ERRDEFAULTMaintain Default Erroraction
TSMW0_ERRRECEIVEMaintain Erroraction Receiver spec.
TSMW0_ERRWTCHDGMaintain Watchdog
TTXPISAPscript program interface
TTZAPPOBJTime Zones: Objects for Local Date
TXX_CONControl Information: SAP Segments
TXX_C_CONControl Information: Customer-Specific Segments
UASE16N_RFUASE16N: Assigns Environment Transactions to a Table
UCONRFCCARTRuntime Table for Mapping of RFC FM to Service Assembly
UCONRFMCALLERATTCaller Info about Incoming RFC calls to this ABAP system
VVKK_COINS_INTGRIntegration with Other Functions that Transfer Shares
/CWM/FUNC_EXCLDeactivated Function Modules in Catch Weight Management
/EACA/GLCONFIG1GL Configuration: Active Subcomponents
/EACA/TBTPROCONFConfigurations in Component BTA Profit
/EACC/DERIV_EXITMethods for Derviation Exits
/EACC/HEAD_TBLSList of Document Header Tables
/EACC/TDOCJRCONFConfiguration of the Document Journal Component
/SAPF15/TFMITVSLF15 FMIT Abgleich HKR Gruppierung VSL
/SAPSLL/LC_CUSC2Customs Processing: Percentage Conditions
/SAPSLL/TLFSFWControl Settings: Feeder System Call from Inbound Processing
/SDF/MON_CALLFunction Call of /SDF/MON
/SDF/MON_CALLPARFunction Calls of /SDF/MON parameters
/SPE/RFC_IF_LOCLocal counterparts for RFC function modules
/SPE/SRFC_IF_LOCLocal Counterparts for RFC Function Modules (System Table)
/TMWFLOW/PROJMcProjects Master Data for Distribution to SolMan + SchedMan
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