FM_FAREA Field in SAP | Functional Area Data Element using tables

FM_FAREA is a data element in SAP used for storing Functional Area data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this FM_FAREA field in SAP.

  • Data Element : FM_FAREA
  • Description : Functional Area
  • Data Type :CHAR

Functional Area tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using FM_FAREA Field

AD01DLIDynamic items (DI)
BPDZLine Entry Document
BPEGLine Item Overall Values Controlling Obj.
BPEJLine Item Annual Values Controlling Obj.
BPEPLine Item Period Values Controlling Obj.
BPGETotals Record for Total Value Controlling obj.
BPHICross-hierarchy Data Controlling obj.
BPIGBudget Object Index (Overall Budget)
BPIJBudget Object Index (Annual Budget)
BPJATotals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj.
BPPETotals Record for Period Values Controlling Obj.
BPTRObject Data Controlling Obj.
BPTXBudgeting Text
CRACCPayment Cards: Account Assignments in Card Master Record
CRNUMPayment cards: Card master record
FM01UDSettings for revenues increasing the budget
FMAVCAActual line item table
FMAVCOObject table 1
FMAVCPPlan line items table
FMAVCTAVC Summary Table (BCS)
FMBASOBJNRObject numbers for FM addresses
FMBDOObject table 1 - Budget address
FMBLFunds management budget document lines (entry documents)
FMBPCLOSE_FTYPEPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund Type
FMBPCLOSE_FUNDPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund
FMBUDFI-FM Data Transfer Structure FM4C
FMCFAATR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward
FMCFAASTR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Interim Storage)
FMCFAAS_TRTR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Interim Storage)
FMCFAA_TRTR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward
FMCFABTR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Sender+Receiver)
FMCFABSTR-FM: Transferred Commitment/Budget (Senders+Receivers)
FMCFABS_TRTR-FM: Transferred Commitment/Budget (Senders+Receivers)
FMCFAB_TRTR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Sender+Receiver)
FMCFBPAKSFM-FYC: Budget/Planning Updates (Interim Storage)
FMCFSBFM - CF: Carryforward rules
FMCFSBCDFM-CF: Carryforward Rules (Dummy -> Change Documents)
FMCFSIFFI-FM: Selected Open Documents from FI Update
FMCFSIF_TRSelected Open FI Documents (Settlement)
FMCFSIOFI-FM: Selected Open Commitment Documents
FMCFSIO_TRFI-FM: Selected Open Commitment Documents
FMCHA1Work List for Reassignment Tool
FMCOPICO-FM: Plan Data Transfer - Annual/Overall Values
FMDECKHKAssignment of FM Account Assignment to Cover Pool
FMDECKHKCAssignment of FM Account Assignment to Cover Pool
FMEINDECKAssign FM Acct Assgt Requir.Cover to One Give It
FMEINDECKCAssign FM Acct Assgt Requir.Cover to One Give It
FMEUFFNSFinancing Source
FMFYCVAValue Adjustments Before Fiscal Year Change
FMHBLFunds management budget document lines (held documents)
FMIAActual Line Item Table for Funds Management
FMIFIITFI Line Item Table in Funds Management
FMIOObject Table for Funds Management
FMIOICommitment Documents Funds Management
FMIPPlan Line Items Table for Funds Management
FMITTotals Table for Funds Management
FMRBAActual line item table
FMRBOObject table 1
FMRBPPlan line items table
FMRBTSummary table
FMREAS_INDEX_FAIndex Table for Reassignment Tool Using the Functional Area
FMREFActive availability ctrl: Cross commitments reference table
FMROLLUP_FTYPEPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund Type
FMROLLUP_FUNDPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund
FMRPRELAssignment of Expenditure Objects to Revenue Cover Pool
FMUDBSEGAddtl Info on Revenues Increasing Budget for Recovery Order
FMUDBSEGHAddtl Info on Revenues Increasing Budget for Recovery Order
FMUDBSEGPPart.Payt Item for Customer Invoice of a Rev. Incr. the Bgt
FMUDKBLPAddtl Info re Revenues Increasing Budget for Fcst of Revenue
FMUDKBLPHAddtl Info re Revenues Increasing Budget for Fcst of Revenue
FMUDKBLPPItem Revenues Increasing Budget for Forecast of Revenue
FMUDPOOLAssignment of Cover Pool to Rev. Increasing FM Acct Assgmt
FMUDPOOLCAssignment of Cover Pool to Rev. Increasing FM Acct Assgmt
FMUDRELAssignment of Expenditure Revenue Objs Incr.Budget
FMUDRELCAssignment of Expenditure Revenue Objs Incr.Budget
FMUDRULERules for Revenues Increasing Budget
FMUDRULECRules for Revenues Increasing the Budget
FMZUOBAllocation of CO Object to FM Account Assignment
GMFMRECS1GM RIB: FM Budget Receivers
GMIAActual Line Item Table
GMREVBDGTFM1Defult settings for GM revaluation of currency
TBPFMXActive availability control on commitment budget
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