EINRI Field in SAP | IS-H: Institution Data Element using tables

EINRI is a data element in SAP used for storing IS-H: Institution data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this EINRI field in SAP.

  • Data Element : EINRI
  • Description : IS-H: Institution
  • Data Type :CHAR

IS-H: Institution tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using EINRI Field

A400IS-H: External Physician Discount § BPflV Per Service (A400)
A401IS-H: Personal Item Discount §8 BPflV Per Service (A401)
C401IS-H: Acct key/case type/srv.catalog/srv./private/ext.phys.
N1ABLHISHMED: Process-organizational hierarchy of the organ. units
N1ABWMSGIS-H*MED: Assignment of service/check/message
N1ANFIS-H*MED: Request
N1ANFTYPIS-H*MED: Request Type
N1ANMSZIS-H*MED: Request-status-employee assignment
N1AOEZIS-H*MED: Assignment of requesting OU to performing OU
N1APCNIS-H: Appointment Defaults
N1APRIIS-H*MED: Request priorities
N1APRITIS-H*MED: Text for request priorities
N1APZIS-H*MED: Assignment between work station and time marker
N1ASTIS-H*MED: Request status
N1ASTTIS-H*MED: Request status text
N1ATKIS-H*MED: VBUND: Anfotypverwendung Kommunikationspartner
N1ATVIS-H*MED: Request Type Usage
N1AWEGIS-H*MED: Medication - Application Method
N1BEZYIS-H*MED: Cycles with NLEI reference
N1CORDERIS-H: Clinical Order
N1CORDTSIS-H: Service Hit List Clin.Ord.Type - Order Filler Assgmt
N1CORDTYPAIS-H: Clinical Order Type - Order Type Structure
N1CSCHGIS-H*MED: Appointment Change Reason
N1CSCHGTIS-H*MED: Appointment Change Reason (Text)
N1DCSCLASSIS-H*MED: Classifications for Services and Diagnoses
N1DCSCLASSTYADDTIS-H*MED: Diagnosis/Service Classification Supplement Texts
N1DCSCLASSTYTIS-H*MED: Diagnosis/Service Classification Texts
N1DCSDIA_CATSIS-H*med: DCS:Dia. Catalogs - SAP-DIACOS ICD-9/10 Assignment
N1DCS_AGR_RANGEDCS: Quick Entry Settings for Roles (Ranges)
N1DCS_ALLGIS-H*med: DCS: Quick Entry: General Settings
N1DCS_DAUERDIAIS-H*MEd: DCS: Quick Entry Long-Term Diagnoses
N1DCS_DAUERTHEIS-H*MED: DCS: Quick Entry Long-Term Therapies
N1DCS_OUIS-H*med: DCS: OU-Related Quick Entry Control
N1DCS_USRIS-H*med: DCS: Quick Entry: Settings for User
N1DCS_USR_RANGEIS-H*MED: DCS: Quick Entry User Settings (Ranges)
N1DFOIS-H*MED: Dispensing Form
N1DFOTIS-H*MED: Dispensing Form/Language-Dependent Text
N1EDRUGIS-H*MED: Drug Event - Drug Assignment
N1ELEIISHMED: External service range
N1EMPFTYPIS-H*MED: Recipient type
N1EMPFTYP2IS-H*MED: Recipient Types for Default in the Doc. Dispatch
N1FAPFTable for dept'l nursing OUS
N1FATIS-H*MED: Transport Orders
N1FATGENIS-H*MED: Help Table for Transport-Relevant Entities
N1FOINSTAIS-H*MED: OU-Related Objects - Drugs Assignment
N1FORCUSAGEAIS-H*MED: Usage Key - Drug Assignment
N1FPVIS-H*MED: Patient Transport Service - Available Transporters
N1FSOURCEOUAIS-H*MED: Fill Source for OUs Assignment
N1FWZIS-H*MED: Transport Service Transport Times
N1GENCYIS-H*MED: Generic Cycle Use
N1GESTable for aggregate summary block
N1GUISTATUSIS-H*MED: User-Dependant GUI-Status
N1IFGIS-H*MED: Degrees of infection
N1IFGTIS-H*MED: Text for degrees of infection
N1IPLEIS-H*MED:Assignmt of Nursing Anchor Service to the ntpk
N1KGTPLIS-H*MED: Service quota of the performer for the requester
N1KPLIS-H*MED: VBUND: Leistungsangebot Kommunikationspartner
N1KPOIS-H*MED: VBUND: Zordnung OE - Kommunikationspartner
N1LAGRGIS-H*MED: Position types
N1LAGRGTIS-H*MED: Text for position types
N1LAPPservices without case or movement reference
N1LAUFISHMED: Service Task
N1LSSTAIS-H*MED: Service Status
N1LSSTTISHMED: Service status text
N1LSSTZISHMED: Service-Svce Status-Employee Assignment
N1LSTGSPLITIS-H*MED: Surgical service split
N1MAILSYSTEMEIS-H*MED: Institution-Dependent E-mail System
N1MEDOBSOLETE: Patient-Related Medication Data for a Prescription
N1MEDRGZOBSOLETE: Assignment of Medication for Prescription to MEVT
N1MEEVENTIS-H*MED: Medication, Medication Event
N1MEKIS-H*MED: Master Data Medications - Catalogs
N1MEKTIS-H*MED: Master Data Medications - Catalog/Lang-Dep. Text
N1MEMEZIS-H*MED: Medication - Medication Assignment
N1MEOEZIS-H*MED: Medication - OU Assignment
N1MEOPRIIS-H*MED: Medication - Order Priority
N1MEOPRITIS-H*MED: Medication - Order Priority, Text Table
N1MEORDERIS-H*MED: Medication, Drug Order
N1MEOSRVAIS-H*MED: Order - Service - Assignment
N1MEPOBSOLETE: Master Data Medication - Catalog Positions
N1MEPRPRINTIS-H*MED:Medication; Drug Prescription (Printout)
N1MEPSTFZIS-H*MED: Medication - Substance Assignment
N1MEPTOBSOLETE: Master Data Medication - Cat.Pos./Lang.-Dep. T.
N1MERGOBSOLETE: Medication Event
N1MEVOOBSOLETE: Prescription of a Medication
N1MLZUOIS-H*MED: Service-related material proposal
N1NURSHIFTIS-H*MED: Nurse shift times
N1ODRUGIS-H*MED: Medication, Drugs of Order
N1OEAIS-H*MED: Involved org.units dependent on task
N1OFSIS-H*MED: Assignment object field - status
N1ORATEIS-H*MED: Medication, Dosage Quantities Infusions
N1ORGANIS-H*MED: Table for the Codes for Organs
N1ORGANTIS-H*MED: Text for the Organ Table
N1ORGPAROU-related Customizing
N1OSETIS-H*MED: Drug Order Template
N1PATFALIS-H*MED: Relationship between patient and case
N1PDDANMPERINAT: Anamnesis of the mother
N1PDDASSPERINAT: Data for current pregnancy
N1PDDAZGPERINAT: Admission for Birth
N1PDDDKIPERINAT: Data of child
N1PDDEKIPERINAT: Discharge of child
N1PDDELMPERINAT: Discharge of mother
N1PDDEXPORTFILESPERINAT: Einstellungen für den BQS-Datenexport/-import
N1PDDGEBPERINAT: Table of births (assigned case to birth number)
N1PDDGKIPERINAT: Data about birth
N1PDDGKIGEBMODIS-H*MED: PERINAT: Geburtsmodus (Zuordn ICPM - Radiobuttons)
N1PDDPNDPERINAT: Prenatal diagnosis
N1PDDSTPERINAT: Status history
N1PDDSTATUSPERINAT: Status evaluation for perinatal documentation
N1PDDZGAPERINAT: Additional data
N1PDKMITARBPERINAT: Obstetrics team member
N1PFABSGIS-H*MED: Table for Termination Reasons
N1PFABSGTIS-H*MED: Text for the Termination Reasons
N1PLATHIS-H*MED: Day-Related Planning Authority
N1PLBAIS-H*MED: Assignment basic to hour.nurs.plans
N1PLZYIS-H*MED: Cycles with NTPZ reference ->see documentation !!!
N1POPAKTEIS-H*Med: Patient Organizer - Redundant Structure
N1PRPATVERGLIS-H*MED: PATREG: bestimmt ob NPAT Satz an PATREG übertrag
N1PRTIS-H: Printers per institution
N1PRTCAFNIS-H*MED: PATREG: Aufnahme-Transakt.Codes für verbwt. Such
N1PRTLNRIS-H*MED: PATREG: Teilnehmerstammdatentabelle
N1PTIIS-H: Sched. Types for Inpat. Admission Planning
N1PTITIS-H: Sched. Types for Inpat. Admission Planning
N1RISMISIS-H*MED: Data transfer error (case - patient) Release Status Release Status (Text)
N1ROLZUOIS-H*MED: Function assignment IS-H -> IS-H*MED
N1STAALIS-H*MED: Statuses for cost breakdown
N1STFIS-H*MED: Master Data of Medication Substances
N1STFTYPIS-H*MED: Substance Types
N1STGRIS-H: Cancellation Reasons
N1STGRTISHMED: Text for Cancellation Reason of Service
N1STPLZYIS-H*MED Nursing: Asgmt. of cycles to nursing plan profile
N1STRUCMEDRECIS-H*MED: Health Problems (Struct. Med. Patient Record)
N1STZTIS-H*MED: Standard cycle text
N1STZYOEIS-H*MED: Cycle Prioritization as a Function of the OU
N1TAIS-H*MED: Transport Types
N1TATIS-H*MED: Transport type: text
N1TC_BUFFERTable for Saving Treatment Contract Checks
N1TC_BUFFER_PAPTable for Storing TA Checks for Provisional Patients
N1TC_REQUESTTemporary Treatment Contracts Applied for
N1THERSIS-H*MED: Therapeutic Scheme
N1THSIS-H*MED: Medication - Order Profile
N1TPGAIS-H: Admission Quotas
N1TPGLIS-H*MED: Service quotas for daily program
N1TPGOIS-H*MED: Day program: Assign OU time segments
N1TPLABIS-H*MED: Required Laboratory Parameters
N1TPLOKIS-H*MED: Radiology - Excluded Localization
N1TPMIS-H*MED: Medical Enhancements for the Service Catalog Items
N1TPMEORDERIS-H*MED: Medication, Drug Order Template
N1TPODRUGIS-H*MED: Medication, Drugs of Templates
N1TPORATEIS-H*MED: Dosage Quantities of Template
N1TPOUAMedicatio: Order Template / Group Assignment to OUs
N1TPPIS-H*MED: Resource Profile for Services
N1TPTAIS-H*MED: Excluded Transport Type
N1TPZIS-H*MED: Nursing attr for NTPZ
N1URLIS-H*MED: Addresses of files for browser
N1VKGIS-H: Item of Clinical Order (Preregistration)
N1VMKIS-H*MED: Table for preselections in the service hit list
N1VORBDOKELIS-H*MED: Defaults for the doc. elements
N1VPVital Sign Movement Data
N1WPLACE_PGIS-H*MED: Spezialization for Planning Grid Display Variant
N1WPLACE_PG_USZIS-H*MED: Display Variant - User Assignment
N1XAPRIIS-H*MED: VBUND: Umsetzung von Prioritäten
N1XASTIS-H*MED: VBUND: Umsetzung von Anforderungsstatus
N1XIFGIS-H*MED: VBUND: Umsetzung von Infektionsgraden
N1XLEIISHMED: Service Range
N1XLOIS-H*MED: VBUND: Umsetzung von Lokalisationen
N1XLSSTAIS-H*MED: VBUND: Umsetzung von Leistungsstatus
N1XSTGIS-H*MED: VBUND: Umsetzung von Stornogründen
N1XTAIS-H*MED: VBUND: Umsetzung von Transportarten
N1YLEIIS-H*MED: Requestable services
N1ZPIIS-H*MED: Time interpretation
N1ZPITIS-H*MED: Text for time interpretation
N1ZPLSTIS-H*MED: Assignment of standards to STD - nursing plans
N1ZPTZUOIS-H*MED: Time assignment table
N1ZSLSTIS-H*Med: Extra services
N1ZYINFIS-H*MED: Cycle information
N204IS-H: IS-H*MED Example table for endoscopic finding
N2ANARTIS-H*MED: Anesthesia types
N2ANKERIS-H*MED Information for OR Documentation (Anchor Service)
N2APPLOGIS-H*MED: Application Logging
N2AUZPZUOIS-H*MED: Tasks - Surgery times assignment table
N2BASEITEMBase Items: Base Item
N2BATMPIS-H*MED: Temporary treatment order
N2BEFUNDPDOK: N2_BEFUND IS-H*MED: unstructured findings
N2BEFUND2PDOK: N2_BEFUND2 IS-H*MED: Unstructured Findings w/SAPscript
N2BERKATIS-H*MED: Authorization Category
N2BKGZIS-H*MED: Nursing basic catalog - classif. areas assignment
N2BKOEIS-H*MED: Assignment of authorization category to OU
N2CA01PMD: N8CA_HKP Techn. Documentation
N2CA02PMD: N8CA_HKB Cardiac Catheter Findings
N2CA03PMD: N8CA_TTE Cardiology:
N2CA04PMD: N8CA_TEE Cardiology:
N2CA05PMD: N8CA_SEC Cardiology:
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