DOKU_OBJ Field in SAP | Documentation Object Data Element using tables

DOKU_OBJ is a data element in SAP used for storing Documentation Object data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this DOKU_OBJ field in SAP.

  • Data Element : DOKU_OBJ
  • Description : Documentation Object
  • Data Type :CHAR

Documentation Object tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using DOKU_OBJ Field

ABAPDOCUSTATSAccess Statistics for ABAP Documentation
ABDOCUSUBJECTSLink Table for ABAP Keyword Documentation
ACDATAPROVData Collector Definition for Monitoring and Alerting
AFX_TREEDEFHierarchy Tree Definition
AGSSISE_STEPSimple Setup: Application Steps
AGS_GPA_STEPSimple Setup: Application Steps
ALMRULESAlerts: Rule Descriptions for Monitor Definitions (V3)
BBPC_SUS_BPCUSTSettings for Business Partners
BBPC_SUS_BP_CUSTBusiness Partner Settings
CMWC_MBA_MSGDTLGroupware Adapter Message Detail
CNVCDMC_IMGCDMC - Definition of the IMG for CDMC Projects
CNVCDOP_IMGCDOP - Definition of the IMG for CDOP Projects
CNVIMGTIMG activities
CNVMBTDOCTEMPLMBT PCL documentation templates
CNVMBTNODERFC Diagnostic Tool Nodes
CNVMBTVARIANTPIFD Variant Descriptions
CNV_00001_FORMSForm routines used in conversions
CNV_00001_PARAMSParameter table
CNV_00001_PARSParameters of form routines used in conversion
CNV_10993_ACTIActivity Tables
CNV_20100_TABCHKTable fields to be analyzed
CNV_20200_SP_TABDefinition of tables for the Special Priority Handling
CNV_ADT_MENUTransformation Summary: Menu tree
CNV_MBT_WORD_LOGWorkinstruction: messages during report generation
COFUNC2CO-OM-ABC: Function Definitions
CRMCHKMeta Data: Check rules
CRMCHKMSGMeta Data: Check rule verdicts
CUSABIMG attribute table: Industry sector settings
CUSACIMG attribute table: Customer data
CUSAHIMG attribute table: SAP data
CUSALIMG attribute table: Country settings
DFIT_BC_CHECKBusiness Configuration Check
DFIT_CHECK_UNITDefinition of a Check Unit
DMC_DOCUMENTSDocuments for MWB Objects
DMC_DOCUMENT_TPTemplates for DMC Document Maintenance
DMC_DOC_LINKDocument Linking
DMEE_TREE_TYPEDMEE: Supported Tree Types
DMEE_TYPE_ABADMEE: Supported Tree Types
DOKCRList of links between documentation objects
DOKHLDocumentation: Headers
DOKILIndex for Documentation Table DOKH
DOKTLDocumentation - text lines
DSYADStructures: Display Structure Without Text
DSYADEFLast position in structure display
DSYAMStructures: Modifications Catalog
DSYAMRKSO70 bookmarks table
DSYASStructures: Maintenance Structure Without Text
DSYATStructures: Texts for Maintenance Structure
DSYCRList of Links Between Documentation Modules
DSYDSDisplay version of the outline (w/o module title)
DTELDOKTLDocumentation - text lines
DTELDOKTL1Documentation - text lines
DTLIDOKCRSet of conflicts for renaming the links to data elem. docu.
DTLIDOKIDocu index for renaming the links to data element docu.
EAML_D_OFFSET_TCOffset Type Codes
EDEREGPROCDeregulation Process
FDT_ADMN_0010FDT: Central Administrative Data (version dependent)
FDT_ADMN_0010AFDT: Central Administrative Data (version dependent)
FDT_ADMN_0010SFDT: Central Administrative Data (version dependent)
FDT_ADMN_0010TFDT: Central Administrative Data (version dependent)
GRFNNOTIFYMSGNotification Messages (Defaults)
GRFNNOTIFYMSGCNotification Messages (Customer)
GWA_MESSAGE_DTLGroupware Adapter Message Detail
GWA_MESSAGE_HDRGroupware Adapter Message Header
HSMC_017EHS: Definition of Text Types for Hazardous Substance Master
HSMC_019EHS: Definition of Numeric Types in Hazardous Subs. Master
IUUC_HELPCENTERHelp Center documents for HANA LTR
LTR_ANYHeader Table for any LTR Object
LTR_ANY_BACKUPHeader Table for any LTR Object
LXE_INEWS(LXE) SE63 InfoNews Control Table
MCSSZENLIS Data management scenarios
MCSSZENVMethod references to LIS Data Management scenarios
RSPROCESSTYPESPossible Process Types
SAAHELPHelp Assistant
SCDTOBJECTCross-System Customizing Object
SCDTSCENARSynchronization Groups for Distribution and Scout
SCDT_L_OBJECTCross-System Customizing Object
SCDT_R_OBJECTCross-System Customizing Object
SCDT_T_OBJECTCross-System Customizing Object
SCPRRECABC Set: BC Set record attributes
SCPRSRECASwitch BC Set: BC Set Data Record Attributes
SCPRSREVERTOWNERRevert SBCSets: Which rows were touched by which BCSet
SCPRSREVERTOWNRDRevert SBCSets: Which rows were touched by which BCSet
SCPRSREVERTOWNRIRevert SBCSets: Which rows were touched by which BCSet
SCPRVVARBC Set: Assignment activity, view --> view variant
SFREACAssign Release notes to application components
SFRECOUCountry assignment for release notes
SFREIMLinks: Release Notes - IMG
SLDW_HEADERHeader Attributes for Whitelists
SMOEGENHEAHeader information for the subscription generator
SMOEOBJINFAdministration console: object tags
STC_BASSCN_HDRTask List Group Header Data
STC_SCN_HDRTask List Header Data
STERM_REFReferences to Term Entries
SWDPHEADERWeb Activity: Transmission Protocol Header Data
SWD_PROPSPossible Properties of a Workflow Definition
SWFDLOGHDRLog Manager: Headers for Log Profiles
SWF_POPORDSequence of "Tips & Tricks" Popups
SWF_POPUP1Popups for "What's new?" Display
SXMSCONFDFXMS: Integration Engine Configuration Parameters
SXMSHELPHelp Assistant
SXMSSYERRXMS: System Error Error Codes
SXS_ATTRExit: Definition side: Attributes for an enhancement
T554S_WEBESS Leave Request: Attributes of Attendance/Absence Types
T77ALE_IFHR Interfaces to FI/LO
TCACS_PATCH_INFODelivered Versions and Patches (Info Documents)
TCACS_TESTTOOLSDirectory of Available Test Methods
TCACS_VALSTAT1Allowed Status Combinations Process/Version
TCACS_VALSTAT2Allowed Status Combinations Process/Item
TCACS_VALTARG1Allowed Target/Status Combinations Process/Version
TCACS_VALTARG2Allowed Target/Status Combinations Process/Version
TCUSINFCustomizing hot news list
TCUSNOTESOld activity -> new activity assignment
TCUS_XREFCross reference for objects in IMG projects
TCUS_XREF4Cross reference for objects in IMG projects
TFK053DFollow-Up Actions: Activity Types
THELPIIndex for Generating Secondary Language Access
TIMGLOIOLOIO buffer for HTML generation
TIVISREPReport of Info System
TTRALLock table - objects for SE63 translation tool locked
UMB_WIZARD101Scorecard Wizard: Level
UPS_ATTRIBUTAttributes for Planning Session
UPS_CUSTTEXTCustomer-Defined Mail Texts
UPWB_PROPINFOAssignment of Info Texts to Properties
Application Platform Tables
Customer Relationship Management Tables
Financial Accounting Tables
SAP Industries specific module Tables
Supplier Relationship Management Tables
Logistics - General Tables
Sales and Distribution Tables
Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) Tables
Basis Components Tables
Controlling Tables
Materials Management Tables
Service Tables
Financials Tables
Real Estate Management Tables
Accounting - General Tables
Knowledge Management Tables
Cross-Application Basis Components Tables
Product Lifecycle Management Tables
Project System Tables
Production Planning and Control Tables
Plant Maintenance Tables
Personnel Time Management Tables
SAP Business Information Warehouse Tables
Auto-ID Enterprise Tables
Investment Management Tables
Supply Chain Management Tables
Personnel Management Tables
Treasury Tables
Financial Services Tables
Logistics Execution Tables
Public Sector Management Tables
Payroll Tables
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Portfolio and Project Management Tables
Web Channel Tables
Enterprise Portal Tables
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Collaborative Cross Applications Tables
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Governance, Risk and Compliance Tables
Training and Event Management Tables
Quality Management Tables
SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Tables
Obsolete Product: Workplace Tables
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