DDTEXT Field in SAP | Explanatory short text Data Element using tables

DDTEXT is a data element in SAP used for storing Explanatory short text data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this DDTEXT field in SAP.

  • Data Element : DDTEXT
  • Description : Explanatory short text
  • Data Type :CHAR

Explanatory short text tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using DDTEXT Field

AMC_APPL_TEXTText table for AMC Channel
AMC_MSG_TYPE_TXTText table for Mesage type defintion for AMC
ANST_CUST_OBJObjects Customizing
APC_APPL_TEXTText table for APC Application
APC_WSP_TYPE_TXTAPC WebSocket protoco type
BEISPIELRepository Infosystem: Sample Table for Template Report
CATS_MY_FIXTEXT2Fixed Texts for CATS notebook
CATS_MY_TEXTS_CCustomer-Specific Field Texts for CATS notebook
CD0TBSH001Veri-Struktur mit Suchhilfe-Anbindung
CDBC_C_CTLISTTCDB: Procedures for cond. technique rel. to /SAPCND/CTLISTT
CDBC_C_T681TCDB: Generable Condition Tables - Texts
CMPOBJCustomizing Comparison: Object Description
CMPPARAMCustomizing Comparison: Parameter Settings
CMSSYSTEMTCMS: System Short Texts
CND_MAPC_T681TGeneratable Condition Tables - Texts
CNVCMIS_A_1_MCIDMCID type Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_MCOBMCOB type Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_OBJTable for object types
CNVCMIS_A_1_SHLPSearch Help Data-Header
CNVCMIS_A_1_TTYPTable types for Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_TYPEType Pool Information Table(CMIS)
CNVCMIS_A_1_VIEWVIEW type Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_CONFIGCMIS Mig: Configuration table for conflicts
CNVC_CCE_HEADData maintenance : runs
CNVC_JSTATJob status
CNVC_MENUMenu node data
CNVC_SCNG_HEADComparison run header
CNVC_SCNG_OBJDEFObject definition
CNVC_SCNG_SIDSystems per run
CNVC_SCOL_OBJDEFObject definition
CNVC_SCOL_ORSCOL Object repository
CNVC_SCWB_ATRDEFSpecific Local Attributes
CNVC_SCWB_ATTRPre-loaded attributes for objects
CNVC_SCWB_GADB table for definining the attributes for a runid
CNVC_SCWB_LCB2Last changed by - hidden users
CNVC_SCWB_TOTask order table
CNVC_SCWB_XTTrigger header table
CNVIMGIMG activities
CNVMATCHCODESConversion: Table for matchcodes
CNV_20200_CAJODifferences in cash journal master data
CNV_20200_CJTRDifferences in cash journal business transactions
CNV_20201_TABTConversion rules (CNV_20201_RNMB-CNV_RULE): Texts
CNV_ADT_DP_TXTTransformation Summary: Data provider texts
CNV_ADT_MENU_TXTTransformation Summary: Menu tree texts
CNV_BI_OBJMap business obj. converted by a conversion pack for SHC
DARTTDD: Data Class in Technical Settings: Texts
DD02BNDTDD: Text Table for Nodes of Structured Objects
DD06TR/3 DD: texts on SQL tables
DD08BTDD: Texts for Association Headers, Structured Objects
DD08TTexts on the relationship definitions
DD12BTText Table for DD12B (Texts for Nodes Indexes)
DD12TText Table for DD12L (Short Descriptions of Sec. Indexes)
DD20TAS400-T_MCOBJECT: MC Object Texts
DD23TAS400_L-MCID: Matchcode ID Texts
DD25TShort Texts for Views and Lock Objects
DD29TAS400_L-SELCOND: Selection Condition Texts
DD30TSearch help texts
DD40TText on table types
DDDBFEATURESTDD: Contains DB-spec.features & re. who has implemented it
DDSQLSCTTexts for SQL Scripts
DDTYPETTexts on Type Groups
DMC_WSTEPSave and Display User Steps
DMC_WSTPTTemplates for Processing Steps
DRP_SMTC_METRTDEV Reporting (SE28): Formulas for Calculation (Text)
DSH_MEALTDictionary Search Helps: Text Table for Meals
EUOBJTWorkbench: Development Objects
EUPDLOGHDISU: Header Data of Update Log for Rate Transport
FMINDEX_HEADERApplication-Dependent Indices: Header
GRFNBRFPATTRSTBRFPlus - Exception function attribute field description
GRPCRTA_DBTABLOGGRC Table of log records for table changes
GRPCRTA_TCHLOGChange log : Changed data
ISIPC_TProcess code text
LISDOMAINTLIS: Domain Short Texts
LISSYSTEMTLIS: System Short Texts
LTR_DESTTYPE_FTXLTR: Home Destination Setting (L table)
OBJSUBTObject: Short Description of Sub-Object
OBJTDescription of Type T Objects (Separate Transaction)
OIKTPIDCTPI Relevance Fields and Ranking (by VBTYP)
OIUT3_CLUSTERSObsolete: Ownership Cluster Template
PBELEMTYPTPackage Builder: Text Visible Elements in Tree
PRCC_ROUND_RULETFormula for Rounding Rules (Texts)
PRTC_PROD_GRP_TProduct Group
SCDTOBJTSynchronization Group Objects: Texts
SCDTPARAMCustomizing Comparison: Parameter Settings
SDDIC_DDLS_M_TXTDDLS Mock Data: Short Texts
SE16N_OJ_KEYTSE16N: Text Table for Key Table for Outer Join Definitions
SE16N_OJ_VARTSE16N: Text Table for Variables for Outer Join Definitions
SFSRFW_REQ_H_TReplication Framework Requested Tables Object List
SFW_APPLICATIONTDescription table for the application - SPEED
SMOG_FUREGFunctions to be called for the object
SMOG_GNREGRegistration for CRM runtime object generation
SMOG_MSOBJmaster register table for mobile sales objects
SMOG_REPOSRepository Version Directory
SMOTMC1TShort Texts on Generated DDIC Structures
SPROXCATTProxy Generation: Texttable for Category
SXC_TABLETExit: Definition Page: Tables; Text Tables
SXS_TABLETExit: Definition side: Tables, Text table
SXVIEW_MOCK_MAINMain Data for XView Mock
T7PBSCA2JTText Table for T7PBSCA2J
TCACS_OBJINSTInstances of Objects That Can Be Duplicated
TCACS_OBJINSTTInstances of Objects That Can Be Duplicated
TCEQUASTMS: Quality Clients and Systems
TCESYSTTText for System Table
TCETRALTTexts for Transport Layers
TCEVERSTShort Texts for Versions
TFKFSDField Selector Data Table
TMC1TShort Texts on Generated DDIC Structures
TOI0_JGTIS-OIL: Junction function groups texts
TOI0_REL_DOCPRTSelect production document types for relevance (text table)
TOI0_REL_DOCSSelect document types for relevance assignment
TVIMVTextended table maintenance: Selection variant texts
TVUVFCTIncompletion Control: Function Code Texts
TZCUSTCALLTYPE_TTestZone: Aufruftypen Texte
USARC_CDREDReloaded Archived Change Documents for User Data
VCLDIRTViewcluster directory text table
W3MODTYPETWAB: Module Type Texts
W3SPARTWAB: Service Parameter Texts
WBOBJECT_DATAData Table for Workbench Object
WBOBJTYPTWorkbench: Text for development object types
WBREGISTRY_PTText Table for WBREGISTRY_P with the Object Type Names
WDR_REC_PLG_CNDTWeb Dynpro: Condition of a Recording Plug-In
WDR_REC_PLUGINTWeb Dynpro: Recording Plug-Ins
/EACC/V_TABLES_IJournal Tables - Indexes
/EACC/V_TOTAL_ITJournal Totals - Database Indexes - Texts
/GRCPI/GRIADBLOGAM - Table of GRC log records for table changes
/SAPCND/CTLISTTTexts for Condition Type Lists
/SAPCND/REQUIRMTText Table - Implementation Number for Requirement
/VIRSA/ZFFCDHDRFirefightId Change Document
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