SAP CRMT_PROCESS_TYPE (Business Transaction Type) Data element field

  • Data Element : CRMT_PROCESS_TYPE
  • Description : Business Transaction Type
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using CRMT_PROCESS_TYPE Field

ACINCIDENTDIRAlerting Configuration: Incident Management
ACINCIDENTREPAlerting Configuration: Incident Management
AGS_AB_ACT_CONDConditions for Actions on Assignment Block
AGS_BUTTON_FEEDRImplementation of Feeder Class for Assignment Block CRM 7
AGS_C_3RD_ATTRIBAGS SD Adapter settings for attributest in additional info
AGS_EJR_PROCTYPEAllowed Process types for Job Request
AGS_LOGON_PROPCustomizing: Assignment of Status and Subject to System Role
AGS_MAP_ROLETYPECustomizing: Assignment of User Status and System Role
AGS_MAP_SUBJECTCustomizing: Assignment of Subject and Scenario
AGS_REQUESTERCustomizing: Partner Function & Text Folders
AGS_SREQ_CUSTOMStandard B2B XML Interface: System Configuration
AGS_STATUS_AUTHStatus-Specific Authorizations
AGS_STATUS_PROPCustomizing: Assignment of Status to Job Doc. Status Attrib.
AICRM_UI_CONTROLUI Controls for ChaRM dependent on user status
AIC_AUTH_CHECKStores timestamp for checking authorization for creating CR
AIC_BPFCT_MAPMapping table for Copy control - Partner functions
AIC_CLOCK_STATUSAssign Status to clock
AIC_PROC_EDITChange Request - Status dependent Editability
AIC_PTYPE_TABLOGProcType: Log records of table changes
AIC_STAT_PROPControl: Change Request Management Predecess.Document Status
AIC_TEXT_MAPMapping table for Copy control - Texts
AIC_TIME_MAPMapping table for Copy control - Time
AIC_TRTY_MAPMapping table for copy control - Transaction types
AISDK_PROCTYPEService Desk: Classification of Transaction Types
AISDK_STATStatus Settings
AISDK_TR_REMINDTime Recording Reminder
BBPD_ARCH_RESIArchiving of EBP Documents Resididence Times
BBP_TENDTYPE_FAVUser-Spec. Favorites for Trans. Types (Bid Invitation)
CDBC_ACTIVITY_HActivity header customising table
CDBC_ACTJRNL_LSTAssignment of determination procedures to transaction types
CDBC_ACT_CAT_ASSActivity Category Assignment
CDBC_BILLR_BT_ITAmount Allocation Profile Determination - Item - CDB
CDBC_BILP_BTDetermination of Billing Plan Type -- CDB
CDBC_COUNT_DISPHCustomizing table counter - transaction type
CDBC_CSDR_PRJ_HCDB Table Extension for Design Registration Project
CDBC_EXTNUMGExternal Number generation for Service Transaction
CDBC_IT_ASSIGNCDB: Item Type determination
CDBC_OPPORT_HCDB: Customizing of Opportunity Header
CDBC_PREFIXMaintain prefix values for Process Type
CDBC_PROC_TYPECDB: Transaction Types
CDBC_PROC_TYPE_TCDB: Transaction Types Text
CDBC_PR_ASSIGNCDB: Relation Transaction-Category
CDBC_SALES_HEADCDB: Transaction Type - Sales Transaction Control Parameter
CDBC_SERVICE_HSubject Profile for header, Confirmation Process Type of SET
CDBC_SVY_DETEntry Table for Survey Determination : Mobile Sales
CDBC_TOUR_HTour Defaulting Table (CRMC_TOUR)
CDBD_ORDERADM_HBusiness Transaction
CDB_ORD_ARC_RETMinimum residence time per order type in days
CMSC_CRM_MAP_XNCMS Cutomizing Table for the CRM Doc. and corr. LO Xn Code
CMSC_DOCUMEN_RELCMS Document Relevancy table for Mapping
CMSC_DOCU_RELDocument Type Relevancy - Extracts
CMSC_DR_SITE_INFALE Settings for Design Registration
CMSC_MAP_APP_DOCCMS Mapper Table for App Ty, App map to Trans Typ, It Cat
CMSD_CNT_HDR_XTContract Header Extract
CMSR_CBHISTORYRevision History for Chargeback Application Claims data
CMWC_MBA_PROCTTTransaction Types: Texts
CMWC_MBA_PROCTYPBusiness Transaction Type
CMWC_MBA_VEVTSTMapping User Status Business Activity to VEVENT Status
CMWC_MBA_VTODOSTMapping User Status Task to VTODO Status
COMC_TEXT_RELRelation between Item Text Object and Header Text Object
CPEC_DOCCAT_CRMCustomizing table to map CRM transactions to CPE document
CRMC_1OFP_002Special Processing Assignemnt: Header
CRMC_1O_GOS_TBARExclusion Stock Level for GOS Toolbar in One-Order Framework
CRMC_ACTIVITY_HTransaction Type - Activity Control Parameter
CRMC_ACTJRNL_LSTActivity Journal - Calculation Schema Determination
CRMC_ACTON_ARCTransaction Type - Activity Archiving Control
CRMC_ACT_CAT_ASSActivity Category Assignment
CRMC_ACT_PDFAFSCustomising table for Activity Account Fact Sheet
CRMC_ACT_SURVEYTransaction Type - Activity Survey Template
CRMC_ADJREQNPROCAdmissible Transaction Types for FCC Adjustment Requests
CRMC_ADJREQ_OBJ Object Types for Linkage in Dispute Management
CRMC_ADJREQ_PROCAdmissible Transaction Types for Dispute Management
CRMC_ADJRQ_EDR_PDefine Products for Dispute/AdjustmentReq. Item from BDR
CRMC_ADJRQ_ITM_PDefine Default Product for Dispute/Adjustment Request Item
CRMC_ADJRQ_VALUEDefine Default Value for New Item
CRMC_APPT_ODCustomizing for Appointments in OData services
CRMC_ATTACH_COPYCopy Attachments From Template to Sales Document
CRMC_AUART_COPYCross-System Copying of Transaction Types - General Control
CRMC_BILLR_BT_ITAmount Allocation Profile Determination - Item
CRMC_BILP_BTDetermination of Billing Plan Type
CRMC_BILP_BT_ITDetermination of Billing Plan Type Item
CRMC_BPO_FD_PROFAssign Fund Determination Profile
CRMC_BPO_PRCTYPEBudget Posting transaction types
CRMC_BP_CCKPT_PBAssignment of Transactions to Pushbuttons in BP Cockpit
CRMC_BRFP_A_100CRM BRF+: Action - CRM Activity (Common Data)
CRMC_BRFP_A_100ACRM BRF+: Action - CRM Activity (Common Data)
CRMC_BRFP_A_100SCRM BRF+: Action - CRM Activity (Common Data)
CRMC_BRF_EV_FILTAssignment of BRF Event for Bus. Obj./Trans. Type /Item Cat.
CRMC_BSP_PROC_TYTransaction Type Assignment to PC UI Applications
CRMC_CHANNEL_ASAllowed channels for transaction types
CRMC_CHK_MSHDefine Complaint Types for loyalty
CRMC_CHM_AMCFG01CHM - Activity Management: General Settings
CRMC_CHM_FUPChannel Management: Settings for Follow-On Processes
CRMC_CHM_RFQ_PROChannel Management: Transaction Type for RFQ
CRMC_CHM_TA_TYPEChannel Management: Transaction Types
CRMC_CHNC_GRPSRCSettings for Change Processes (Dependent on Item Categories)
CRMC_CLA_AVCDETAssignment of Funds Management AVC profiles to Claims
CRMC_CLA_CCB_HTransaction Type: Parameter Controlling Chargeback
CRMC_CLA_CCR_TYPMaps the CCR system to process type of the CCR doc.
CRMC_CLA_CSD_FIFI Integration Settings for CSD
CRMC_CLA_CSD_HEATransaction Type -Claims Sub. Deduction Control Parameter
CRMC_CLA_CSR_HEATransaction Type -Claims Control Parameter
CRMC_CLA_DC_TYPEMapping ERP Case Type to CRM Transaction Type
CRMC_CLA_EXPTYPERelationship Transaction Types - Allowed Expense Types
CRMC_CLA_FD_PROCAssign Fund Determination to Process Type
CRMC_CLA_PRO_PRIClaim Priority - Assignment to Process Type
CRMC_CLA_PRO_REAClaim Reason - Assignment to Process Type
CRMC_CMDC_ESCALSwitch to replicate escalation information to ERP
CRMC_CMDC_NOTESCustomizing table: Notes
CRMC_CMDC_PROCCustomizing table: Case type to Process type
CRMC_CMDC_PTYPECustomizing Table: Source key to Process type
CRMC_CMDC_SREACustomizing Table: Source Key to reason code
CRMC_CMG_CLTXSClosing profile: specific reaction for transactions
CRMC_CMS_DR_OPPTDefault Values for Design Win Exchange
CRMC_CNDFKTGRP_ATransaction Item Kind - Pricing Usage Group
CRMC_CND_PRC_ONEnable Performance Optimized Condition Processing + Pricing
CRMC_COMPL_HEADTransaction Type - Complaints Transaction Control Parameter
CRMC_COMPL_REFTrans. Type Assignment (Complaint) - Filter Doc. Reference
CRMC_COUNT_DISPHCustomizing table counter - transaction type
CRMC_CPP_AVCProfiles for Tolerance control
CRMC_CPP_HEADTransaction Type - Complaints Transaction Control Parameter
CRMC_CP_PROCTYPEDetermination of Target Transaction Type in Change Processes
CRMC_CSDR_FENTRYDesign Registration Fast entry Customizing.
CRMC_CSDR_PRJ_HCRMC_OPPORT_H Extension for Design Registration Project
CRMC_CSD_FI_SUBLFI Posting Subledger (A/R or A/P) for Manual CSD
CRMC_CT_PR_ASSCondition Type Profile Determination
CRMC_DECISION_FARelevance of Subsequent Process Activities
CRMC_DISP_CHKLSTFields for Triggering Checklist Determination
CRMC_DISP_FIELDSAutomatic Dispatch for Service Request Fields
CRMC_DUMMY_HEADDocument Customizing - Dummy
CRMC_EVT_ACTDATAActiontyp for CRM Activity - Common Data
CRMC_FA_EXECDetermination of Subsequent Process Activities
CRM_PROC_ITM_CATTransaction Item Category table
CRM_PROC_NF_TYPENota Fiscal Document Type
ECRM_ISU_DOCACTIS-U WIN-IC Office Integration -> Activity Definition
ECRM_ISU_LOCATProcessing for Objects in CRM CIC Locator
ECRM_ISU_OPPTYPActivity Types for IS-U Sales Methodology
ICT_CUSTOMSM SD Interface: System Configuration
ITSTATUS_SMFor Issue Buffer
MIG_OPP_OBJARTMapping Table for Opportunities Migration: OBJART (Header)
MIG_OPP_STATUS_HMapping Table for Opportunities Migration: Status (Header)
MIG_OPP_STATUS_PMapping Table for Opportunities Migration: Status (Position)
SMCRM_CUST_APPLUser Settings: Application - Business Transaction Type
SMOPPRORGPartner Product Range: Organizational Data (CDB)
T371NIB: Control Creation of Installed Bases from Transactions
T371N_PROCTrans. Types and Item Categories for IBase-Order Comparison
TSOCM_ACTION_O_SMethod in Change Management for User Status
TSOCM_ACTN_SCHEDDetermination of Execution Time of Actions
TSOCM_ACT_COLLMaintenance Table for Active Collective Order Transactions
TSOCM_BPFCT_DEFPartner Function when Copying Current User
TSOCM_BPFCT_DEF2Partner Functions: Transfer Logic and 4-Eyes Check
TSOCM_BPFCT_MAPPartner Function Mapping
TSOCM_CHCK_SCHEDDetermine Check Execution Time
TSOCM_COLL_REQMaintenance Table for Collective Order
TSOCM_COND_MAPPConditions for Status from Status Schema
TSOCM_CON_ACTIONActions in CHARM Context for User Status
TSOCM_CON_ACTLNKAction Customization for Context
TSOCM_CR_CONTEXTChange Request Web UI: Context
TSOCM_CR_TYPECollective Request: Transaction Type Configuration
TSOCM_CUS_FOLLOWCustomer Follow on Transaction Types for the Collective Requ
TSOCM_PROXY_IMPLImplementation of Proxy Instances
TSOCM_SBITM_CHCKSample Lower-Level Change Items
TSOCM_STAT_PROPAttributes of User Status in Change Request Management
TSOCM_TIME_MAPTime Values Mapping
TSOCM_TRTY_MAPMapping Transaction Type
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