CLASSNAME Field in SAP | Reference type Data Element using tables

CLASSNAME is a data element in SAP used for storing Reference type data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this CLASSNAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : CLASSNAME
  • Description : Reference type
  • Data Type :CHAR

Reference type tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using CLASSNAME Field

ACC_TERMINATIONClasses to be called up when Acc. entities are deleted
ACLSTRIGGERStatistics for landscape triggers
BADI_MAINHelp Table for BAdIs
BCST_IBNDBCS: Rules for Inbound Distribution
CNVMBTPARSETRETRRetrievers of parameter sets
CNV_12000_INFOInformation for Text Conversion
CNV_20317_INTFCNV_20305 DATBI Customizing Interface Data
CNV_INDX_IEVRULERules for choosng RELID structure variant
CO2MAPINFHeader Information for CO2MAP
COMC_ATTRTYPESProduct Additional Attribute - Attribute Type
DD02BDD: Header for Structured Objects
DDSCALARFUNCDD: Scalar DB functions, not defined on all DBs
DIAGCPL_VSVirtual Systems for Compliance Reporting
DIAGLS_STAT_MAINLandscape Status.
DIAGLS_STAT_MESSStatus message
DIAGST_ALERTStore Change Alert - Delta
DIAGST_AUTH_SCCCDB Store Content Authorizations
DIAGST_ELEMENTTable for instances of class CL_DIAGST_ELEMENT
DIAG_GUIDSTable to store GUID objects
DMDDEFOBJECTDMD: Data Model - Objects
ESH_OM_TRANSObjects for Cross-System Transport
FDT_CTLG_0000FDT: Catalog Structure
FDT_CTLG_0000AFDT: Catalog Structure
FDT_CTLG_0000SFDT: Catalog Structure
FDT_CTLG_0000TFDT: Catalog Structure
FDT_CTLG_E0000FDT: Enhancement - Catalog Structure
FDT_CTLG_E0000SFDT: Enhancement - Catalog Structure
FDT_CTLG_E0000TFDT: Enhancement - Catalog Structure
FSBP_CC_CLEANSETable for Customizing Settings
GRFNFREQUENCYTimeframe Frequencies
GRFNFREQUENCYSTimeframe Frequencies - SAP delivered entries
GRFNOWPBSOffline working process business senario
GRFNOWPTASKOWP enable configuration
GRRMAGGRCUSTAggregation Customizing
GRRMRESPAUTIMPRM Response Automation: Implementations
LTR_PRESELLTR: Preselection Steps
MDG_MDF1000Roles in Master Data Environment
MDG_MDFL1000Local Roles in Master Data Environment
QISRAPPLApplication for Internet Service Request
RSTTU_TRANSTransformations for Test Utilities
RSTT_INSTKInstance Identity
SABAP_CHK_CNTRLControl Monitoring ACC Checks
SPA_ESI_PROXYMAPList of Assignments ESI Object <-> ABAP Process Proxy
SURPLUGINSurvey Plugins
SWFBND_OPCONFVisibility of Binding Operators
SWFRPCSTARWorkflow: Process Step in Status of a Process Unit II
SWFRPCSTATWorkflow: Process Step in Status of a Process Unit I
SWFRPROCTRWorkflow: Process Data (Default Table)
TBRF181C(Obsolete) BRF: Classes for Transport of BRF
TBRF181LBRF: Transport Classes for BRF Tables
TCUXCONVOBJECTConversion Services for Configuration Objects
TIFP_ADFORM_EXESpecify Class and Method for Data Transfer
TILM_STOR_MON_KILM DB Store: Monitoring KPI Class Register
TSP09ASpool: ABAP based printer drivers
UCF005CMethod Categories
UCF700CFlexible Upload: Method Categories
UGMD1000FIN Master Data: Roles
UGMD1100FIN Workbench: Settings for Transport Objects
UGMD1210Role-Specific Special Logic
UGWB0100Application-Specific URL Handler
UGWB0200Possible Jump Targets for Report-Report Interface
UGWB1000Workbench Personalization: Size of Window
USMD610CReplication Service
WCF_CDS_DS_DEFData Source defintion
WCF_GMT_NMODELSNexus Data Models for use in the Flex Sandbox test app
/BOFU/I_EXTROBSOLETE: BI Extractor include per Business Object Node
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Supplier Relationship Management Tables
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Quality Management Tables
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