CHAR6 Field in SAP | Character field of length 6 Data Element using tables

CHAR6 is a data element in SAP used for storing Character field of length 6 data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this CHAR6 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : CHAR6
  • Description : Character field of length 6
  • Data Type :CHAR

Character field of length 6 tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using CHAR6 Field

ADAASAP DB: Directory of Valid DBA Actions
AGSRBE_UPL_RESResult table for temporary saving of UPL data
BBP_BW_TIMESTAMPTime Stamp for Delta Handling (Data Transfer EBP -> BW)
BC325V00Sample Table for BC325
BC325V10Sample Table for BC325
BC325X00Sample Table for BC325
BC325X01Sample Table for BC325
BC325X02Sample Table for BC325
BC325X03Sample Table for BC325
BC325X04Sample Table for BC325
BC325X05Sample Table for BC325
BC325X06Sample Table for BC325
BC325X07Sample Table for BC325
BC325X08Sample Table for BC325
BC325X09Sample Table for BC325
BC325X10Sample Table for BC325
BC325X11Sample Table for BC325
BC325X12Sample Table for BC325
BC325X13Sample Table for BC325
BC325X14Sample Table for BC325
BC325X15Sample Table for BC325
BC325X16Sample Table for BC325
BC325X17Sample Table for BC325
BC325X18Sample Table for BC325
BC325X19Sample Table for BC325
BC325X20Sample Table for BC325
BC325X21Sample Table for BC325
BC325X22Sample Table for BC325
BC325X23Sample Table for BC325
BC325X24Sample Table for BC325
BC325X25Sample Table for BC325
BC325X26Sample Table for BC325
BC325X27Sample Table for BC325
BC325X28Sample Table for BC325
BC325X29Sample Table for BC325
BC325X30Sample Table for BC325
BC325X31Sample Table for BC325
BC325X32Sample Table for BC325
BC325X33Sample Table for BC325
BC325X34Sample Table for BC325
BC325X35Sample Table for BC325
BC325X36Sample Table for BC325
BC325X37Sample Table for BC325
BC325X38Sample Table for BC325
BC325X39Sample Table for BC325
BC325X40Sample Table for BC325
BDLCONTABContent description for following data transmission
BDLDATCOLData container for download data
BDLDTOCRFC download -- Data cluster table of contents
DB4INDEX_HISTHistory of Index Sizes in the Database
DB4INDEX_STATIndex Sizes in the Database
DB4TABLE_HISTHistory of Table Sizes in the Database
DB4TABLE_STATTable Sizes in the Database
DBSTAIHDB4History of Index Sizes in the Database
DBSTATHDB4History of Table Sizes in the Database
DBSTATIDB4Index Sizes in the Database
DBSTATTDB4Table Sizes in the Database
EWTABBTable for EarlyWatch Report
IDCN_ZJFPLBALP&L Balances for Period Account Entry Closing Method
IDXRCVPORIDoc Adapter Link GUID with IDoc, Receiver and so on
MCEXLOGFile for saving logs
NOTESChat Backend
PDBKAUConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: AUMEL Data Records
PHTMLB_FLI_CUSTForm Layout Items
SCTC_TESTTABL_1CTC internal Test Table 1: Simple Table
SCTC_TESTTABL_1SCTC internal Test Table 1: Simple Table used as S-Table
SCTC_TESTTABL_1TCTC internal Test Table 1T: Text Table for Test Table 1
SCTC_TESTTABL_2CTC internal Test Table 2: Different Data Types (no STRINGs)
SCTC_TESTTABL_3CTC internal Test Table 2: Table with STRING / RAWSTRING
SMWMBSTATBdoc Statistic Database
T5F6KSend Table (TDE)
T5F6MReturns Table (TDR)
T5F6NGlobal Error Messages
T5F6NNCommunication of Error Messages (ADP Interface)?
T5UX6W-2/W-2C Puerto Rico Control Number
T7RUSTREETKLADR: Streets (buffer)
TASK_VITA_RUNParameter Table for TW Runtime Environment
TBILOGDirect Input: Historical Data
TNOTESAVNote document temporary save
TSMW00Actions for last service & BDoctype in error case
TSMW01Actions for BDoctype in error case
TSMW02Actions in error: defaults
TSMW03Actions for last service & BDoc type & sender in error
TSPJSTATStatistical data for output requests
VIGTEXTLUM: Grundbuch - Texte
VPKUSERDATASales Pricing: User-Specific Data (GUI)
VTB_FX_WEB_QUOTEFX Quotes for Transfer as Transaction
VTB_WEB_QUOTESFX Quotes Received
WSRM_TXH_WATCHERParameter Table for Watcher of Transaction Handler
/BDL/CONTABContent description for following data transmission
/SAPPSSRM/C_MDASystem Action Metadata in Rule Framework
/SAPPSSRM/C_MDACCustomer Action Metadata in Rule Framework
/SAPPSSRM/C_MDFSystem Configuration Table for Field Metadata
/SAPPSSRM/C_MDFCCustomer Configuration Table for Field Metadata
/SAPPSSRM/C_MDSSystem Set Type Metadata in Rule Framework
/SAPPSSRM/C_MDSCCustomer Set Type Metadata in Rule Framework
/SDF/BPM_ASTADBPMon Application Statistical Records
/SDF/RBE_CS3SQL Check Steps for SDA Analysis
/SDF/RBE_CS3_ERRSQL Check Step Errors in SDA Analysis
/SDF/RBE_CS3_RESSQL Check Step Result for SDA Analysis
/VIRSA/MGMTALERTAlerts total by Business Process
/VIRSA/MGMTRISKSUser & Role analysis Risks Total by Risk IDs.
/VIRSA/MGMTTOTALUser & Role analysis Violations Summary
/VIRSA/MGMTTOTBUUser & Role analysis Risks Total by Business Process
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